The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


Hey Seraph, I’m guessing your offline rn. My brother will try to play you at 9. See you then


Getting on now, I cnt wait too long, ready to play the Witcher3.


Yea hes on right now. He just invited you


GGS @boicriedshark! Fallofseraphs76 =3 - Boicriedshark= 1

He did really well, I was impressed :slight_smile:


@MaruMDQ Would you be open this weekend. We kinda need to do our match soon.


I’ll be waiting


Yeap, Saturday or Sunday at night would be the best.


Alright, I got the game from a week ago, unfortunately 2nd game is not there, as replay got corrupted.


@FallibleJoker14 I’ll be on in an hour. Let me know if you can play :+1:


I’ll see if i can. Probably yea. You think you can record?


I only record matches using the fight archive. When desync happens the match is bugged :confused: sorry


I lost 3-1 against @FallibleJoker14
Good games, your Eagle is great :smiley:


Same thing with your wulf. It was causing me trouble on wakeup


@FallofSeraphs76 When we playing


Not sure yet we still have a week or so… when I get a perspective on when is a good time for me Ill let you know.
Where are you and what times are good fro you? Im in central time and I usually play from 5:30 to 7:30 pm weekdays and random times on the weekend.


Our match started February 23rd. A bit behind. Central time. Free nightly to play. This Friday is best.


No it did not … it started March 2nd. I didnt even get to play Boicriedshark until late night March 1st. So no one is a bit behind.


@s0undy44 when are you available for our match?




That doesn’t mean anything… it’s a template that obviously isnt correct. Im not going to sit here and argue with you… we will play when we play.