The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


@FallibleJoker14 @KevBones10 @EctopicILLusion @s0undy44 @MaruMDQ

This is a heads up that we will be restarting this tournament to try and bring it to its conclusion. Because of how long it has already gone on, each cycle will only be a week and there will be no exceptions made. If players cannot get together within their week’s time, I will flip a coin to decide the winner.

@KevBones10 and @EctopicILLusion, you are the first players up. Please play your set by May 14 (I’m giving a little extra time for this cycle so that you can have a full weekend available to you for planning purposes). If either of you no longer wishes to compete in the tournament, then let me know and we will keep the tournament moving accordingly.

@MaruMDQ will play the winner of Kev and Illusion’s match, and @s0undy44 will play the winner of Maru’s bout. @FallibleJoker14 is waiting on Winner’s side.

I look forward to seeing how the tournament ends - fight on! :slightly_smiling_face:


Yeah, for the most part I’m doing better. I still have an episode or 2 every now and then but nowhere near as bad as a few months ago. I haven’t been working, but I’m about to go back to the security job I had last year(I have the paperwork sitting on my desk right now actually) which isn’t that great but it’s something. My family has been super supportive this whole time, especially my wife.


Friendly reminder to @KevBones10 and @EctopicILLusion to please schedule your match sometime soon. Don’t want to have to scramble at the end trying to link up if you don’t have to.


I’m letting you know I won’t be able to play KI this week because I won’t be home (and my boyfriend 's XOne is broken).
Still, the week after 05/14 I’ll be back. I hope I don’t have to play before that.


That’s fine. As with Wrath’s standard format, ending the previous week early allows you to play your own match sooner, but does not require it.


I will message @EctopicILLusion on Xbox today.

I am sorry for not playing KI tournament matches for a while.


Have you two not played yet due to the XBL issues? If so, I will extend the deadline for this round for another week.


I will trying to play tourney set with him tomorrow.


GGS to @EctopicILLusion 0-3


Thanks Kev!

@MaruMDQ and @EctopicILLusion, please arrange to play your match before May 21. Best of luck to both of you.


Hopefully KI functions. I’m surprised I even connected to KevBones given the recent server match (I still can’t find ANY ranked/exhibition matches by searching).

@MaruMDQ I’m free all week.


I won’t be able to play until Thursday. I would Say Friday is better. Let me know


Just a reminder @EctopicILLusion and @MaruMDQ that your match needs to be played by May 21. Both of you have provided your general availability, but probably need to set an actual time if you’re actually going to catch up with one another before then.


If only I could get any games in.

@MaruMDQ i can try to play now. Won’t be able to play till Sunday. Servers wack either way.


Sunday it’s fine. Just let me know at what time you will be able to play (more or less). I’m one hour ahead NYC timezone. I might play between 3pm to 5 pm,or after 10pm ( my timezone ,UTC -3 ).
Hope the game let us play. I’m reading lot of players are having trouble rn.


Ok,things got complicated but I can find a moment to play at night today. Tomorrow I’ll have more time tho.

I’m so out of practice anyway… -_-


Can’t connect cuz servers are trash


Oh no D:

@EctopicILLusion try inviting me


Due to the KI server issues, I will extend the current round out 2 weeks (until after the prospective post-Combo Breaker patch).


@MaruMDQ @EctopicILLusion Did you two manage to link up in the intervening time since last message and now? If not, I will coin flip for the winner and begin the next round of the tournament.