The Replay and Analysis Thread


I only enjoy the game if I win most of the time. If I lose most of the time then I dont enjoy it. But that is normal. I will just keep playing when i have time.


FT7 Set with @ItzTymeToDul and his Kan-Ra:

@HWFREEKYJASON and any other Kan-Ra players (as well as the usual suspects here :slight_smile:) please feel free to give me any critiques or advice you may have. I’m pretty bad in this MU, so more than happy to get some ideas on how I can play it better.


I’ll watch this after work


I know I’m a little late but I’ll answer it that way because I identified with this post. I’m a casual player, and I think KI is really hard, but I think that most of the new FGs are now. I love KI, even when I take a break I still watching sets and lives. It really takes a lot of time to get good in this game. Learn tech, apply them in your fights, know MU’s, all this is really really expensive in terms of time if you want to fight against the good guys. Hell, until know I just don’t understand what various characters of the cast do! Hisako with her crazy counters, Kan with his sand, Shago with his teleports (and people say that he sucks lol), Fulgore with his insane vortex, the list goes on…

And I still trying to find a new character to learn, because I want to play with more characters, not just Omen, but when I stop to think how many time I spent with Omen to still suck with him, it gives me discouragement :sweat: I already said, KI needs a new dojo mode to help new players. A dojo mode where it taches useful tech and the main tricks of the characters. Not just Jago and the combo system. Know this is the same as nothing if you try to fight with other players. For instance, I would love to play with Cinder, but how can I perform his juggles? If I don’t find good Cinder footage or others Cinders I’ll have to learn it by myself, as if the game wasn’t hard enough.


I want the 5 euros refund for this game man. I spend only five euros and i think its not worth it. Tried Injustice 2 today cause it is on steam now. Man it may not be balanced but you actually know whats happening and it doesnt take million years to learn. I started yesterday and I already dont every single match on ranked. Community is bigger (not better) so yeah. I wish I could refund this game so I dont feel I wasted money on it.
Anyone knows if I can refund it?


The issue with getting tutorials in the game is that… the devs actually don’t know how their character will be played. They might know some tricks that they found in testing, but after the character’s been out for like a week, the community knowledge is already way more than the devs could have put in the game. You might say they should retroactively put in tutorials 6 months later, when most of the stuff is known, but this doesn’t really solve the problem (people will want to learn the character during those 6 months as well).

So yeah, it would be cool to have a Cinder juggle tutorial in the game, but you could only make such a thing a year after Cinder came out, and by then it’s probably just as easy to use community-made stuff to learn that.


Sometimes you just gotta depend on the community :+1:


S2 characters where released at 2015 I think, so there’s not much tech that wasn’t discovered yet (probably). The problem with this line

is: Unlike me, most new players don’t come to the forums/comunnity to learn. Most of them doesn’t know your @Infilament site (let me say again that you do a very good job for this community) or @SonicDolphin117’s tutorials (another guy who do a lot for KI community). Most of them will buy the game and they just want to have fun. I’m not saying that the newbie must be lazy, no, it’s not that. But the first thing a player will do to learn the game is play the tutorial, not go after the community (and many communities out there are toxic, which keeps out newbies). Even S3 characters before Kilgore are kinda old, so why not? Also, they could update the tutorial over time. I was thinking about Soul Calibur III tutorial. You could learn the basics with the character playing all tutorial lessons. Also It’s a good way to learn the basic about your opponent.


I’ll check this out! Maybe a baby Cinder can born from this.


I’m doin analysis on atm


For the sake of the the topic i created I watched your stream. The whole thing. Your Analysis is good. But that doesnt help new players. I know you said you analyse only matches you find interesting but every player has his own gamestyle and skill level overall. So everyone says you already do it but you actually dont. And you dont have to do it. It was just an idea and I understand the fact that this would be boring.
At this point I realise i went too far with my answers and i want to apologize.
Shoutouts to people here that stay positive.


Frankly, I would disagree with this. Infil’s Analysis (and his amazing website) cater to both new and experienced players. Although it is not directly for new players, the analysis offer a window of how to think correctly during a match and on what to do. He never uses any concepts without explaining them, no matter how trivial it may seem to the experienced, just so that everyone can have a greater understanding. Watching him analyize your character as well can give you greater tips for you’re gameplay on what to do and what not to do. So, in my opinion, the anyslsis videos cater to both experienced and new players to have a better sense of MUs and general tips for gameplay and characters. But to each their own.


Hey… everyone has their own opinion. We are all different;)


It’s true that I try to cater a bit more to high level players when I stream (or at least, people who understand the language of high level players), because that’s kind of what interests me.

