The Replay and Analysis Thread




I looked over your set with Dul and i had a couple of things i noticed with your play.

  • Gotta realize the limitations of your moves. Shadow Spirit Slice doesn’t have projectile invulnerability and you lost meter for free for trying to either hope one of the blueberries would take a path that wouldn’t interrupt your move or trying to punish a move at that range. Normally, Shin Hisako can and will punish a random move, button or jump at full screen, but Omen is very tricky to tag with that with the amount of nonsense he can put on the screen for a move that has no invulnerability.

  • Do you not feel comfortable using your rekkas in this MU? I hardly saw you use them at all. The approach with the orb projectile is perfect, but once you were in, i feel like you opted to not use the rekkas at all and i’m curious if there’s a reason as to why.

  • I like the DP usage in the chip scenarios, utilizing the really good horizontal range and invincibility to get him off you. I also like the one or two times you attempted counter breaks off your launches from Spirit Slice. For the first few games, he broke you every time you attempted a medium DP after the launch. Even though he didn’t bite for them, i like the awareness of ‘here’s a point where you really like to break me, let’s gamble.’

  • Would it be a good strategy to play for the throw against Omen? Omen’s big thing is he can use his projectiles and mobility to move in and out of range at will. If you place a orb on his head, he has to live with the fact that Shin Hisako can re-engage him wherever he flies to on screen. Spirit Slice, Air ORZ, Shin Air ORZ, forward dash, all moves he has to concern himself with at that point. More than a few times when i saw you land a throw, you took the orb off him for a left-right mixup with Spirit Slice. I don’t know the MU at all, but it seems like something that can help. I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on the idea.


FT10 set with @FallibleJoker14:

Learned a lot. Critique away!

EDIT: all the early timing lockouts during arrow rain are me trying to throw tech. Know I have to work on that so I don’t give up so much free damage.


Thanks Storm!

I was really surprised by how aggressive you were in the beginning. You’ve really improved in the MU.

I gotta learn to break those lights snd counterbreak more.

@ItzTymeToDul i know you’ve helped a lot, but do you have any insights? Did i improve on my offensive plan and fix some of my previous problems?


Easiest fix you can make is to quickrise possession. You’re giving me setups that I haven’t earned when you stay down after it.


I tried to throw off your timing for pressure. Kinda back fired tho. I should do it more frequently


To be very clear - there is no “mixup” to be had here. If you do not quickrise, then I get a full setup even if I whiff something designed to catch the quickrise. So best case is you still eat a meaty, I just have 75% wrath instead of 100%.

There’s something to be said about mixing up wakeup timings in general to some extent, but there is almost never any reason to not get up quickly after possession. You will eat a meaty regardless - at least with the quickrise you deprive Sako of her wrath refill.


Some of that Eagle stuff looks so cheap lol


Lol. That’s because some of it really, really is… :joy:


It is… but such is Eagle… I also see that network was being wonky with lockouts followed by COUNTER BREAKER, even though no counter Breaker occurred and hearing a character take damage even though they are blocking successfully. :stuck_out_tongue:

Such a fun set.


Yeah, had some nasty rollback in some places. That second to last game tilted me super hard over that - game was just straight up eating inputs :sweat_smile:

Overall though the connection was pretty decent. Can’t complain too hard given the distance involved.


Did you expect anything else from me :yum:

My new favorite setup is while in the corner, use M.Rain into Heavy Roll into double jump into low. I don’t even have to commit to a slide and it looks really nice. I gotta use single OH arrows more often tho.

It’s all fun and games with Eagle…that is if your the one on offense. The amount of times I’ve been abused in the corner…probably gonna need a therapist lol.


Yeah I think if Eagle really was super free on defense then it makes up for it, but with the tech people have found to negative edge dive bomb without pressing any buttons, I think he’ll probably end up being more slippery on defense than the developers intended.

I think a theoretical version of Eagle with longer recovery on screech (currently 3.5 seconds, maybe 5 or 5.5 seconds?) and a way to avoid this dive bomb issue would be the sweet spot for him. He can keep the rest of his stuff. But it’s only in theory, since the devs won’t be patching it, so we’ll have to learn the matchup.


I agree that he is slippery. I don’t even think that the addition of bird bomb was a good idea. It goes completely against his 0 defense playstyle.

I really don’t like him with increasing his cooldown to 5 seconds. It would be hell for him I think. He has no time to prepare his mixups , and absolutely no way to pressure someone. He has no good normals and no safe specials. IMO I don’t agree with the longer cooldown, except with adding more frame activation for bird bomb


Eh? He’d totally have time to prepare his mixups (Eagle’s neutral is quite good), and he’d certainly still have pressure. He’d just have a two or three layer mixup instead of a 4-to-however many one. Most characters (even very strong ones) don’t have pressure games that deep. Hisako is a 2 layer mixup character for the most part, with 3 layers if the situation is right. And her third layer is always punishable if avoided. Fulgore’s pip-cancel mixups are usually 3 to 4 layers deep, Aria’s vortex is about 3 layers, etc.

Maybe a longer screech cooldown would be too much, but you’re talking like it’d make him bad. It would do absolutely nothing of the sort. Would just mean that if he wanted to stay in to mix you he’d have to commit, which most of the cast has to do for shallower pressure.


Ig it wouldn’t be thaaat bad for him…but nonetheless I think it’s a bad idea. Unless they give him compensation with something on defense, then I might consider. He’s either all in or completely out. Yea I’m not gonna argue it’s annoying, but I don’t think that’s the way to go with him


Are you going with the thought of all the bird actions being, theoretically, longer or just Screech?


Well all of them, there’s no reason to lengthen any of the cooldowns. Except maybe bird bomb


I just wish i could hit the bird but i can’t. :sob:


I watched the game and i enjoyed the set.

  1. I’d like for you to avoid doing what i do when i confirm a jump in. You had the tendency to default to light manual or auto doubles. If your opponent blocks your jump normal, lights aren’t bad to enforce frame traps and pressure but if you see you hit a jump in, vary the manual or button strength on confirm.

  2. I notice in this set after you’d knockdown hisako you would go for your command jump or back away or use your bird screech. While i can see that you are setting up your next move. . . . . . . .i feel like you didn’t adjust to storms willingness to quick rise and jump. Hisako generally has BAD wake up and her options are mute if you have varying offense. I recommend you stick to simple and effective things like MEATY NORMALS to make sure this man has to eat your pressure. Vary it up between a low meaty, mid meaty and throw. Hisako shouldn’t be getting up because you let her quick rise without thought.

  3. I recommend you go to practice mode and practice hisakos options on onryo zan. You seem to not feel comfortable punishing hisakos final rekka follow up with a punish into combo.

To an extent i understand that when she has shadow meter the command grab can be “scary” but you got to take that risk. Storm wasn’t spending meter enough for you to respect that. Actually it was because you respected it that he threw out -20 rekka followup without punishment. Try your best to do less jumping backwards and more cr. Mk into slide then combo. That way he would either have to cut the rekka short, spend bar, or spend wrath on descent.

  1. PUNISH DESCENT. From the rekka follow up you should notice how storm (and most sako players) will descent cancel to not get punished or play the parry game. This is not safe. Cr. Mk into slide when she’s up. You gotta be on point with your timing because if not then she could wrath cancel.