The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


He’s not able to play today. Science fair. He can do this weekend however


Hey, I haven’t touch KI in like 2 weeks. You are going to kill me xD

I’m on my way!!


Lmao we’ll see. I’m not very good myself. I find a way to blow matches a lot. :sweat_smile:


Why doesnt he come on here? Ill hit you up saturday


Not allowed. Parents. He’s young


@Dayv0 and I completed our matches and the final result is 3-0 in his favor in some pretty close matches that really could have gone either way.

GGs to him!

Edit: Welp can’t update the bracket until tomorrow apparently. I’ll do that and hopefully have our matches on YT.


Ggs to @BubbRubb4Real, indeed some pretty close matches there!


@KevBones10 can we play our match this Saturday either 3pm to 6pm CST or 11 to 2am CST? I will not record the game, my laptop is out of commission, unless we will get to play next weekend. Otherwise I can not really play during week, I’ll be in dorm without any PC. If there will be an issue, hit me up with L.


3pm CST tomorrow is fine.


Never change joker :joy:


@KevBones10 connection is ■■■ right now, can we try 6 pm CST?


Ok. I will invite you to play with me at 6pm CST


Alright, so I won vs KevBones10 3:1, ggs to him. I will try to make a vid out of replays when my laptop comes back from service.


Ive been on all weekend, I havnt heard from the boy, need to get this match going soon.



I told him to contact you, once he gets back and finishes homework the he first thing I’ll make him do is contact you.


He’s available right now. Send him an invite if you want (BoiCriedShark)


Ive been on every day from 5-7:30pm and all weekend. Need to get a firm time set instead of sending a message at 9pm saying “he is available now”. That doesnt work being I didnt even see that message until 11pm. If we dont set a firm time and time expires… Ive tried many times to set this up and he hasnt / cant even come to the forums… he takes the loss.

Thursday at 6pm is good for me. I could also do 9pm as well. But it has to be a set time.


Yea. I think it’s fair. He’ll try to contact you on Thursday. If not you win. Sorry for that.


Not trying to be hard on him or anything, just feel like a set time would be the best option. 6pm or 9pm tonight.


@FallibleJoker14 Im on and ready. Send the boy on over. If not now Ill be back on at 9pm.