The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Late and not KI-related, but GG’s to @MandrillManiac and @TheNinjaOstrich for the very fun games in SC6 last night - had a blast! :slight_smile:


I was gonna put that here! XD

GG’s bro.
Hope to fight again soon.

hisako flash-backs though


Haha. Hey, at least I don’t have counter anymore :upside_down_face:


Fair enough.


I think you’ll be fine once you start using Yoshi’s meter for EX moves instead of just super. His super is potent, but manageable so long as the opponent makes sure they aren’t whiffing stuff or can put together meaties. Yoshi’s base pressure is much much stronger once you starting souping up his normal strings.

And don’t play neutral with Mina. Her buttons at range are better than all your options, full stop. Get in close and abuse her slower up-close buttons. :+1:t5:


I am still learning how to use meter (Hence why I didn’t go into rank at all yet)

Because whenever I press the EX button I get super. lol


Lol. Yeah, I guess that’ll do it :joy:


Definetly fun! I think I’m sticking with Geralt this game. I like Mina, but Geralt is really cool to me.

Plus, I actually spent time in training mode learning things, and I may have upped my Geralt game significantly :smiling_imp:


Nice. Let’s re-up on a set sometime soon :slight_smile:


For sure! One thing I found about Geralt though. He’s a Soul Charge punishing Monster.

PSA for anyone fighting a Geralt, DO NOT soul charge out of the blue in hopes of saving yourself. You will get a ton of damage and possibly the round since people try to use it to save themselves. This guy has moves just for Soul Charged opponents.


Soul charge punisher or reversal edge punisher? :thinking:

If it’s RE, then that bodes ill for me. I’ve been relying on reversal edge a lot to let me brawl up close when people slip past Mina’s ideal range. Got a little better at using her backsteps and GI to deal with pressure, but it’s legit hard times when someone gets in on you with this character…


Just soul charge. I wouldn’t rely on RE too much as well. At least fighting Geralt, he’s got his Igni spell (Fire) and his counter one, as well as a spells that I can side step with. He may have a ton of options for this. I’ll practice with him, and put my findings probably in the SC6 thread.


Really? You don’t have a hurtbox coming out of soul charge, so it should always be safe as far as I know. Unless you’ve got a meaty unblockable punish that somehow clips them immediately after they lose their I-frames or something :thinking:


I know Geralt has a unlockable as his Igni spell. Maybe I can get max range and stun them with it, then go for a SC Punish move? Sounds Plausible.


I rented SC and my son and I had a blast playing it last night…he is playing it now as well. BUt I have no idea what I’m doing or what the buttons are. The menu doesn’t explain any buttons and what they mean. I guess I need to do the tutorial and hopefully it explains what’s what. BUt right now I’m just mashing buttons and special moves in hopes of a win.


The tutorial helps a bit. The training mode is kinda wonky to learn moves because of how its set up, but once you get it, it clicks.


Yeah, training node is a touch unintuitive at first, but is definite serviceable once you get used to it. Apparently Libra of Souls also has tutorials built into it.


SO how are you guys learning the moves and such? Just through trial and error or from a web page?


I look at the moves list, the demonstration that comes with it, then try to replicate it with trial and error.


Move list in practice mostly. Use moves and learn a few combos or situations where they apply, and then go online and try to incorporate those into my games.