The Rise of Skywalker - Spoiler discussion

When you guys are ready to discuss the movie , lets discuss! If you havent seen it then beware of this thread!

I enjoyed the film, but overall there was a lot of unnecessary plot points and characters that just muddled the movie. Thats unfortunate. I dont understand why they cant just focus on one major plot and let all these new and side characters have their own movies or shows separate from the main movie.

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to me star wars finished with original trilogy. that is just my opinion


I probably grew out of SW myself. Have no urge to go see it. Don’t remember seeing the last one either. Says a lot for a movie/trilogy that was my favorite together with LOTR.


I watched Rise for a 2nd time today. It is much much better the 2nd time around. The first viewing, the pacing of the movie is so fast it is hard to soak it all up, analyze and process while its happening, and not miss anything. Once you watch it once, think about it, then see it again it work and flows much better.
But… there are still several parts that are just plain dumb, rushed, and not thought out well enough to make logical sense or connecting the previous movies very well.

Rise , IMO now makes Last Jedi a much better movie, and I dont mean plot connecting either… I mean pacing and story telling. I hated Last Jedi…now I look at it in a much better light.

I dont know if Rise is going to stand the test of time. But I do think Kylo Ren is by far one of the best characters to come out of the Saga and Adam Driver just kills it in all 3 movies. Its very unfortunate that his story can no go no further.

I also think that Finn and the new girl Jannah will have their own show in the future as Rise threw in 4 hints that Finn has the beginning of Force abilities…he keeps saying he has “a feeling” a connection with Rey… and he feels where she is, ect… And Jannah asks Lando where he is from and then he says she doesnt know where she is from and he says “Lets find out”. SO that should lead into something in the future IMO.
Where I think Disney failed in Rise is they are trying way too hard to be “inclusive”, and being politically correct. All of that is fine, but you dont have to squeeze it in a story that is already set and therefor take away from main characters. Just include these new characters in their OWN stories.
Disney took out 17 minutes of LUKE and the EMPEROR and replaced it with 30 mins of Janna, Finn, Poe, and Rose… in order to make the movie more “inclusive”.
Just finish the Fn saga with the characters that stated the story!! Everything doesnt have to be about race, gender, and sexual orientation. We dont care that 2 women are so happy the war is over they are kissing, we dont care that 2 men are so happy they are hugging and kissing… fans arent looking for these type things… fans are looking for a great story and ending of the characters we grew to love 30 years ago. We dont care was lieutenant so and so does behind closed doors and if she likes men or women.
Why cant Hollywood just make a good movie anymore??? There was so much potential here and overall I think they dropped the ball by changing to many parts to hopefully appease??? Hell I dont know who they are trying to appease to be honest.
There were 7 new characters that were not needed at all. We dont need them, and there is no time to get to know them and care for them at all. Jannah, D-O, Zori Bliss (she was cool), Beumont (the dude from LOTR “Merry”), General Pryde, alien on the Falcon dude, Babu Frik (he was actually awesome), Reys parents, Knights of Ren (too late to develop back story)…and a couple others.

I love Star Wars so its all good I guess…but I wish they would just stick to the Rouge One style of movie. Rouge One is the best Star Wars movie of all time IMO. I cant wait for the Cassian Andor Rouge One prequel series… and I hope the Obi Wan series is serious too. NO political correctness, no childishness… just realistic as Star Wars can be.


I don’t want to get into things a lot, other than to say that I liked it.

Also, did anyone else notice at the end when Rey decided to claim herself a Skywalker…the force ghosts of Luke and Leia were kinda set up in a way that it looked like she considered them her “parents”?
Lol…they ended with a Luke/Leia incest-adjacent reference. :rofl:


Yes I noticed that and… Luke looked really strange. LAmost like a Jesus reference mixed with Lukes face.
And Ben when he returned to Exegul, he had the personality of Han. “Ouch” lol … thats the only word he said the entire time.

The worst part for me is Finn and Jannah on the side of the star destroyer not falling off and then being able to walk on top of the falcon as it took off. I hate that kind of crap, its so unnecessary.
Remove those little details and the movie is 50 x better IMO


I will summarize my thoughts by quoting Ian Malcolm… “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.”

