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Forum Wizards! Lend me your Wisdom!

After some thought and advice, I realized I should use this thread more for my benefit. So have a short set of matches that’d I’d like y’all to see.

This is the PCK Tourney where I participated. I wanted to see what you guys think of my play when I’m in a high pressure situation (seriously, my brother said I couldn’t stop tapping my foot the whole time!) It’s the only stressful match recently that I can find, so sorry if it’s a little old.

Time of my matches

Match 1: 1:12:47

Match 2: 2:00:35

If you want, you can ignore my match using Kilgore, I know I did something really wrong there. Was all about lack of confidence in my skill there and hoped for a MU advantage

@ItzTymeToDul I would really appreciate your input. I know you were there and many others but I want to see what you would think of what I could improve on. Maybe focus on tendencies that I frequently did.

Thanks to anyone in advance for replying!


Well thank you for following up on what i told you.

Now from looking at both off your timestamped matches (fyi it’s only timestamped if you hyperlink it to the video :joy:), i saw some interesting gameplay on your behalf. With eagle, you seem to control space fairly well with your projectile control and assist commands.

Vs shaolim fx, i noticed you had difficulty addressing sadira pressure while in top of you (imo eagle inherently is weak to this aerial pressure because of his lack of “quick” anti air ability. In these situations i think prevention is better than blocking. I recommend you slide out off potential cross up and blade demon pressure. It will get you away from sadira strong Rushdown on top of you and reset neutral (where imo eagle is better at than sadira).

Vs hologram, tbh you did fairly well against his thunder with eagle. I like that you took advantage of his lack of defense during the set and put him in set ups he couldn’t block. In conjecture, eagle has some of the worst wake up defense in the game vs some of the best wake up mind game (thunder) in the game. You got hit. YOU GOT HIT A LOT. I recommend just blocking and reacting to moves that have longer startup. Suggest you react to overhead but default to block low. Incidentally, i recommend blocking during reset situations, I’d rather take a single command grab than getting opened up for another combo. It will improve your odds to block and defend yourself without losing damage FAST.

Extra thoughts. In most situations, you seem to use forward medium punch as your punish button into opener. While i am aware of eagles lack of heavy normals when loaded, can’t you gain free extra damage off of close heavy kick into slide (shadow)? I was wondering this when you blocked thunders sammammish dp follow up 2 times in the set. If you know it won’t work, then disregard what i said but if it does work, i recommend committing your most damaging normal into opener as a punish on a consistent basis. It gets you more damage.

That’s all i got for now. I didn’t make this long so no TLDR. I’ll await your reply :+1:


:flushed: Fixed before further embarrassment

Do you think it’s worth a shadow slide to get out of anything? I just feel so open when performing the slide, even if I have screech backing me up.

I’m scared of that command grab man. I don’t want a boot to the face.

How much respect should I give that command grab? I felt like I had it too much respect in this match, but I don’t know that line where I should make the read, or simply take it. Especially shadow grab. That thing has a punch

Consistency, that’s the big reason I like to use Fwd MP, as a punish button. Only, and ONLY IF I’m absolutely 100% sure that I have enough time to get in range and do a heavy, then I’ll do it. Against that sammammish M follow up, i probably could do a heavy depending on where I was hit. Against H follow up, I simply can’t. It’s kinda the same situation with Jago’s Fwd HK and his Cr.HP. It’s all about if I’m sure it will have enough time to hit.



Coming from Omen players… we use shadow slide to get out from under pressure some times. But we have more meter so it seems to make more sense. But in Eagles case it frees him up from the pressure and gives him some space to get back to his zoning.


Fun matches to watch, thanks!
Couple of questions, does your team have a player named Kan? and if not, why?


Thanks! :blush:
The other member is iKensei or TJFrozen (before). TJ Combo and Shago/Jago player. He’s currently playing SFV and DBZF though he liked KI quite much.

Edit: lol, “Kan” xD


Hello Forum Wizards. Lend me your wisdom!

Today I have a set with @ItzTymeToDul that I hope you guys can lend me advice with. As always any advice is appreciated and thank you in advance.

@STORM179, @oTigerSpirit Tagged cause I think you might be interested in watching this.

Ggs to Dul btw! Very fun

Time of start of set:


I managed to catch this set while at work, it was pretty funny.



