The Replay and Analysis Thread


Thanks for the advice it’s much appreciated. On the pip cancel into DP your right I can cancel into it. I was trying to throw multiple fireballs there so that would of been a hard if at all possible cancel. On the heavy laser that was intentional but not on reaction. Just something I do a lot. I see a lot of gores teleport in after the stagger but I like a blade dash. If I have enough pips to cancel into a shadow blade dash I win outright instead of trade against the overhead.
I would love a set against whoever you want to play. I could use the practice against either character. Im outta town tonight but will be home the rest of the week. My schedule is pretty flexible so let me know when you wanna play and we’ll make it happen. Thanks again @FallibleJoker14


I’ve watched a couple times and I’m really disappointed in my play. Like you said very predictable and auto piloty. I know I can play better and that bugs me. Watching the set again I see so many missed buttons where I was trying to do too many different things at the same time. Resulting in random jumps and whiffed grabs as I fumbled though different thoughts and strategies at the same time. I think that’s a big part of why I go into auto pilot easy especially against better/ known opponents. I know my defense is my biggest liability so when I am trying to focus on defense instead of my obsession to push buttons on offense I lose all creativity in my offense when it’s my turn to hit you. I need to get better on switching gears. As you all know you can get pretty “far” with “generic”, “brain dead” play in this game aka my “killer” status lol. And I’m a victim of that as I wreck plenty of others and even pick off some better wins but no consistency. Yet I know I can do better because i’ve seen myself do it just need more focus to do it more reliably. Let’s play again sometime. Cheers!


Hello Forum Wizards, lend me your wisdom!

Here is a set between me and @adrunkhalfbreed

It consist of my Jago,Eagle,and Raam going up against his Fulgore

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Just be careful of obvious jumpins, but good job on some of those pip cancel reactions! :+1: