The official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF)#5


Well, yeah. One of the things about Sadira is that her air combos don’t do very much damage unless she does something that is reactable, like hit you twice (medium break) or send you skyward again with fang (heavy break). Otherwise, the air hits are mostly about building PD so the next opening hits harder. Save your mental stack for stopping the next offensive sequence - don’t worry about grasping at straws on mostly low-stakes post-launch stuff. If she gets cute with a relaunch or target combo then respond accordingly, but don’t sweat a lot of the other stuff. She can cash out her juggles sure, but even those are generally less damage than she could’ve gotten by more standard means (and removes a wakeup resource from her to boot).

Putting an instinct web out while being hit? That’s worth getting mad at. Difficult to break Sadira juggles? Not so much IMO. Rash’s are a lot tougher and lead to worse setups. Cinder’s are more dangerous overall due to high cash out in a lot of situations. Eyedol in instinct has stuff that you literally cannot see because he’s put so much nonsense on the screen. :-p

Again, none of this is meant in an adversarial way - it’s just how I look at it. Sadira’s juggles aren’t super high-stakes most of the time, and on the whole are a lot easier to “see” and get a read on than the other heavy jugglers of the cast. Characters who are also often better in the neutral than Sadie as well. As a prominent streamer used to say (shriek, really :joy:) - “she needs it!”


yeah, I get it, its just tough man… and I hit 3 of them back to back in ranked…2 stars, 5 stars, no stars, and the match making made me fight them twice on 2 of the 3. The tea bagging and excessive taunts didnt help either.
Now I didnt get swept… it was close… but still frustrating.

I found my best option was to just fill the screen with balls and let her come to me…frustrate them… any time I would dash in id get caught with a kunai or a low crush some how. Normally Id never stay back and try to zone.


I didn’t receive any invites kev.


What time we can play matches?


Tonight around 8


@ItzTymeToDul @WrathOfFulgore

@FallofSeraphs76 OMEN - 3
@Sasuke99I FULGORE - 0

GGs Sasuke…GGs!


Due to my ever busy schedule. Kevbones takes the win over me


Hey guys. I quit this tournament for some reason, but I can’t tell you what’s going on. I have sad days. :confused:


I hope everything will be better


Sorry to hear it. Hope everything gets better for you.


@FallofSeraphs76 when will you be available to play? I had messaged you on XBL but didn’t get any response.


We should probably set up a time @STLemonHunter. Are you available sometime in your mornings? I can be on most nights this week.


I dont receive massages from people that arent friends.

Im usually on daily from 6pm-7:30 central time


Not usually on in the mornings. What time at night are you usually available?


Well, remember that my nights are now your mornings. I am available this week pretty much from 6pm-12am, which corresponds to 6am-noon EST.


Actually, if you go online at any point in these next 4 hours I can play


I’m at work bruh.


Oh yeah :sweat_smile: . We can play any of the next week days 10AM EST then


Ok. Let’s do 10am (EST) Thursday then :+1:t5:


Well I have tried to connect with Night Breed 4 separate times without success, so I guess do what you want to determine who gets through at this point. I feel like I have made reasonable efforts.