The official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF)#5

Everyone ready for round 5, because…

It’s time for the Weekly Tournament of the Forums No.5!!!

For those that haven’t ever participated in one, which will likely be 1 of you (lol), I want to explain what this tournament series has been made for:
This is for those of us that don’t have the time to dedicate to a regular tournament, or are only available on certain times of the week, etc. It’s a flexible tournament with a longer time period where you can schedule your matches when you are available, and due to this doesn’t interfere much with everyday life. You’re essentially committing roughly 10 min a week to the tournament, and that’s it. In fact the name is a bit of a joke…kinda like " WTF do all these other tournaments always happen when I’m not available?"

Anyway, onto the rules:


Each round of this tournament will take place each week until the tournament is over. Participants will be required during each week to arrange their match, First to 3 wins, sometime during the week and post the results to the Ultra-combo forums in the official tournament thread. If an arrangement cannot be made within the week a judgement call will be made on who advances. When the week is over (midnight CST Thursday night/Friday morning), the next round will begin.
The winner of a match is locked into his character choice, and a player can only change characters to counterpick after a lost match.

I would like to point out that this time there is no prize, only the admiration of your fellow forum-goers.

I have in previous tournaments handling prizes out of my own pocket, and it becomes increasingly difficult to do so…sorry guys.

Recording and posting a video of the match is not required but is highly encouraged.

Recording your matches and posting them here makes the tournament more fun. If anyone needs any help recording and posting matches, several of the regular participants can help, myself included, so just let us know & we’ll get you going.

Ok, with that all out of the way, here’s the sign-up and bracket link:

Sign-up link:

Bracket link:

The tournament will start on September 8th

which is 2 weeks from tomorrow, and each round will start the following week, so you have until 11:59pm Thursday Central U.S. time to get your matches in. If the bracket fills up we’ll go ahead and get a jump-start on week 1, and by all means you can advance up the bracket early if your matches become available. You don’t have to wait until the start of that week. In fact, this also is highly encouraged as it keeps the tournament from dragging, especially near the end.

Before the start of the tournament all the matchups will be decided via a online randomizer, so don’t go off of what the bracket says who your opponent is going to be before that, as it’ll just fill in names as people sign up.

Also If you participate, go ahead and sign up for the Ultra Combo Weekly Tournament of the Forums club on XBL.

That way it will make it easier to find and connect to your opponent.

There are 32 places available. It’d be nice if we can fill them all up, but if not, eh…we’ll roll with it.

A couple of quick points:

With the numerous ways of communicating possible with opponents there needs to be a standard, and with this tournament being “of the FORUMS” you all participants need to keep an eye on this thread to stay updated on the happenings with the tournament.

Try to get ahold of your opponent and set up a time to have your match at the earliest time available, and communicate any difficulty you have contacting them as early as possible.

When communicating to your opponent, be courteous in the way you handle it. Set a specific meeting time, then send a message to see if they’re ready to start the match, then send your game invites. Don’t just look to see if your opponent is online and then start spamming game invites to them. Be considerate of their situations. And while this is not enforceable on an instant-to-instant basis I will keep this under consideration when making judgement calls on who advances in the case that players don’t meet their deadlines.

Unlike other tournaments, this tournament has typically lasts a couple of months, and while scheduling conflicts aren’t always foreseeable, participants need to understand when they sign up they will need to be able to set aside the 10-20 minutes each week for the duration of their time in the tournament. If you feel like this will be a problem, I recommend that you don’t sign up.

And now last, but certainly not least, this time around, I have asked @ItzTymeToDul to help with the oversight of the tournament to keep things running smoothly, so his say in any matters holds just as much weight as my own say. I expect everyone to show him the same respect you have shown me in the past 4 tournaments, not that I doubt anyone will, of course.

Anyway, with that I’ll start tagging people, welcome the the WTF#5, and I hope everyone has fun!

@DescartesTruth @DEClimax @STLemonHunter @TBDxAdam @FallofSeraphs76 @Thunderb3E @SHAMGODSREIGN @DarkLrdChuckles @Dayv0


@HWSlenderCashew @NashBlade @ZTRAINOVER9000 @BigBadAndy @PVT1AORyanBay @KevBones10 @FerasMM
@Draigh @Zcythe @TheNinjaOstrich


@PVXenoraptor @oTigerSpirit @MandrillManiac @SonicDolphin117 @Sasuke99I @MaruMDQ @MDMMORNING @DoobyDude23 @STORM179 @VerminatorX


If I’m missing anyone, go ahead and tag them.

I would love to join this, but sadly I begin a two week trip to South Asia on September 8th.

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Well that sucks, but hey, maybe you’ll be around for the next one.
Whatever the case, you’ll be missed.

Eh, you can still cheer everyone from the sidelines. :grin:

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Luckily, my holiday ends just before the start date. Signed up and ready to go!


Done… Im in… ready to loose horribly as of late. lol

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Eh, it’s just because we’re old and falling apart. :wink:


Ive noticed a lot of new players on line that are really good. Im not sure if they are resetting their rank and dong the climb again…but Ive ran into a lot of GOLD players that are doing really advanced manuals and oki. And I always end up picking a different character to “take it easy on them” and wha wha wha, I get wrecked.
Im getting tired of playing Omen all the time, I like to use other characters but when in ranked thats hard to do becasue everyone is soooo good.


I’m thinking about this one this time…


This sounds like it will be an awesome time. I’m gonna join right now

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@STLemonHunter @ZTRAINOVER9000

Eh, even with a week time there’s still a bunch of dq’s over not showing up, miscommunication and making up of rules that end up dqing folks and causing feuds, not to mention some winners with insanely bad connections that leaves you (why hide it? Left ME with a real sour taste in my mouth).

Since the tournament takes weeks to complete, it’s very disheartening to have your fate be determined by lag.

It’s a thanks but no thanks for me. Have fun fellas.



Great and all but school won’t allow me.

You must have the hardest school schedule :joy::joy:

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When you take the take the bus at 6 in the morning and arrive home at 5:45, that doesn’t leave a lot of time XD I’ll join and try to play my matches during the weekend though.


Yeah, that’s understandable, and we’ll try our best to work with you. After all, the tournament’s mission statement is to be for players that have busy schedules and can’t block off half a day for a traditional tournament. I mean it’s not a perfect method, we still have to use time restraints and there’s obviously the issue of potential lag and communication issues as @DescartesTruth pointed out, but it is an option.

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Sadly I’m not as engaged or even as competitive outside of summer, especially during this packed semester.