Just like John Hammond, Disney grabbed a hold of Star Wars and rushed into to create a new trilogy with no understanding as to what it was going to be, or what they actually even wanted.

They started creating with no real foundation for this saga.


@FallofSeraphs76 the audience theyre trying to appease doesnt exist. they think it does because of twitter. this whole time boyega thought he was catch heat for his character because of race up until recently. he finally quit listening to the talking heads at disney, and internet weirdos and realized that fans wished his character had more depth and higher quality of writing. also LOL that rey ID’d herself as a skywalker when shes a palpatine. GG hahahaha, skywalker name highjacked by the sith lord’s grand daughter. you cant make this ■■■■ up man lmao. but yes, all we want are great characters, a great story, and no ■■■■■■■■ we see everyday in this current climate we are experiencing. all that should be left at the door of the theater, not in the movie we came to enjoy.

@WebNRagnarok thank you. cray cray KK promised george lucas that they were going to take care of his characters and breathe new life into them blah blah blah. lucas, who was only seeing dollar signs, would later find out his sequel trilogy plans he left lucasfilm were thrown into the dumpster. as mark hammill himself said, this was a “missed oppurtunity”. what a giant cluster ■■■■

@BoJima404 LOTR is now my favorite trilogy. i used to cherish star wars, but these idiots just seemed pretty determined to destroy my childhood so yeah, gg lol

all you guys should forget this star wars crap and just watch Ford Vs Ferrari when it hits digital/blu ray. its an actual good movie with no BS in it. its just a great and enjoyable movie. whoever they got for the writer, did his homework when it comes to the philosophy and feel of racing a car. plus, its about determination, willpower, and the drive to succeed at something great while perservering through many daunting challenges. its something i think that has been missing from movies for far too long

or if you all must keep it sci fi…then watch The Expanse. so good


If you ask me, I honestly think the big issue with Star Wars (or any big IP for that matter) is people anymore go into these movies with way too much baggage. I mean, it’s like everyone anymore goes into the theater with a wish list of all the things they want out of the movie, and if they can’t check off at least 80% of everything on their list the movie is a failure.
I thought all of the sequel trilogy was fine. It had some good points, some great points, some bad points, and some dumb points. But so did the original trilogy. So did the prequel trilogy.

I dunno, maybe it’s just because I’m a Transformers fan and I’m used to seeing an IP constantly shift and change, more often than not in a way that doesn’t appeal to me, so I’ve learned to treat it like a buffet and take out the parts I like and leave the other parts for those that like that part. But honestly, that’s how everyone should go into watching these movies. Celebrate the parts you liked, and shrug off the rest.
And no matter how bad anyone claims Disney has handled Star Wars, Masters of Teras Kasi, The Crystal Star, and Kinect Star Wars all came before Disney ever got their hands on the IP, so they have a looooong way to go before they’re anywhere close to the worst thing that’s ever happened to Star Wars.

no i disagree, they completely tanked the skywalker saga which is the worst thing they couldve done. if you liked the sequel trilogy, by all means enjoy it. me, i cant because i see it as a crime against humanity lolol. honestly, they shouldve jumped 100 years forward with new characters and new conflict and left the OG trilogy alone.


Apparently when Lucas sold Star Wars to Disney, they hired him to stay on and write the sequel trilogy. He did that, he wrote the script for 789 and they rejected it. They wanted to go nostalgic and he did not. He had an entire road map to teach the lesson of a child growing up to an adult and the decisions it takes to become an adult and accomplishments and failures that come along with this lesson of life.
they rejected it and Lucas left. They went with Force Awakens and so on…

They really should have stuck with the defecting Stormtrooper , FINN, and let him become the Jedi. Rey could be there too! But Finn should have been the main focus and the Jedi IMO if we had to stick with this story line.

Of course I still love Star Wars, and its all I watch and do right now. But man they could do better.


I agree… you can’t please everyone, and people should temper their expectations… It is, however, one thing to nitpick a movie to death, versus having problems with story as a whole.

