The Replay and Analysis Thread


Ran an extended set with @FinchoMatic today.

FT10 w/ Aganos:

FT20 w/ Raam:

Please feel free to provide your thoughts on what could be improved.


Finchomatic is really good. I might have to ask for a set or two one day.


I don’t necessarily show my best but I can’t tell you how good it feels to shake off the bad habits I had. I see myself looking for more and readying myself more as I continued to play Storm.

Slowly getting ready for Combo Breaker.


Watching the sets, you definitely have improved since last time we fought, as well as fighting with Storm. Looking forward to see you compete at CB.


After losing the match vs Dul (I have that bad habbit of trying characters I don’t play during a tourney :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). I thought " oh, Glacius, I’m done". So, I didn’t have anything left to lose (what a weird mindset tbh :thinking:).

I truly need to control that anxiety when playing tourneys because sometimes I can’t recognize myself while doing stuff. Dunno, I feel I’m pretty calm during sets but tourney is like:

About starting the match

Realizing the character the other player has

VS Glacius

Note: Ok, I was thirsty so I wanted those hails badly! :expressionless: Nah, for real. I was so afraid of grounded combos than whenever I saw hail I ate them. I was blocked about knocking the character of the air, I missed three leaping slash shadows against Glacius j.MK what on Earth I was thinking??

VS Aganos

Back HP, all day.

VS Rash

I’ve never played this player before. I had a lot of fun and I was actually feeling more confident as the matches passed, but, oh well. The “raw” ecplipses close are bait/framekilling. Though I did most of them poorly (punisheable in some cases) .


That 42 hit combo for 95% to finish off Glacius,was a thing of beauty :smile: :+1:


The moment I realized the lifebar was over I did pop off :rofl:. I couldn’t believe it.
So far I can tell is the most damaging combo I’ve done with Sabrewulf in a real match.


I once did a 90% combo with Sadira… I about had a heart attack. SADIRA… 90% combo. :stuck_out_tongue:


Feel a little bit bad for Aphex for losing some of his shenanigans that Rash used to be able to do, but i’m certain he’ll manage. And yeah, i can see what you meant about the mistimed frame kill eclipses.

I’m kinda surprised that Waterhorses got hit with that counter breaker twice in one combo. Not so much for going for the heavy doubles but they looked like the counter breaker was a hair away from whiffing and figure at that point, one can pull back on breaking on a combo.

Lol, must be nice to have a forward advancing and plus on block command normal that bypasses armor for the Aganos matchup. I’d abuse that normal all day too.


Is key. Without that the match would be too bad. Depending on just st.HK is harder since its unsafe. Sweep has good range but he would crush it. Then he could poke you or zone you as well (his rocks are súper plus)


FT10 set with high-level Riptor.


FT10 set with @CrazySkateNate


I wanna add to this thread to give @adrunkhalfbreed some advice on his Fulgore. He and i met for some ranked games and i’m putting them here for analysis. You could offer analysis for myself, but i’d primarily like to focus on my opponent.

For my money, this is what i noticed…

  • I noticed as we played that after breakers, you preferred to move in some sort of way that i could reasonably tag you with a dragon kick. Be it with a jump back or a teleport. Be aware that for me, light dragon kick will hit you if you teleport in place or backwards, and avoids a fair number of actions if you teleport behind. If you teleport behind me, you have a good chance yourself to punish me for that if you’re able to react though.

  • Your combo pattern is pretty simplistic. Probably 90% of the time, you favored the light cyber dash linker and either a medium or heavy auto-double. I kept getting locked out because that cyber dash linker is so fast.

  • You don’t like getting knocked down and i feel like the first time i knocked you down every time, you light DP’ed me. Kudos to you for keeping me off you, but that is exactly why i decided to risk going for what happened at 11:27. When your actions off your wakeup start getting repetitious, that becomes a problem for a game like KI.

  • I’d said it over the messenger, but you have to find a stronger path to damage than what you hit me with. Fireball/teleport mixups are cool, but that shouldn’t be the crux of your offense. Especially when you consider the characters you’re fighting. I’ve personally been told my playstyle with Kim is probably too passive and patient. But in this set of games, i’m perfectly fine waiting if the only thing i’m going to deal with is a knockdown into fireball/teleport to throw/DP. I know that i can swing the damage in a combo or two.


Thanks for the upload and info bro. I was very anxious in my movements I noticed. Even more random than I normally am. I mentioned this in message but i’ve never been good at breaking Kim and with her damage output I panic and guess a lot. As far as my combo pattern I get very auto piloty(if that’s a word) and sometimes it takes me a few losses to recognize that fact. Usually I realize it way too late. Last thing I got though I know there’s a lot to work on is I got very grab happy and whiffed a bunch of throws. I tend to grab a lot against the parry characters but sometimes too much. Thanks for the feedback.


It’s been awhile since I’ve seen this thread, I’ll look into the match this weekend when I got time, maybe I can think of some useful advice.


The one thing that I noticed through out the matches, is that sometimes after a knockdown you’d run away, instead of applying pressure.

When you fought me the last time we played, you did the same thing. If you do a hard knockdown, you want to capitalize on it. Keep the pressure on. :smiley:


Sorry for the late reply, i honestly forgot all about this.

I watched the fight and it was pretty good for the most part. You both played really well.

For @adrunkhalfbreed

  • There’s this point in the first match where you fired a fireball and Wafer reacted with a shadow overhead (don’t know the name). I believe you could have pip canceled into a DP to counter(I’m no Fulgore main so correct me if I’m wrong). You did it later in the set when he reacted to a H.Laser into a blade dash but it didn’t seem like it was a reaction to the screen freeze.

  • I recommended this to everyone, work a bit on your AAs. Be careful of spacing as well. There were some times in which Wafer simply jumped at you and you let him. Fireballs also left you wide open at times as well when he jumped over them. You could use a pip cancel but it would require some good reactions.

  • I’ll echo Wafer on getting more damage in. There are better ways than just the fireball mixup and teleport to DP.

  • Also be careful with your cross up teleports. You seemed to like to use them a lot in neutral with the addition of other teleports as well. It could lead to a ba situation or punish. You weren’t entirely predictable but a raw teleport isn’t the best option. You don’t want to run out of spin as well so keep that in mind.

You did really good however I’ll say that. It was a really interesting match. Both players did good plays. I would like to play against you @adrunkhalfbreed with my Jago as well. I like the Jago/Fulgore MU, I might use Eagle as well maybe. :yum::+1:


Um… it’s WATER… not wafer. :wink:


Lol i know. But during one of my streams long ago i called him wafer. And it kinda stuck so yeaa :grin:


Shadow Dragon Dance.

Let me throw in one bit I didn’t really speak on earlier. My thought process.

After the first set of games, I felt pretty confident that if you were going to put me through a fireball/teleport mixup, you would not hit me with an overhead. You would not him me with a low. You would not hit me with back HP for plus frames. It boiled down to a 7-9% DP (which isn’t even equal to most throws) or an actual throw for a little more damage. And Fulgore isn’t a character, outside of instinct, that doesn’t get much besides his vortex from a throw. I’m not inclined to try to tech it, miss it, and offer you a full combo punish.

Also, since you relied so heavily on that strategy, I felt no pressure whatsoever that you’d do something other than that. In other words to be blunt, I felt that you’d never challenge me on my wakeup directly. Even if was losing in life, that is huge. You’ve cut your options in half or more by doing so. I can get why; you said it yourself. You are cautious of parry characters. That’s fine, but there’s a big problem if being cautious strips you of so many options.

Also,…post #1100!