The official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF)#5


How about Sunday at Noon EST?


Cool. We’re in the same group for this tournament, so feel free to message me anytime.


Thank you sir.


im just gonna wait until @KevBones10 tells me that he is ready


What’s his Gamertag?


I mean. Your match ended yesterday. If you didn’t schedule anything then I’ll have to see who moves on myself.


we both said that we were gonna fight today right? but i guess not


I mean. In light of you guys fighting today. LIKE IN THE NEXT COUPLE HOURS. I don’t mind since i was informed of handling these affairs the day of.

But on a normal case i don’t think the tournament would operate at best if others follow suite with playing after schedule.


well he told me that he would notify me when he is ready been waiting for a couple of hours now
and if he takes too long you can just take me out of the tourney cuz im tired of not getting matches with people


@ItzTymeToDul its 3 in the morning here man im dropping out of this tournament man cant be up anymore to tired, just give @KevBones10 the win


Just moved into a new house and unfortunately I won’t have internet until Wednesday. So let’s aim for anytime Wednesday night if that’s fine.


Nooooooo! I just arrived at my house… D:

Please give @HWSlenderCashew the win. It’s my fault for delayed the matches.


Night Breed 9

It would really help if Night Breed was on the forums


I think I’m fine on the weekends I’m usually free most of Saturday and Sunday and the night of Friday.


Seems good


@NashBlade takes our set 3-2. GGs! Nice Eyedol and best of luck in the tournament.


I tried to record the replays, but it de-synced after the first match. GGs. I hate Raam’s Instinct :persevere:


Looks like we’re gonna have to put our fight off by one more day. My isp said that they couldn’t make it out today but will be here first thing in the morning.


That’s okay for me


I should be home by 8 PM EST tonight to play our match