The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


GGs :+1:


I’ve just been busy with school. And a busted controller doesn’t help matters.


It’s the holiday season, I’m sure someone has a gently used controller theyd be willing to part with to make a KI gamer happy.


@SoSRaGnArOk ggs, I really enjoyed that game, connection was alright, which recently is a miracle for me.


Ggs to @Cabp15 and @reeeek20 for the ranked matches yesterday. @Cabp15 You’re Eagle’s pressure is impressive. I’ve never feared a corner so much. :smiley: @reeeek20 You’re Aganos is still the best.


Thanks, man. Still improving my gameplay. See you next time. Ggs!


Ggs to @HeliumHead2030 for our game. I almost won. But let’s be real I choked under pressure. :joy: