The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


@PVXenoraptor, please tell me at which times you can play today.

I know you can’t play during the week, so we have today and tomorrow. Please respond


Actually I can play during this week since it’s half term, but only in the evening times as I have school in the morning and revision in the midday.

I’m about to play now, so hit me up when you’re ready.


Ok, I’m out right now, will ping you when I get home


Hey @BigBadAndy . What is your schedule like so we can get our match in? I’m available all day on Wednesdays and Thursdays. For any other day I’m available after 12:30 AM CST and if I know a bit ahead of time I can maybe get a game in in the morning hours till about noon CST.


I’m around today (Sunday) and could play pretty much anytime. I should also be around in the evenings, which don’t look good for you except Wednesday and Thursday. I might be around Friday morning too. Next Saturday I get on a plane and won’t be back until Friday the 23rd.

So why don’t we try for today or Wed night?

When you say after 12:30 am cst you mean after midnight? That’s going to be tough for me…


Yes that’s correct. I just threw that out there in the off chance that you were available around that time.

Wednesday night sounds great. I have stuff for school that I really need to do this morning so I’m a bit preoccupied.


@PVXenoraptor, I’m up to a fight if you can


I’m out all day today, I’ll be free around 3:30pm tomorrow when I get home from school.

(might be playing Injustice because of TMNT)


I would be able to play vs your brother starting tonight at 11pm (my timezone). I can stay late.
I’m something like UTC -3 but I just know I’m ahead New York time timezone by 2 hours.
Let me know :slight_smile:


Sure, I’ll tell him your available


@KevBones10 Do you have some free time today? I’m almost all day in the dorm/ most people are out, the connection is lit.


@FallibleJoker14 Could you tell me your brother’s GT? I’m able to play these days too. I was expecting to play yesterday but I don’t know if he could and since I don’t have his GT I couldn’t contact him =(

If he can manage to find a moment we can have the matches. Or tell him to contact me via Xbox message to my GT (Maru MDQ).
Thanks! =)


Oh it’s BoiCriedShark, things are kinda tough with time rn, I don’t want to waste too much of your time so we’ll find a time very soon.

Also can anyone contact @EctopicILLusion and see when he’s available


@FallibleJoker14 I’ll let him know on the discord, ask him to hit you up. He is offline atm.


Hello! I am sorry for late reply but can we play our matches now or soon?


My name is my GT. Can just message me on Xbox. Free now.


Thanks for replying, I’m not able to play right now, but I would like to schedule for later. When are you usually free?


Later tonight or tomorrow @FallibleJoker14


I’d be interested to see the archive of that set :hushed:

How do you both feel about the Eagle/Cinder MU?


Cinder does well in the MU. Played Amenty & ThrashHeavy. Cinder DP can cut some of the crap & bombs help a ton. Also, burnt arms.