The Replay and Analysis Thread


The Brazilian community came across the same issue, so ST made a dictionary explaining many FG terms to Portuguese speakers. Teaching what each term means winds up being way more worthwhile than translating them. Since then a fair few brazilian guys started watching english streams and understanding more of what’s going on


I agree with you guys, using the English terminology seems the way to go and easiest one.


Good set between myself and TDB H0TSH0T. He’s improved quite a bit in the Cinder/Sako MU :+1:t5:


I’m not the best person when it comes to analysis but I’d like to give my few cents.

Overall it was a dynamic set in where both players really shined, especially hotshot with his cheeto ball shenanigans.

For you Storm:

During the first couple of matches, you were getting hit a lot by the cheeto balls in the corner. Was it because you were trying AA him and didn’t respect his pressure?

Also during the middle of the match you became a lil too counter happy. Maybe because you were frustrated that he didn’t like to respect your wake-up? It caused for you to lose some matches since hotshot can negate that defense with cheese balls.

Biggest thing however, if I’m not mistaken, can’t you shadow counter Heavy trailblazer on the second hit? He really liked to use that move frequently.

Overall you were great! Not much you can do when he was in the air with the balls. :+1:

I’m gonna have to learn how to change trajectory midjump with cinder during those fireball setups.


If you have any issues with any characters, let’s plan some sets and you tell me what you struggle with and I’ll try and create a playstyle around it or force ways for that setup and then we can work on proper reactions to it in a match setting. I can function with pretty much all characters in this game with the exception of Kan-Ra, Kilgore and Eyedol. I haven’t taken the time to work out the kinks in those characters nor do I really want to. Those are characters that require a lot of dedication and finesse.


It was conscious (in the sense of testing to try and find a gap or escape option) most of the times, but some of it was just a reaction to seeing his character above me. A goodly chunk of my responses to things are based on muscle memory, and one of the strongest muscle memory habits I’ve formed is to try and AA someone when they’re above my head in certain spaces. Cinder floats in AA territory for his bomb setups, so some of those times I was simply swinging.

Most of it was me just trying to figure out what the gap in his setup was though - a lot of nasty asynchronous projectile pressure in KI (Orchid grenade, Cinder bombs) can be cheated out of if you test your options. I tried “jump” waaay too many times to be honest, but later on figured out that forward dash could be viable. While it’s pretty tough for me to incorporate that into my play in the moment, stuff like that gets filed away for the next time I run into Cinder bomb pressure that’s particularly tricky.

Not really. I’m just the kind of player who will counter if I think you’re going to swing. For good and for ill, I’m the Hisako player who will represent counter as an option without much hesitation or regret. Sometimes Cinder players like to plant bombs and then hit you directly and then explode the bombs for plus-frame pressure, and if I think that’s what you want then I’ll probably mash out a counter as a response. I don’t like the idea of people getting pressure for free, so if I think you’re going to go for that then I’m unlikely to sit still.

You definitely can. I’m honestly not really used to doing it though - my preferred way to deal with heavy trailblazer is to simply counter it on reaction. Between “normal” lag and display lag though, I was basically completely unable to respond in my preferred way. Shadow counter is the correct option there (and probably easier than mashing a reaction counter anyway), but I’m just not used to doing it.


Just hit me up if you see me online. I started Tekken and Im taking a break fron KI so I Wont Be that aktive on KI this month but I Would like to do some sets with you man.


I watched the entire set. GGs! TDB HOTSHOT is one of the Cinder players who inpired me to try Cinder, I saw him for the first time at another of your videos.

@SonicDolphin117: I’m having a hard time with Cinder. Maybe one day I return to him, but now when I play KI I want to have some fun. It’s beatiful to see a good Cinder in action because of his crazy juggles, but I would take some months to do some basic stuff :sweat: I think I’ll return to my Maya. I can’t decide which character I’ll learn! But I think Maya is much easier to use than Cinder. I think the most complicated thing with Cinder is his trailblazer. 3 directions and you can do one more do keep your combo? Jesus… and the second trailblazer can be in any direction you choose. Also how can I guess when he’ll be in his fired up state to do some nasty stuff like his larger Inferno? Because c’mon, in battle you can’t see that with your opponent trying to kick your butt! Cinder has dozens of possible combinations for his juggles with trailblazer, normals and pyrobombs. My head is dizzying :dizzy_face: Someone recommend a character easy to learn (I don’t want Jago)? I was thinking about Spinal too…


Cinder really doesn’t take as much effort as you think for his juggles honestly… Took me less than a week to get a good foundation to work from and after that it’s all improv based on your opponents reactions and what you feel won’t get broken. I really should just make a quick juggle guide but I don’t want to give all my tricks away either lol. I’m sure I have some patterns that would show.


