The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


GGs :+1:


I’ve just been busy with school. And a busted controller doesn’t help matters.


It’s the holiday season, I’m sure someone has a gently used controller theyd be willing to part with to make a KI gamer happy.


@SoSRaGnArOk ggs, I really enjoyed that game, connection was alright, which recently is a miracle for me.


Ggs to @Cabp15 and @reeeek20 for the ranked matches yesterday. @Cabp15 You’re Eagle’s pressure is impressive. I’ve never feared a corner so much. :smiley: @reeeek20 You’re Aganos is still the best.


Thanks, man. Still improving my gameplay. See you next time. Ggs!


Ggs to @HeliumHead2030 for our game. I almost won. But let’s be real I choked under pressure. :joy:


■■■■ no comments on NEC huh :frowning:


Good games. I was really hoping to see you and Letalis in Loser’s Finals!


Spoilers: It would involve Arbiter getting slammed against a wall. A lot.

Letalis is the person I least wanted to go against in the bracket and they put me against him first lol

I was even about to pick Kim if I had to fight him cause of how badly he beat me in the beginning of the bracket. I’m not confident with any other character.


Hm. I would’ve thought you could use carbine on reaction to stomp in neutral to make Aganos play at least a bit honestly. :thinking: And then once chunkless use grenades and bullets to kinda force your way in. And since overshield ignores projectile stun, use that as well to kind of change the page a bit.

I guess though since Arby doesn’t go under st.HP that means stomp isn’t really the button Ag uses most in neutral anyway…:thinking:

Haha. Now I’m even more curious to see the fight actually play out. I guess I can definitely see how Arbiter would have a tough time though. Still can’t imagine it being worse than Kim vs Aganos though :sweat_smile:


When I saw Sonic’s path in bracket started through Letalis, yeah, that was a heartbreaker.


Ggs to @iDoMusic4Media for our sets in Ranked. Also a special mention to @FallibleJoker14 for murdering me with Arbiter. :smiley:


Ggs! That was a fun little set. You kept me blocking for so long with that air pressure.

It has been a while since I got on KI. It was fun to see a familiar face :slightly_smiling_face:


Ggs! Look forward to future battles!


GG’s @VerminatorX. Fun matches as always :+1:t5:


GGs to @Storm179 in SC6!

My 2B will get better! Once I know the proper strings, it’s lights out for your Mina!

Now if only the netcode could get better… :frowning_face:


That is the main reason I haven’t played SC online. The netcode is just awful. :frowning:


Haha. GG’s as always Ostrich - hope we get to do it again sometime soon!

And yes, SC6’s online is indeed a whole bag of ■■■■■ :sweat:


Off topic:
Dunno if it’s true since ppl make up all sorts of things but the difficulty of reacting ONLINE to Siegfried’s low throw (1A+G) was one of the reasons they decided to nerf it… Maybe Bamco could have fixed online instead but I understand the lower cost of butchering a character is a safer and cheaper option :laughing: