The New UI For KI Season 3

As you may know IG & MS need to change the UI in Killer Instinct… Again, yes i know its annoying that they do that but they need to fit the Season 3 roster in KI including the new characters and the 4 remaining Characters (Kim Wu, Tusk, Eyedol & Gargos) Now keep in mind that these images are just concepts made by someone not the legit images made by IG.

Image Concept 1

Image Concept 2

Image Concept 3

Leave your thoughts in comments below and if you have any idea what the new UI could be feel to tell and share your thoughts about it.


Not bad, I prefer the first but overall they are well done and I can see it that way. I never actually settled on the Season 2 UI so I’m not sadden to see something else takes it’s place. I just hope it settles in on the Killer vibe rather than Ultratech since Season 3 will highlight Gargos.

Any information on legitimate UI’s made by the dev’s or discussions they presented?

One consideration I have always asked for was the ability to separate all three seasons, not in terms of multiplayer but just overlay and how the characters used to be. Multiplayer will remain up to date with the latest version and be on a separate tab i.e. RB/LB.

The idea is simply revert to the older version using the same interface as was used during that time, this is entirely single player and every season still contains their variant of season 1 & 2 characters.

Maybe not anytime soon but perhaps when KI comes to a stop in production.

Alas, this is but a dream as it seems like too much for the devs and that’s fine.


No Rash? No guest characters?

Mate these where early concepts form someone before KI Season 3 was announced.

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From what i’ve been hearing form the Devs themselves that the UI background will be animated with Green smoke, Lighting strikes with a purple background altogether, but i’ve always said to myself that Season 3 maybe the final season because i think Isgreen said this that there will be 18 new characters in the season 3 roster now how are they gonna fit all of them in? i don’t know but i do know that it won’t too much IG as long they know their limts to fit things in Season 3.


Dang, figures why the reveal was the way it was.

I suppose I don’t mind it much but I was sort of hoping more red and black or at least some darker colors to give this season the grit and gore theme. Well, I’m sure I won’t hate it when it comes out.

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I think the green smoke is supposed to represent Gargos powers i guess. :confused:

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Could be, we will see in March or maybe sooner, leaks/teases and whatnot :grin:


I just miss the fire background from all the other KI games.


18 is a big number. That’s a lot of characters to look forward to! :pray:


WOW, 18 new characters? They want to double the roster size? I’d be kinda surprised if they went that big. I know they have more time and experience then they had when they started season 2, but that still seems like an awful lot.

As for the pictures in the original post, I like the formats with the character thumbnails on the bottom. The golden honeycomb seems a bit busy on the 3rd one. But yeah overall, I could see something really cool being done with purples, green smoke, lightning etc and a format like this.

I’ve never been crazy about the season 2 UI from an aesthetic standpoint, even if it’s utility was far better than season one’s. I’m hoping that they go all the way and streamline all the fonts (combo font, end of match font, select screen font etc), upgrade the versus screen with animated videos of the characters instead of just recycling the character animation from the select screen.

I’m actually really excited to see where season 3 ends up from a UI / overall style standpoint. Can’t wait to see what they’ve been working on!


The only one of the three that I like is the first one. With the amount of characters present in the game (assuming at least 8 in S3) you need a grid to display everyone reasonably. Each season’s characters are together, making the display clear for those who don’t have every season, and simple to find whoever you’re looking for. The VS logo in the middle could easily change to the KI logo, as well, but I don’t prefer either.

The second and third have some problems; too much going on in the third (and the gold really doesn’t do it for me) and the second doesn’t make sense; splitting it up into two ribbons meant you had to cut up Season 3 and splice the character boxes into the two ribbons, creating possible confusion and, in my opinion, cluttering up the screen.

I applaud you for your editing skills in terms of making these concept images.

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18 characters? that doesnt sound right, @TempusChaoti can you confirm this?

I thought it was 8 characters? :confused:

I like the first one. I really wouldn’t want the player one and player two character select roster to be in two separate locations (assuming I’m looking at image #2 correctly). I also really didn’t care for the scrolling character select roster in Season 1 . . . come to think of it that’s the one thing about stage select in Season 2 that annoys me. Yeah, no scrolling select bars, just a big box of faces, keep it simple.


I like number 2 but I prefer if player one gets the top grid and player 2 gets the bottom grid KI1 style. Of course each grid will have all the characers. Just add the character logos in the back and we are good. Maybe put two grids for each player. Better yet,make a character select screen where you can go to options and move stuff around the way you like.

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I think concept 3 is my fave but I have a few problems: MKX has proven that rows of 2 are a pain in the ■■■. Also based on the S3 logo the color scheme is probably going to have a bunch of green.

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I’m already liking AND enjoying these potential new UI layout screen concepts for Killer Instinct Season 3 :smile:

Well there will be green animated smoke for the UI in Season 3 :sunglasses:

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i like the 3rd one but the grid in the background should be fainter; maybe with pulsing energy going through it (like when shields on the Enterprise-E are hit). The character grid @ the bottom needs to have 3 rows of depth to allow for future expansions of more characters…