If there is interest, I can probably break down a match between two beginners and use super beginner language and discussion points. Maybe there are more people watching my stream who would like that than I realize.

I know you said you’re kind of done with KI and you didn’t get too much out of my stream, but hypothetically, what’s the type of thing you would have wanted me to talk about while you were watching?


You analysed the play Nate(Jago) against Bass(Shago). I really have problems on how to deal with Shago so i decided to watch the whole thing. Dont get me wrong you break down their play very good. But thats got nothing to do with the Shagos I deal with. Bass gamestyle is solid so somehow i learned from the analysis how to play and respect high level players( and i do enjoy play against them much more) But to get there I need to get through the “random mixup” Shagos (and many other characters). Anyone here thinks that I believe that your analysis is bad. I never said that . I just said that your analysis would be 100% useful( its still useful) when someone reaches that level of skill.

I love/hate this game. I just take breaks cause the salt is too strong(still)


Ok, would you like me to analyze you vs some online random Shagos? I can probably do that for a bit and give you advice how to fight through the randomness. Or it doesn’t even have to be you, just anyone vs an online random Shago. If you have a replay/youtube in mind, feel free to link me.

I agree with your assessment… in order to get to high level play, you have to suffer through how to beat online people who just randomly do stuff, and Shago is probably the poster child of that. I would discuss this more if I had a specific replay in mind.


I can record the matches next time I play against them. By all means man, you dont need to do it. It was just something that I recommended. I somehow have the feeling you do it cause of me. But I must say this would be a great help. One more thing I thought about is a “how to break” section in the site. I wanted to offer myself to write “how to break TJ” cause I see many players dont know how to break auto barrage and they end up getting the damage. I know in your site you mention it somehow but a more straight foward section like: " ok Uppercuts are Heavys,“straights are Lights … one stripe from tremor is light,three hits vortex is heave…” you know just all together in like 3 lines how to break one character. That will save so much time. I mean if someone told me. ok. Sword hits are heavies and if you see the knee is medium and so on then I would actually know whats happening and wouldnt try to guess break all the time. Some may say" ok Go play all the characters and learn their AA" . Thats a good idea too but not really necessery.

Anyway you did and do SO MUCH for this community and you deserve much more credit. I will let you know when I have the replays. And as for the other recommendation. I know its too much work. But I may open a Topic here "on how to break TJ(not counter :wink: ) and if you like the Idea you can copy paste it in your site.


What you say about “how to break” is a valid point, and I actually started writing a section like that on my Jago page, but it just ended up being soooo much work that I had to dump it (wasn’t going to do it 28 more times). I needed to shoot video of all the auto-doubles and linkers, as well as talk about specific things for juggle characters like Cinder, etc.

I definitely agree it would be very helpful but it was just so far outside the scope of what I could do with my guide.

As for the replays, yeah I would probably “do it because of your suggestion” but also I imagine it’s going to help people other than you as well. And in all honesty, most of the stuff I do is because people asked me to help them, so I don’t mind.


You know ,some guys from my region told me I should talk “in Spanish” when using figthing game technicisms and they were complaining about me using those words. But honeslty I have no idea how to translate those terms! and I only think it would be for worst and would lead to confusions. I can explain the whole actions in Spanish but using a single word for that it’s the best, imo. It’s really hard to explain.

I think if anyone is interested in fighters they should try to understand these terms, unless they are totally casual and not at all into the competitive scene.
I did it myself the moment I started watching the FGC, even though I understood the action I didn’t relate it to a word
It wasn’t really that hard looking up in the internet. But it’s true I don’t know if there’s a dictionary explaining all the fighting games terminology in Spanish. I have an “Urban dictionary” from the arcades, but if you want to get to more people is better yo use the accepted and better known terms.


Do you happen to know if there’s any Spanish page talking about figthing game technical words? I have no idea on how to say “frame trap” or the act of frametrapping in Spanish, for instance. I can translate it but…Would those terms accepted by the whole Spanish community?
I can’t believe we don’t have neutral terms for all this.


“Trampa de frames” would be the most fitting translation. Frame is widely used in Spanish. Fotograma is the literal translation, but “trampa de fotogramas” sounds horrible xD

I’m not in touch with the Spanish speaking community. The most intelligent players I have met (the ones like Infil, Storm, LeoFerreis or Declimax, to name a few) are all english speakers, and my experience with Spanish players didn’t show me any particularly brilliant aportation.
, so I exclusively stayed in touch with english speaking players, in all FGs. There are more players for sure

Also,there are some words which IMO are just not useful to translate. Overhead, dash, wake up, mixup… I wouldn’t translate any of them.