Most of the reviewers I’ve watched tend to agree with my point, that this series lacked a general direction. D Star Wars started off safe but strong with The Force Awakens. I really like Finn, Rey, and Poe. JJ set a decent foundation, a foundation that was rejected by Rian Johnson. TLJ had some really cool scenes, but the plot was all over the place, and some plot points were completely forgotten all together. It did nothing to really move the story or build upon Abrams foundation and in fact it sought to retcon a lot of what he created. Disney didn’t wrangle Rian in. It shows…

Because of this, much of the first half of RoS is spent in exposition retconning Rian’s retcon.

Then you add all the PC garbage and it doesn’t work. Paint by numbers inclusion, isn’t inclusion.

What Disney and Hollywood in general needs to learn to just tell a good story. Keep politics out of it. No agendas… just tell us a good story.


apparently with the success of the mandalorian, filoni and favreaux are being set up to take over star wars at lucasfilm. there are rumors that kathleen kennedy is out sooner than later after ROS but i dont believe it. i think she will finish her contract then those 2 guys come in. hopefully with her the PC bs goes out the door and let the artists do the artistry naturally.

i also hope rian johnson never again touches the IP. its like hey ■■■■■■■, we are in the star wars universe…we dont need to hear your views on capitalism and rich people (while being rich himself). gtfo.

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I honestly don’t know where you’re getting this from. How is it politically correct to simply have characters? Would you say this if the characters were all white and male, or would you just say that the plot is a bit muddled and the pacing is off because so many characters need screen time?

I do agree that there are too many characters doing too many things, as the movie has a bit of a break neck speed to it and can feel a bit muddled at times, but I have a hard time believing that this has anything to do with the races of the actors and some need for inclusion as opposed to the writing itself, but I suppose that’s just a guess as well. It just seems more logical to me though.

Yeah I agree completely with this. I think some are just too invested in this franchise and its characters. I liked the original trilogy, but it’s not like the storytelling was all that good or original. It was a special effects powerhouse in its time that did some fun and exciting things, but now we have a ton of movies that can do what Star Wars does. So what are we left with?

I think all nine movies as well as the two offshoot movies and the Mandalorian are fun. I like the experiences that they provide. To me, they’re like Fast & Furious movies. If you accept them for what they are, you’ll have a good time. But if you hold them to the standards of high cinema in terms of quality characters, storytelling, etc… They’re going to come up short. Some are okay with that, some aren’t.

After seeing Knives Out, I’m beyond convinced that Rian Johnson knows how to put a good story together with compelling characters. JJ Abrams also has that pedigree. So if this is the best that they can come up with for Star Wars… I dunno. People might want to accept the fact that this is probably as good as it’s going to get and also… well… It could be a whole lot worse, right?

I like that idea of the defecting storm trooper with the force powers becoming a Jedi. That sounds like a fun story to me, especially if we’re meeting new characters in new places instead of giving fans their nostalgia pills every five minutes.

It would’ve been pretty awesome to see them traveling through the darker, seedier parts of the galaxy in order to seek out a Jedi to train them while hiding from Phasma, Kylo Ren and the First Order, meeting new faces like an ex-Rebel pilot in Poe, a quirky mechanic in Rose, a mysterious, masked hunter in Zorii Bliss, some aliens like Maz, who can be called upon for her wisdom and droids like BB8. Let fans really get to know these characters, who they are, what they want, what they believe, etc and let viewers see them come together and gel as a group.

I think that was the hard part about these movies for me. The main characters never felt like they were together all that often and when they were, they were always focused on some immediate, life or death danger. Rarely did you see them slow down for a moment and just talk and interact with one another and share a laugh or a long glance.

But like I said above, I think at this point I just hold Star Wars movies to a different standard. I like the world they’ve built and the action is fun, and that’s really all I need. If people want to get bogged down in how politically correct things are or how recycled the plot elements are from movie to movie, they’re free to do that. I just think they might be short-changing themselves.


I say inclusive and PC because that’s exactly what Disney said they did… they removed Luke and Emperor to give more screen time to the other characters to be inclusive. I dont care what race anyone is in a movie… but there is no need to change the main story line and plot points just to make sure certain races and same sex kissing scenes make it unto the movie or have a certain amount of minutes of screen time. It doesn’t have to be about race and gender unless you make it a focal point. Just let the story tell it self where characters are needed and not needed. DOnt add just to add for the wrong reasons.
Finn and Rey being the 2 new Jedi versus Kylo and SNoke would have been perfect for all 3 movies. Poe, Phasma, BB8, Chewy, ect… could have been the supporting cast.
No Jannah, no Rose, no Hux is a spy … no extra characters just to make things muddled and inclusive.


