The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


Lol, you need to chill. Was just asking. I just wanna get this free match over with anyway.


Alright fam, I would really like not to play our game this weekend, as I have my exam on Tuesday and I do not want to play in the nearest future. Could we play next weekend? I’m EU (CET, GMT +1), so I am prolly ~7 hours ahead of your time. I live in dorm, so connection is often bad. The most optimal would be, from your point of view, to play Saturday circa 6 p.m. (my 1 a.m.) or your midnight (my 5-8 a.m.). I guess I need feedback from you, if you want to play that this week I’ll somehow manage. Your Sunday would work as well, I have internship on Fridays, so I’m out of commision


I’m fine with waiting till next weekend. Hopefully you’ll be able to play by then. Saturday seems like the best time for me. I’ll think of a time by then. Btw, good luck on your exam, they can be pretty stressful.

Hopefully the connection will be stable, I’ll be waiting


The connection during those hours is lit, I can easily stream.


Yo @MaruMDQ !

Are you available for our match?


Oh!! D: Sorry I didn’t see it Dayvo.

We will have to find the time because I connect very late most of the time (like 11 pm here…). Let me know this week, but I’m usually home after 7 pm (I think you are like 4 hours ahead now?)


@Dayv0 Hola!

Ok , I’m travelling tonight to my novio’s house. Let me know if you can play on the weekend (not late though). If not, I’ll be available earlier (your timezone) the whole next week . Saludos!!


Claro, let’s try to do it mañana Maru!


Im on if you want to play… and im just seeing you snakry ■■■ “free” remark…jerk


@FallofSeraphs76 I’m on tonight & tomorrow. Gone for a week after tomorrow night.


Are you avalaible on Saturday/ Sunday, either 7 p.m. CDT or around midnight CDT, (for me its 1 am, and 6 am respectively)? @FallibleJoker14 .Could you tell me ASAP, so I could plan my day and either go to sleep early, or stay night late? Thx in advance


Sunday at 7 pm sounds good. I’ll be six pm for me.


Wait, so on Saturday, circa 6~7 p.m. your time, around midnight my time? K, I’ll be there. See you soon, thank you for responding


I’ll be on Sunday. Yep I’ll be on as fast as possible. Good luck,can’t wait

Edit: Sorry! Change of plans I’ll be busy tommorow. How about today at 6pm Mountain time! Sorry for that it was unknown to me that my schedule would change


K, so in 6 hours from now on, maybe 5?


6 hours from now for me would be at about 5pm. That can work so yea. Sounds good






I’m ready rn. Sorry about that

Edit: @s0undy44 vs FallibleJoker14

1-3 in my favor!

Fantastic juggles at the end! Ggs!


Last vid had no sound, no idea why.
So here I reupload the recording, ggs to Joker, I had lots of fun.