Would @Infilament and @STORM179 like to analyse this “5-5” mu?


Good matches. Enjoyed watching the back-and-forth :slight_smile: Comments below:


  • I really, really, dislike it when people prolong low-level burnouts on themselves. I think there is almost never any reason to ever fan a level 1 flame, so I really dislike the decision basically every time you did it Dul. At the very least, there is no reason why your lockout combo around the worlds should be involving the burned out limbs. You did so multiple times throughout the set, and it hurt you basically every time.
  • It’s something of a personal opinion, but I think it’s usually a mistake to let Cinder juggle or recap you for free. If he wants to launch or recap, he better be ready to counterbreak for it. I don’t see the point in trying to guess unreactable juggle or cashout manuals when you can preempt the whole situation by breaking easily recognizable “choke point” normals. If he burns you out and touches you again you’re going to eat massive damage anyway (and he’s borked your neutral in the meantime to boot), so may as well force him to gamble too.
  • Omen can do a lot of chip if you play for it. I think it’s not a bad option when an opponent is down on life and you have both instinct and meter. Force him to hold a ton of Rasha’s and just chip him out - Omen can do a decent amount of true blockstrings when he’s willing to spend the meter for it.
  • Still don’t like it when you do shadow rasha, charge it up with another shadow rasha, and then just sit and let the guy block them all without applying pressure. Are you looking for them to panic and try something unsafe?
  • I think you let Hotshot break your heavies too often. He swung at every heavy you did for about 4 games before you called him on it, and even then largely didn’t counter too much. If someone’s being obstinate about their breaks, I think you have to call them on it.
  • I like that corner flipout setup - haven’t seen that one before! :slight_smile:
  • Good shadow counter punishes on Cinder’s plus frame bomb nonsense. I think it’s really important to represent that option against the character.
  • You missed a lot of fwd+HP confirms. I think that’s definitely one of those buttons you should be looking to see if it actually hits, as opposed to just swinging with a safe orda->shadow string.
  • I don’t think Hotshot broke a single lightning leg linker. I think that’s the kind of thing you want to pick up on in an opponent - might be worth just fishing with it early in a long set to see if your opponent has got those, and then respond accordingly.


  • In game 7, you could’ve killed by just doing a simple and straight forward recap->shadow trailblazer. Go for the easy/guaranteed kill - no need for fancy loops when they aren’t called for.
  • I like how belligerent you were about breaking heavies - your opponent was way more afraid to counterbreak than you were to break, and you made great use of that.
  • I think you should try to dodge those chipout rashas. I feel like trailblazer could’ve probably done a good job of getting away from a lot of the ones that killed you. At the very least, there’s no reason to just sit there and take a chipout projectile without even attempting to clear it.
  • I think you can probably stand to try and maybe reaction break a bit more. Except for the fierce AD’s, you locked out a lot, even though Dul had some pretty consistent combo patterns and used a lot of mediums and heavy linkers. Guess when you have to, but in general you should try and break by sight some more I think. -Obligatory caveat that this can be tough sometimes online or in lag.-
  • Beware consistent combo patterns. You confirm with the same manual or linker an awful lot of the time in certain situations. A suitably astute player (particularly if they’re an observer, where their mental stack is basically empty) can pick up on things like that very easily.
  • Be on the lookout for consistent reset patterns. Just because you’re not fighting Hisako doesn’t mean that sometimes you shouldn’t just be holding up - I think Dul hit you with every throw reset he tried, barring one or two where he mucked up the timing. And those would’ve hit you too. Don’t give the opponent consistent easy access to big damage.
  • Overall, solid application of neutral control for the MU. You bullied well, and generally looked like you were in control when there was space between you two.


I love the analysis. Bare in mind that this set was last year in august I think. But otherwise yeah this anaysis is great.
I’ve never really had my sets analysed and I feel like as a general fighting game player I could improve alot more if I could get any sets analysed in the future


Some extra things for Dul:

  • Cinder down trailblazer -> shadow inferno or regular inferno -> shadow inferno is never a true block string, you can always shadow slide to beat it. The timing can’t be done during the freeze, but rather it has to be delayed – try to input the two kicks as if you were parrying the first hit of the shadow inferno, that should work every time.

  • If you block down trailblazer (-3) and you want to challenge with a button, might as well make it cr MK, which will low profile a DP if Cinder gambles and will do fine in every other case.