I saw it this weekend and honestly I think trilogy would have been way better if the ideas present in Rise of Skywalker were comitted to at the onset. Rey being an unwitting heir of the Sith but choosing to save and adopt the legacy of the Skywalkers is a compelling premise, but its delivery was crammed into the finale of a trilogy that’s been all over the place trying to decide what it is. Stuff like bringing back Palpatine alive out of nowhere, the mixed messages about Rey’s parentage, and the clumsy handling of certain character arcs just muddled the trilogy into a creative mess. It hasn’t been a complete snoozefest like the prequel trilogy, but it has been frustrating in its own way.

Is there proof that any of this is actually the case, or is it conjecture? For me there needs to be more to it than the logic of “someone talked about more diversity, therefore I can assume it’s the source of any problems in their work.” It’s genuinely a pet peeve of mine when people try to speak for creators and creative decisions without any basis other than assumptions and projection.

I didn’t think any of the side characters distracted from the core cast much, and they primarily existed to bring out new sides of Poe and Finn. The biggest problem with them was being introduced so late.

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Well of course they dont have a press conference stating this is exactly why they did X,Y and Z. But the your last statement is kind of a small point of proof in its own.

So why were these characters added in so late? Was it to make the story better? ehhhhhh I dont know about that. Did we really need Janah? Could Finn and Poe have crash landed on that planet and Rey made it to the death star without Jannah? Yes. Could FInn still destroy the tower with out Jannah Yes… could Rose have just been in that spot with Finn…YES
Even though I like Zori Blis, did we really need her?

The more I think about Rise, the more it gets really bad. I mean really bad. I normally dont care for the Angry Joe show…but he speaks on some great plot hole points in this video. Disney really dropped the ball with Rise of Skywalker. Its just really bad. I used to hate Last Jedi but now I really like it more than ever. Its still low on my list from worst to best, but it does have some great cinematic moments.

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Plot-wise, a settlement existing near the death star was probably necessary to justify seperating Rey from everyone else. IIRC correctly the vehicle Rey used belonged to them, and Finn and Poe probably wouldn’t have let her go alone if there wasn’t something distracting them. And the seperation itself was used to characterize Rey’s desperation and growing anger, while also letting her encounter Kylo alone.

And I doubt writers like these groups being faceless, so IDK. It slightly sticks out how she tags along afterward, but there was enough justification for her existence IMO. And if she wasn’t there, it might have been Finn doing all that stuff alone. These movies can go through a lot of cuts (I heard Palpatine was going to exist as a ghost and the final fight with him was going to be even more anime with Luke personally appearing to lend Rey his energy, until the last few months of development), so who knows.

More Luke against Palpatine would have been much better OMG. SO Rose was left to stay with Leia in order to give her reused scenes another known character to help build those scenes a bit stronger…but lots of them were cut, therefor Rose was cut with it. So if Carry Fisher hadn’t died…Rose probably would have been along with FINN and Jannah wouldn’t have been needed.
Owell… it is what it is now. I just wish Luke would have had a bigger part in the finale. I also read where the 1st screen writer for Force awakens finally dropped out due to he just couldnt get a cgood story with Luke in the story. He felt every time Luke entered a scene no one cared about Rey any longer…they only wanted to know what Luke was going to do. Makes since, but I think it can still work if you leave Force the way it was with Luke, and had Last Jedi and Rise with more Luke and a better Luke that isnt so “hermitty” lol

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We can’t really tell how it would have panned out, though I can see why they might have thought it wasn’t a great idea at the last minute. Once you start having dead characters actually getting involved in fights, things can get messy.

Yeah it goes without saying that this trilogy has gone through a lot of setbacks, both in lack of direction and things out of the creators’ control. Carrie passing was huge, and I’m of the opinion that TLJ was a big misstep in overcorrection as a follow-up to TFA, leaving RoS in an impossible situation between the disparity of them.