Lay it on as thick as you want, I already know some of the mistakes I made trying to cash out in the first round, there were a few mild hiccups in the connection while playing and some nerves.


I think the biggest take away is for Square not to choose Jago. :stuck_out_tongue:

No no… seriously… Your damage conversion seems a little low while in combos. As a Cinder, I think you should be using every opportunity to keep the player on fire to generate PD, and then maximizing every lockout.

You’re already great at getting in…


Yeah I usually try and use meter and inferno to keep PD building in neutral as well as burning out proper limbs from combo, but I also try and generate some meter early with battery ender so I can up my defense with shadow counter’s available.


Here’s a set from a few months ago against @deltarayquaza:

Definitely made a ton of mistakes, some due to general execution crappiness, some due to MU unfamiliarity, and some just because I’m bad at videogames, but all in all was a really, really fun set and I learned a ton! Thanks Delta, and we should definitely do it again sometime :slight_smile:

Before anyone comments:

  1. Yep, I know now that shadow meteors don’t hit overhead
  2. Yes, I should definitely have stopped trying to jump or otherwise “do stuff” after command grab
  3. Yes, I should have figured out not to challenge mage jump+HP at some point
  4. Yes, I know that stomp is plus
  5. Yes, I should have just started punishing meteor with sweep when I’d descent to the other side

@Infilament - finally posted it! You are not allowed to analyze it while I’m in Japan (Jan 25-Feb 5) :joy:


I think I remember watching this.


Craziest Wulf match I’ve ever had

This type of play drives me a bit crazy. But I have to admit it was fun in the end. This way to use Wulf reminds me a lot of Flash. I do believe that offline is easier to react to the dashes (yeap, it is unless it catches you totally offguard). I kind of desperated in the first round cause all the dizziness, so I went for an obvious shadow counter that won’t work in this situations…
About the bug in the final part, I was counting on he didn’t know what was happening :smirk: :rofl:

The main plan for me was trying to react to the overhead or low and punish it. Stopping the dash aproaches with cr.jabs and I think it wasn’t a good idea trying to break his instinct (too fast!). Also holding up from time to time to avoid some dash resets. He was eager to dizzy me but he wasn’t confirming damage.

We played a really long set with different characters, it was cool


Yeah, definitely don’t understand what happened at the end there. Maybe some type of opener-ender thing (because of shadow eclipse) and he is clearly mashing HP+HK to do a feral cancel. But yeah, I imagine that’s a bug that would be hard to reproduce and it’s the first I’ve ever seen it.

Still though, cool match. That’s a hard style of Wulf to stop, because he does things like wake up forward dash and you just have to commit to meaties and hope to not get hit by reversals. Also the constant resets can be very frustrating to get hit by, and I think Wulf hurts a pretty good amount.


For what I’ve experienced it has more to do with the cancelling vs counterhits. Check the video below, is from S2. At 0:56 I was fooling around against Jago’s overhead and when I cancel overpower it happened


Huh, interesting. I have no idea what triggers it but I guess Wulf players have seen it before then. Fortunately doesn’t seem like a game-breaking issue.


Just in case I upload it in the bug’s thread.

May not be game breaker but it can be annoying. However having that happening is like a yahtzee situation.


This is the only thing I could save from the tourney videos and I’m upset that this does not stand for all the effort and training I put into the game :frowning:
First, it was ft3 but the guy only uploaded 5 videos with repeated fights. I took 3 different ones and edit the videos to making it ft2.

This is Losers Finals

  • Played the whole set scared, back jumping, almost not AA and panicking whenever he threw ragged edge looking for frametraps.

  • Bad confirms!! Though I don’t have that trouble in most of my matches I would drop lots of combos in this scenario. I said that the TV has minimal input lag, and that messed up my timing a bit. I wasn’t the only one dropping combos anyway.

  • If I gave him space is because I was afraid of him waking up with instinct or shadow. Big mistake, I should have baited him or stayed close. But I know he knows how to use his buttons

  • I didn’t counterbreak enough. In a normal set outside a tourney I would counterbreak when I’m pretty sure it’s comming

  • Trying to break the manual in the end got me killed: It’s funny that I used shadow ragged edge and knew he was going to shadow counter but I couldn’t cancel since my instinct was just gone. Big Oops in my head! when I realised that I broke wrong and then I totally new I lost :disappointed_relieved:

  • Never really applied my better pressure. Almost no frametraps and I was kind of afraid to use my buttons more. He sets his own pace and there was no need I do the same.

His plan mostly relies on blocking, punishing, and trying to counter hit me when he feels I’m going to press a button.

We played last night and the result was totally different. But I don’t know why I get this nervous in tourneys, almost like I don’t know how to play at all…Kind of embarrasing. But at least, I had fun with the matches :blush: