The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


I can’t play this week. Maybe the next one.


In that vein then, I will award the win for this round to @EctopicILLusion and begin the next round of the tournament.

@EctopicILLusion and @s0undy44, you two are up next. Please play your match by July 5. If you know that you cannot play between now and then, let me know and we can work around or you can opt to forfeit the match. Would like to finish out the tournament by end of July if possible. Good luck to both of you and have fun!


■■■■, a rematch.


I could try from my boyfriend’s Win 10 account. At least we could give it a last chance, because I’m not at home but downloaded the game in PC. If the game won’t let us play well…I tried.
@EctopicILLusion I’ll play you as GT: Kinetic DNA


It’s been brought to my attention that Maru’s message was not a statement of loss, just an acknowledgment that play had not occurred. While I cannot extend time again (this tournament needs to move forward to its conclusion), I will abide by the rules to do a coin flip to determine the winner from that week. I will do the coin flip in 24 hours, best 2 out of 3 flips wins.

@MaruMDQ @EctopicILLusion If you can play your match before the flip occurs, that will be a viable alternative to fate deciding the winner. Otherwise, heads or tails will select who moves on.


This made me laugh.


@EctopicILLusion I’ll try to invite you now. I won’t stay long because it’s almost 2 am for me. If not I’ll try tomorrow again.
I’ll use this GT : Kinetic DNA


Since I believe no match has played, I have proceeded to randomizer to decide the match.

Methodology: Google random number generator, bounded to 1 and 2 min/max values. Per alphabetical order, @EctopicILLusion will be 1, @MaruMDQ will be 2. First person to have their number shown twice will be declared the winner.

Result: 2, 2 was the result - accordingly, Maru will proceed on to play @s0undy44 for the next round. Please play your match by July 5. No extensions will be given on this round, so please be diligent about setting it up.

Illusion, I apologize for the confusion on this round. If you have any issues with the result or myself, please DM me and we can discuss it there.


Alright, so I guess I’m next, @MaruMDQ my timezone is UTC +1 or CET, I’m avalaible on Friday evening, and a bit of night (max to 2 p.m.) and on Saturday, but I have a radio audition from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m., so I’m off limits then. On Sunday I really wish not to do this, as I have an exam on Monday. Could you tell me what the possibilities are? Thx in advance


I’ll message you soon! (after the current football Match xD )


No match was played b/c we couldn’t connect. You should’ve waited till today where the patch dropped & fixed everything. I couldn’t even connect to thrashheavy yesterday. Now it’s buttery smooth again (finally)


To be clear: the last minute 24hr extension (and what communication occurred or did not within it) was not relevant in the decision to roll the dice and proceed on with the tournament. The initial period given was two weeks, and both players made a good faith effort to connect and try to play. Server issues got in the way and I extended the time out by two weeks, during which NO communication occurred within this thread from either party. That two week extension meant you both should have played by June 4; my message this week was a full 3 weeks after that extended deadline, where again, no communication about matches took place. Not for setting up availability, not for explaining any connection or server issues, etc. If those conversations were occurring perhaps additional accommodations could have been made.

There is no need to argue between yourselves about who responded or not and when - this decision was mine alone. We’ve been on this round of the tournament for nearly two months now, and yes, I believe that more than enough time has passed that continuing the tournament under the established rules of deciding non-played matches was the correct decision. I can certainly understand if either of you disagree, but that is the decision and my rationale for making it.

@MaruMDQ @s0undy44 Please begin reaching out to one another to schedule your match. With KI’s online apparently back in shape I won’t be offering any extensions if your match doesn’t happen by July 5.


GGs to @s0undy44! We managed to play and he took it 3-1. He knows the MU pretty well :+1:
Thanks for the matches and the talk ! :smiley:


GGs to @MaruMDQ. As mentioned before it is 3-1. I feel guilty for game 2, it was due to lag and I did not hesitate to steal the game. We had a wonderful talk post match, really appreciate that. Games look fine on replay, however both me and Maru struggled with lags, thus some stuff looks out of order. I’m grateful for that match, we had a fine time. Cheers!


Also, I wiffed so many juggles :frowning:


My timing blocking pyrobombs and trying the sweep after launcher was messed up lol, it’s like every action we did took longer to perform :joy:. Still the game was playable ( apart from Bojima you are the second player where distance is quite far) and we could do most of our stuff.
Hope to play you again in the future.

Now you and FallibleJoker have a nice match :+1:


Alright, it’s @s0undy44 and @FallibleJoker14 for the Grand Finals. Good luck to both of you, and have fun!


Im excited for this rematch. Cant wait! @s0undy44

How does somewhere from Tuesday to Thursday sound? You can decide time. I’ll see if it will work with my schedule.

I kinda need to shake some rust off before the finale, so I need some time to prepare. I’m looking forward to it. I wish you the best of luck! :+1:


I believe the best date would be Thursday, as tomorrow I need to learn for my exam, on Monday I have my exam and on Tuesday I tutor one student. That means I’ll prolly catch some games on Tuesday and I want to get rid of any rust before we play. Thus I’d like this game to happen as late as possible. On Thursday it will be ok. As I mentioned before, my timezone is UTC +1 or CET and I can operate till 2 a.m. my time at night. So tell me which hour your time will suffice and I will adapt. Also can’t wait to play @FallibleJoker14

Moreover I have a question: does FallibleJoker14 have one set advantage, due to being a winner of the winners bracket?


Yep. If he wins one FT3 he will be the winner of the tournament, while you will need to win two individual FT3’s to claim the title.