The official Weekly Tournament of the Forums (WTF)#5


@DarkLrdChuckles I’m online.


What time are you off work?


Ggs to @DarkLrdChuckles he won 3-1 in our set. His sadira is nice.




I don’t get home till around 11:30 PM CST.


That’s kinda late for me.


Yeah it is. What does your Monday and Tuesday look like? I’m available most of the day if I can set something up ahead of time.


I have work on business days unfortunately.


@FallibleJoker14 We need to get our game in tomorrow. I was on all afternoon today as well. I didnt see you online or on here.
WHen is you next run of playing for a few hours?


Hmmm well then I’m not sure what to do at this point. Seems like our schedules are really conflicting.


Tommorow seems good. Sorry I was extremely busy today


@Sasuke99I Today or Tuesday would be best for me to run our tourney fight. Will you be available today sometime before 1pm est?


I’d rather you advance than me. I’m alright with being disqualified.


Does anyone know if Night Breed is on the forums? I don’t see his name when I try to tag him.


I’m up for it today.


i will go easy on you man


Dont go easy on me. lol


@FallofSeraphs76 I’ll be ready in about an hour if you’re up. If you see me online that might be my brother so don’t send any invites


@FallofSeraphs76 Ready when you are


@FallibleJoker14 Getting on for a bit here at 6:30pm central

Well, I been on since 6pm and no sign of you. Maybe tomorrow we can try again,