The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Well…I played smash for a bit so maybe that might be fun. College is looking fun so far lol


College is actually really fun (at least for me it was). Scheduling my own classes was awesome. I would typically take like one or two classes back to back in a day and then give myself a long break to get lunch, hang out with friends, or go back to the dorm/apartment. Once you get your feet wet a bit I’m sure you’ll like it.

I couldn’t think of a relative reason to post this cartoon related to the topic but I’m putting it up anyways. Because YOLO and stuff.


I just check in now and then. Watching the Soulcalibur and DBFZ threads.


Honestly playing games in general starts to decline once you start journeying into the later years of your degree/certificate. At least for me it did. Not to say that you will totally stop playing, but it does become noticeable. I think that’s just true of life in general though. Yeah, I hear you on the last part.

It’s all in your scheduling and what you want to get out of college. If you plan well, you can often times squeeze 12 credit hours into two days and have the rest off or for work. If you are lucky enough to get work-study, you can spend two or three full days to get it all done and have a ton of free time. That’s honestly the beauty of college… but there are classes (at least certain ones) that require more of your time in and out of the class.



I mean I’m already in year 2 and I never really go out and hang with people (even if I should). My youtube channel’s still getting uploads though, I don’t want to slack too much.


I feel stupid old realizing again how some of your guys are heading to college or are in college. Lol, take it from an old man, college is where you really get to see how big and diverse the world is. Though for me, my college experience was different from most since I went to a Culinary college. 3 hours in the classroom, 3-4 hours in the kitchen.

I didn’t get to set my own schedule aside from choosing an AM or PM block, but I didn’t mind. Was kinda bittersweet when I graduated; all of us took internships all over the world.


Man I would be lying if I said culinary school wasn’t on my radar during high school. I loved to cook but things happened, interests changed, and I’m on the path I’m on currently which I’m pretty happy with.

I still love to cook though when I have time.


Lol. Must be nice…my schedule in college was mad inflexible, and I almost always had classes 5 days a week.

I actually recommend trying to hang out and such when you can, especially if you’ve got a demanding major like yours. The days/nights spent studying or working aren’t so much the memories that stick with you; it’s the silly outings and time spent chilling with friends. And you’ve got a lot less time to do those things junior and senior year, so it’s not a bad idea to make sure you make the most of your time when just starting out. All in all I think the “college is the best part of your life” stuff is wildly overblown (I think working and making money is pretty awesome), but it is a unique experience that should make some unique memories for you.


I second Storm’s advice when it comes to socializing. A fun thing we did. Adults and kids straight from high school both went to my college, so the school separated those of us that had dorms. Every Saturday we would meet at a park for a football game, Penn Commons vs Allegany…whatever they called themselves. Lot of good fun, more than a couple bruises. A ton of smack being talked in the days leading up to Saturday. Ah, good times. :sunglasses:

@BubbRubb4Real Culinary college, when I went through it, was an odd time. It was right alongside the rise of the celebrity chef, so I saw many students afterwards that felt they were too good to do prep work. They unfortunately didn’t last long. Nowadays, some programs I see on TV do a pretty decent job of teaching.

Well, not that Gordon Ramsey BS, though…


I see that too in a lot of kids now. Like a sense of entitlement such as them deserving to get to a Gordon Ramsey status straight out of school. I don’t want to vear too off topic but it seems to be a common behavior trend nowadays.



Didn’t realize this thread had any topics.

EDIT: btw, well played to @STORM179, @LeoFerreis and i believe @TooSWKKI for some ranked games over the last couple of days. Been testing tech viability more so than focusing on winning; sorry if the games were off. Especially against you Leo, you had me dead to rights in that set we played.


I didn’t have you dead to rights? :cry:


Lol. Storm, I saw you had your red Sako out, so I felt you wernt in a good mood. Plus, we’ve done this song and dance before and it went about as expected.

BUT! I did read you down backing in my combos and I hit you with that reset I’ve been testing.

But with Leo, I stole the last game with a true gimmick and a lucky break. He mirrored me and had me scratching my head at times.


Lol. I was just messing with you - gg’s as always🙂

And yep, nice reset! Just remember to not go into heavies after, because I’m a disrespectful cur and will absolutely break the instant I recognize them :joy:


You probably don’t know, but I missed my cb on that HK auto after the reset. I felt it in my soul you wanted no part of that, and I missed. :joy:

EDIT: Just so others have reference…


Lol, what the heck was that dragon kick​:joy::joy:


It’s in the Kim Wu tech thread, but I forget who discovered it. I’ll be totally honest, I can’t pull that off on demand, the whole sequence was dumb luck.

Lucky he didn’t use a shadow ender in his combo…
Lucky he hit a button when the dragon cannon came out…
Lucky he missed the light break…
Unlucky I nearly missed the ultra…




That was beautiful to see in a real match :smile:

It’s also pretty strict timing to get it to work so its hard to pull off consistently, when I recently reposted it in the forums I had to check it was still doable and it took me a while to get it right again. In an actual match I imagine it’s even harder.



Ggs for those sets in ranked! It’s been awhile