The Replay and Analysis Thread


Thanks, Leo. I didn’t think you were around anymore, so excuse me not tagging you. I’ll admit, I’m flabbergasted as to how I can effortlessly pull off manuals for almost every character, but never figured out any manual besides light for Aganos. If you say it is as slow as you say, then I realize I am doing my inputs too fast. Are his manuals different compared to the rest of the cast for that reason?

Also, is there anyone who has similar manuals to Aganos that you can name off to give me an idea of what I’m going for?


I’m really not around anymore. I just check this site every few days or so just out of habit.

I don’t know who I would compare to. Maybe Kim Wu? I feel like her manuals are really late. I would say to get used to doing a HP manual on an opener Natural Disaster then go from there. That will show you how late the window is.


Well, at least you are here in some form, even if it is just to check it out. Will do though, thanks dude!


Leo! Where you been? :sob:

Seriously though, how are things with you? You should be done w/ grad school at this point, yeah?


OMG at the Thrash’s suffocation and pressure from at about 15:13 to the end of that round. :open_mouth:


Yeah, sometimes you just get Eagle’d -shrug-


I think Raam or Tusk may come close, purely eyeballing it here though.



Leaving my thoughts on the set we ran with your Fulgore.

  • As you noted, you seem to not want to have to hold blocks. Even against an mediocre-ish player like me, that will hurt you in the long run. It’ll hurt worse against a tournament-ready player. Take the time in a long set of games to notice how an opponent likes to try to crack your defense, if you’re able. Especially if you’re not familiar with that character. Use that information to figure out your options.

  • Also, i will note, take that particular bit of advice for a grain of salt. I feel i am a naturally defensive player and i don’t have an issue sitting and blocking a long string of attacks or not breaking one, two or three combos sometimes. You’re your own player, so make the best determination you can of that.

  • There were patterns i started noticing through the set. Did you notice i fairly consistently broke you on light linkers after awhile, because i was expecting them? Or that 90% of the time, i feel like you went for triple doubles in your combo paths? Or one that i didn’t adapt to; whiffed specials on my wakeup into grabs? I didn’t counter your grab attempts so kudos to you on that one.

  • This is a reach for me, but i feel like there were aspects to how you were playing that were kinda auto-pilot and not in respect to what your opponent is capable of. For instance, i started noticing that outside of my range, you would do neutral jumps into fireball/H laser/plasmaport. At a range that most characters would have difficulty attacking you at. I wondered if you were trying to seduce me into your range of your jump normals. But i started dragon kicking you for it. Or where you would have instinct active and do far teleports into pip charge. Again, unless it’s truly full screen, Kim can make an attempt at punishing you for that with a dragon kick.

  • Ease up on deciding to break so early. There were more than a couple of times you locked out early enough that it looked like a guess break to me. Other’s you missed on Kim’s HP autos when i put them after opener, which, at least to me, can be seen a mile away.

  • Tying into the deciding to break so early, i decided to take more than a few risks in counter-breaking you a lot. I feel like your punish for me whiffing these should be stronger than what i’m recalling.

  • Good on you for the teleport shenanigans. A lot of times i was expecting you to teleport behind me so i took the risk of parrying them, hoping you’d teleport right into it. But you mixed it up a good deal.

  • Something i noted. I like your resets that you did. My only advice there would be to incorporate a low one into your kit. I got hit like twice by resets i could’ve avoided by stand blocking and told myself i’d just stand block in combo, and i think i blocked one.

  • I don’t recall you ever attempting to jump in on me almost at all. If you wern’t aware, Kim does not have a great AA button, and her only sure way of busting you for jumping in requires meter. Plus, as another weakness of Kim’s, you can get a lot of mileage of doing jump ins to bait parries and go ham on her for it. And if dragon kick is your concern, don’t let it be.

Hit me for more games if you’d like. Hope these help you with your game.


Thanks for the set and comments. Yes my neutral jumps was me thinking you were gonna cone forward. After I went up 2-1 you really stepped up the pressure and ran off 6 in a row and had me guessing and panicking all over the place.
The instinct charge was me trying to get resources since you had me locked down with little spin speed and pips. I get a lot of mileage off that before most players recognize what I’m doing and come at me. You didn’t let me get more than one and were all over me as I hammered HP and HK. Thanks again. Looking forward to the next one.


His MP is my fav manual. I dont really feel a difference with his manuals?


Nope. My Ph.D defense looks to be in December, which might tell you how things are going for me.

In any case, as of yesterday it seems that I’m going to Combo Breaker, so I felt the need to check back here and eventually get into half-respectable competitive KI shape… so I might ask a few of you guys for a set or two and/or replay analysis, since that’s the thread I’m currently babbling in.


Nice. I forgot that you were Ph.D - thought you were just going for the Master’s for some reason.

Probably defense in December isn’t bad though. Means you can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


Here is part of a set i did with itztymetodul


Mirror match with Susanoo, a very good Hisako. Connection was pretty iffy on my end, but I figure this is a match most of you guys probably haven’t seen too much at high level (since all Sako’s hate the mirror :joy:).


I love the epic “Let’s just stare at one another” moments. Epic play as always, but this match up looks as about as fun as a Sadira mirror. O.O


Oh man. Just watch an omen mirror hahaaaaaah


Eh. The neutral isn’t as crappy as the Sadira bounce house, but it’s scary as heck on knockdown. :sweat_smile:


Had a guy last night decide to switch to Omen to “show me up” with a mirror…that didnt work out to well for him. Love it when that happens. He was way better with Jago and Glacius. But after 1 loss he switched to Omen and got me good 1st match … then I won 3 straight. Its like an unspoken courtesy to not try and switch to the mirror in an attempt to show ppl up.


Perhaps it’s just me or my character main, but i do not mind the mirror in the slightest. That’s not to say that a Kim Wu mirror is as frantic as a Maya/Omen, as setplay heavy as a Raam/Hisako or simply nuts as a Sadira/Riptor/Rash mirror. I just see it as a match where we both have the same tools so the advantages lie with the players themselves. The execution, knowledge, and savvy are a lot of the key factors as to who wins.


Yeah, the Kim mirror is pretty enjoyable from what I’ve played of it, similar to how the Jago mirror is actually a lot of fun. I tend to think that mirrors where the character can’t just shut himself/herself down are a lot of fun. Bonus points if the neutral isn’t something asinine like the float-feats of an Omen or Sadira mirror.