The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


I’m pretty confident, arrows beat cheeto balls anyday.

You just gotta be more patient with his pressure, I’ll see how I do

Without arms, I can still use my bird and slide to get out of pressure as well


Interesting. Definitely looking forward to seeing how this one turns out :slight_smile:

I feel like Cinder should do well in the fight. I think his pressure and defensive options are solid (as solid as anyone can be against Eagle oki anyway), though I imagine Eagle probably kind of runs the neutral. Will be cool to see how it actually plays in practice though!


@PVXenoraptor I will be online most of the day. Hit me here to arrange our match


How do you folks feel about Eagle MU, which one out of my two chars is better Cinder/Arby? I personally think Cinder, due to DP, mobility, but shield is an important factor as well.


It all comes down if you want to deal with zoning. Cinder and Arby have good offensive options (which I think Cinder does better), but Arby has answers against Eagle zoning. Eagle can’t even charge shot against Arby (unless he has no more bullets). Cinder has better wakeup options but Arby still isn’t defenseless.


Bombs negate arrow pressure from afar unless you do qcf arrows. That & fired up/shadow bombs will hit you if you’re not careful.

Yeah, you may have your linkers, slide & your bird, but sliding can get you killed & your bird has recovery. It gives me all the time to close the gap & put bombs on you without much worry at all. Unless you plan to stay up close after being burnt which is quite risky.

Still think it’s in Cinder’s favor imo.


@PVXenoraptor are you going to be able to play today?


Unfortunately, no.

I’m not hesitant for you to take the win btw👍


Aw, feels bad man, I would liked to play our match


Me Vs @EctopicILLusion

It was a tight match! Ggs for sure!


Hey everybody, just a quick heads-up…I had goofed a bit on the schedule and I had to make a few adjustments.
So to get things straightened out the loser’s bracket round 3 will get an extra week.
Loser’s round 4 will start on the 23rd, so make sure you get your round 3 matches in before then.


Thanks for posting - I really enjoyed that set! :slight_smile:

Was very interesting. The neutral looked kind of how I imagined it would (Eagle winning), but even moreso, and then defense looked kind of how I imagined (Cinder bodying Eagle on knockdown), but even moreso. Seems like the combination of bird and arrows is pretty potent against Cinder, and Eagle runs pretty effectively when burned out (I had thoughts on that, but wanted to see it in action). Conversely, Cinder is quite a bit stronger defensively against some of Eagle’s oki nonsense than I thought he’d be - fireflash has a lot of horizontal range that I hadn’t considered. Definitely a match where both players have to be smart about steering the fight to their favored spaces.

For what it’s worth, even though you got mauled in the corner, I actually did like a lot of your thoughts on how to deal with it. You shadow countered mostly at good times I think, even when it didn’t work out (kudos to Illusion for not just defaulting to the heavier 3rd degrees), and were pretty solid on a lot of the blocking and definitely on the escapes. You looked a lot more patient defensively than I’ve seen before :+1:t5:

We should play again sometime - I’m interested to see how you’ve grown in the Sako match-up!


I’m likely to get home from work around 6pm EST tonight. I have dinner and family stuff so I don’t want to just hang around in the Xbox, but if we pick a time I can be there.


Sounds great. Maybe like 7 PM EST then?


Lol sorry for the low res and last match being cut off. That’s why I don’t like recording my matches. Usually have someone else do it.

I seriously could do almost nothing for wakeup pressure, usually if they do DP, my arrows will hurt them and leave me at least in neutral. Cinder however can easily get close to me and I’m scared of that pressure. I feel like I had most of my damage from lockouts and zoning. (Also was the first time I got a kill with shadow retrieval)

TBH I haven’t seen many Hisakos online like I used to. The only thing I’ve learned is better neutral and probably challenge her rekkas at times but not much after that. I’m still vulnerable as ever from her vortex. I’d love to play you again. Maybe this weekend? I promised someone else a set but I could squeeze some time for our match


Indeed. There’s nothing wrong with that though - it’s good to have to play “fair” from time to time to be honest. Getting too used to just murdering people on knockdown will make your neutral and defense suffer.

And for what it’s worth, I think using shadow retrieval more in general probably would be a good idea. You were doing enough damage with keepaway that I feel like keeping yourself stocked is probably worth the bar in a lot of situations.

Everyone is vulnerable to her vortex - learning to manage it is more of a player thing than a character thing tbh. The better management of neutral and taking your turn back on defense is plenty good enough to turn the fight around :slight_smile:

I’m down to play this weekend depending on the time. It’s Chinese New Year, which is kind of a big deal here and I expect to be out/visiting for a few chunks of time at least. Hit me up in the GG’s thread and we can try and figure out a time that works :+1:t5:


7:00 PM sounds good.

See you then. It’s hard for me to get headphones and a fightstick working at the same time, so I probably won’t be talking.


Is your GT on Xbox the same as your name on here?


Yes, letter for letter identical.


@WrathOfFulgore @EctopicILLusion Wins 3-1 GGs bro :+1: