The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


You were suppose to be the chosen one :disappointed_relieved:


Of i was in this tournament i would have been a threat :smiling_imp::smiling_imp:


I’m waiting for my food delivery and the guy is way late. So I might need a few more minutes


@BigBadAndy and I just completed our matches and it was 3-1 going my way.


You buns :heart:


idk…losing to a bunz kan ra in tournament isn’t bragging rights :heart:


All things aside, run a set. You weren’t you when we last played.


Yeah, I tend to just play KI with my brain off now. I turned it on a bit at Frosty tho lol. I’ll hyu when I have some time to play. Next week is a bit busy & I’m putting work in DBFZ


Just had my match with BoiCriedShark, 3-0 in my favor. Now I’m going to be smashed by his brother Fallible Joker, geeeez! :scream:


You know what happens when you mess with someone’s brother…


In all seriousness, I can’t wait till our match. I can tell it’ll be exciting!


With @PVXenoraptor blessing, since we weren’t able to play our match, I will take the win

@BubbRubb4Real, when are you available?

On the other side, I’m hyped for @MaruMDQ and @FallibleJoker14 match!


Wednesdays and Thursdays I’m available all day. Every other day I’m available after 12:30 AM CST for like an hour or two. My mornings are pretty busy at the moment. How about you?


OMG I have been super busy and super sick

@BubbRubb4Real I could be online in about 3 hours or so, if you can play


Actually I’m in the library right now working on a paper. I’ll be available later tonight but you would be asleep most likely. I think it is a 7 hour or so difference correct? I’m in CST time zone.

If you want I’ll be up late tonight if you want to play in the morning your time?


Ey man

It was impossible for me to play during the morning

What about today around 15.00/16.00 CST?

I could be online around that hour until 17:00-18:00 CST


Sounds good. I’ll be there. :grin::+1:


Hey so I’ll be on Xbox at around 1530 is that ok?


Ey man

I will be at home in around 50 minutes (16.00 CST)

Sorry for the wait…

But it will be glorious!


No problem. I can wait.


@FallibleJoker14 I should be on this evening for Boycriedshark. Let me know a time frame please