The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


Neat, thank You for confirming that.


@FallibleJoker14 I’m sorry, but could we play this game one day earlier? A friend asked me to let her stay a night, as she has her bachelor’s defense on 6th of July. Hence, I do not want to stay up late on Thursday.


Its fine on Wednesday, how would 11 pm cet work for you? Its about 4 pm my time.

We could go earlier if you want


Sure, it is way better than I thought, I’m grateful. Thanks for a quick response.


GGS to @FallibleJoker14, he beat me 3:0. There is a little extra thing involving recording, so I will post it a bit later then usual.
@STORM179 @WrathOfFulgore


Thanks @s0undy44!

And that concludes WTF#6. I’ll now turn it back over to Wrath for all prizing and close-out stuff :+1:t5:


Alright, I wanted my friend to commentate the Grand Final, however he has not responded to me since Thursday. I cannot allow myself to wait anymore, here is the recorded set:

GGs to Joker, I was outwitted and simply not familiar with the MU. Nevertheless, I’m happy I made it to finals, thanks to everybody for games, and the atmosphere of a tourney.