  • You have to learn better counter breaker combos than the ones you did in this set, heh. You’re leaving big chunks of damage on the table.

  • Oh, also, fully charged inferno is very unsafe (-9 I believe), so if he ever does that in your face you should be punishing (certainly within shadow slide range, which is fast enough to punish). Even half-charged inferno should be either punished or challenged. I believe only the completely uncharged version is around 0 on block.


Thank you. I found this out playing tyzo 2 months ago. This is old footage. When i found that out it became less of a hassle. Now i can punish that consistently.

I’ll go to your website my friend.

Did not know that. :joy: I’m thinking a medium into opener shall stack decent opener damage.


Next time I’ll work on identifying these key points during a set. Idk when it’ll be with omen but I’ll adjust my auto doubles to the opposite limb when I’m comboing my opponent.


I’m very bad at changing my combos when I’m burned out, it’s something that requires specific practice imo. Also re: charged inferno being -9, you might wanna double check that number or practice it in training a bit (record Cinder doing charged inferno, holding down back), see exactly what you can punish him with. I have a feeling shadow slide should work even from non-point blank, unless the game is wrong about the startup of shadow slide.


Like trailblazer and recapture right? I feel bad that it hit me As much as it did. I think it deals with my fear of the breaker game somewhat. From then unto now i definitely see a switch in how i break and how that plays into the mind game. Remember that ft7 set i played you with kan ra? I wad much more willing too break and counter break. I liked how switching up characters made more see how i needed to change my approach to neutral and what i need to take risks.


Trailblazer, crossfire (recap), and the final hit of 3rd degree target combos (will either be medium or heavy) are all reactable and predictable choke point manuals. Cinder is one of those characters who I think it generally makes sense to break when you can, to the point where you should often just ignore the counterbreak threat. If you let him recap you then even if you don’t take much damage, you most assuredly will take a burnout that hoses your options in neutral and leads to huge damage. I’d rather eat a fat counterbreak combo into damage ender (remember, Cinder doesn’t do huge damage - even dumping both meters will only get him 53%) than have him burn out Hisako’s punches.

To be sure, that calculation is biased somewhat by the fact that Hisako just flat-out can’t fight without her punches, but I think the basic point still stands. The threat of Cinder isn’t from grounded combos and counterbreaks - it’s from burnouts. Using meter in a counterbreak scenario just means he has less resources to one-chance you later for 50-60%. I’ll eat that damage happily because it means I get a chance to play real neutral when I get back up, and also because it exposes the Cinder to risk himself. He might counterbreak me and make me hold a 50% combo, but if I let him finish he will curse my buttons and then just open me up later for that same 50%, and I’ve almost no chance of breaking that cashout.

Yeah, I think trying out other characters is good for that. It’s really easy when you specialize to get used to a certain suite of actions and constraints (both real and self-imposed) that hinders your ability to grow and develop. You get so used to doing substandard things that work that you begin to forget that those things are, well, substandard. Glad playing Kan was able to get you to real out of some of your own barriers. :+1:t5:


Here is the first of the FT10’s I played with @TDBH0TSH0T the other day. We played cross-platform, so I recommend using the timebar to skip all the lobby downtime.

A few notes:

  • Any time you see me timing lockout on a crossfire recap or medium autodouble, can rest assured it was a function of lag. KI still runs better than DBFZ for me (:confounded:), but my connections have definitely been a little dodgy lately. Both crossfire and Cinder’s weirdly fast mediums are reactable, but can be pretty hard to break if there’s rollback, so whiffed on a few of them.
  • Any time you see me lockout on a third degree medium, it was an intentional decision. Normally I recommend breaking the 3rd hit of third degree on reaction, but in our connection I had zero faith that I could actually see it, and so instead just decided to keep him from hitting me with the heavy juggle manual since that one is the easiest to combo out of. May not have been the right decision in retrospect (since there are often other manuals after to look for and Hotshot totally had medium confirms), but that was the thought process while I was playing.
  • I caught a lot of meaty fissions with my face. Some of this was me trying to predict bomb setups because I couldn’t see them and react, and some of it was just me being bad and not blocking on wakeup. Will definitely need to play more solid in the future.

Analyze away! :+1:t5:


You can break the final hit of Cinders target combos? ??? FML, how do I not pick up on these things? Does anything have to come before the TC?