The Official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF) #6 Thread


I got home a little early but I’m ready whenever you are @Sasuke99I


Give me 5 minutes


@PVXenoraptor @s0undy44 When will you guys play your matches?


@Sasuke99I and I just completed our matches and it was a very close 3-2 match up in my favor. I cannot wait to post the video because the ending…just wow. Lmao

Spoiler warning: I got super lucky to win the last match.

Edit: Well I went to record the matches for Youtube and noticed that the first match’s replay isn’t what happened. It’s just doing a bunch of weird stuff. Any suggestions? @WrathOfFulgore


There isnt much you can do about the replay if its messed up. KI records the inputs and replays the actual match instead of recording the match. SO if its messed up…its messed up forever.

Prob best next time to just set the DVR to record 15 mins or so. If thats even possible IM not sure…it works on PS4 though.


First match replay works for me. I’ll record that tomorrow.


Oops. :flushed:

…I fixed it.


Mine was wrong too…I went ahead and fixed it as well.


I tried doing that in my previous match but it only records up to 10 minutes at a time for some odd reason. :confused:


We can not get in touch.
I waited 1,5 h for him. I have not tried to do much more, as I have exam session and internship on my head as of now, I found it pointless, as he did not respond. I guess he has been busy, have not checked his messages. What is more, I might have gotten his gt wrong.


So I looked through our other matches and the ones that are messed up are of course the first match AND the last match. :persevere:


Not the last match :frowning: I’ll check my replays tomorrow to see if they work.


Idk, Coursework is stacking on me atm

@s0undy44 whenever you see me online, message me (unless I’m in a party)

And my GT is PV Xenoraptor


@PVXenoraptor Damn, my bad. Sorry fam, I work for next 8 hours, prolly be at home in 10 h from now. I’ll add you and if you are online I will message you. Have a nice day, see ya


So me vs PV Xenoraptor 3:0. GGS, I could not record first game, got only 2nd and 3rd.
Edit 1: I have not muted my mic, damn I delete the vid, later I will record replays

Edit 2: Got it


Ey, it’s always fun to listen to what we do say when playing and we aren’t being listened :stuck_out_tongue:

@PVXenoraptor, can you give me a time when we can have our fight?

It has to be during this weekend(since you usually can’t play during the week), so tell me so I can adapt to it


Are you free today? We can play our matches today if you want.


Tomorrow, I need to go to sleep now, it is 3rd day in the row of waking up at 5 30 am.


Ok. What time we can play matches?


Now here comes interesting part. I am in GMT +1 timezone, and I am avalaible today (my time) 3am -6am, and then midnight~ whenever. I can not be flexible with games, as the connection in dorm is a very important factor in here. Best wishes everybody just slept 13 hours after 3 days of agony :wink: