The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


We had so much fun last night! My son beat me 5-4 in FT5. He was so excited lol
I did a Soul parry thing into a finisher move and it was epic though. I dont know how I did it but it looked great!


Just let me know whenever you’re ready @TheNinjaOstrich :+1:t5:


Good games to @STORM179. Was fun, next time I’ll be stronger!

And stop breaking my Ozti’s cool gear :sob:


Gg’s as always Ostrich! And nice adaptations as the sets went on.

Then stop meeting the conditions for my lethal hits :smiling_imp:


Anyone up for some games?


Is anyone available to play a set?


@oTigerSpirit sup

EDIT: that disconnect was probably me :confused:


I’m about a week late here, but ggs.

Ah, it happens - connections have shown some instability for some time now, so I’m not going to sweat it.


Well played to @SonicDolphin117 for the games earlier. Sucked that the connection turned so bad right as it was getting good. We’ll need to finish that sometime.


GGs everyone. My Maya is now retired from ranked.

Since I have problems with a certain wolf in this game I will now main Hisako.


Sso, out of curiosity, is anyone still playing regularly?


I’ve been on a break from games.

So no. Not me.


I play all the time, but only in nugget sizes due to my commitment to Destiny 2 (as I’m an admin for a clan).


Well, if I ever get a minute, if anyone wants to hit me up…



Are you open at about 7-8pm Mountain Time? I was thinking I could stream our set at that time. It’s been a long while since I’ve streamed as well so it would be fun


Yes. That would be awesome.


Send me a invite if u wanna play.Wulf main.


Live on twitch Japan KI tournament:


I have only played twice since I got red Dead Red 2 and this is the first time Ive taken more than a day or 2 away from KI since 2014. RDR2 is that good…its game of the year…GOAT in my opinion.
But Im down to play some friends in KI if any one is up too it…just let me know.


Ggs @s0undy44 and @ZTRAINOVER9000 for our Jago battles. I intched away with a victory against Soundy, but you could say I got TRAIN-wrecked going against Z. :joy: