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Great mentality.


Sorry I’m responding so late, but yeah, Infil pretty much covered it. Shadow recluse slightly lowers Sadira’s hurtbox, so high-ish normals (Jago’s st.HP, certain jump-in buttons) will whiff on it. And the zero after the freeze means that if Sadie manages to freeze the screen, you’re hosed. If you stuff shadow recluse, then it happens on the start-up and it’s pretty easy to miss or not be quite sure which shadow you stuffed. And yeah, “no invincibility” isn’t quite right, because it is at least unthrowable.

I’m the same way. But I will lab specific things if they frustrate me enough (Riptor and Cinder’s wakeup options, for instance). I think meaty aerials for Omen though is probably valuable enough that it’s worth the time to put in, similar to how I took the time to learn how to DP and tiger knee. These things are core, and are pretty important to know how to do near perfectly. You don’t need to spend 2 hours in the lab - just take 15 minutes or so as “warm up” time working on something before you hop into Ranked.

A nasty use of Glacius’ j.MK at high level is to use it as a meaty instant overhead with a hail behind it. The hail links after the overhead, and then Glacius gets an ambiguous cold shoulder right after. It’s nice because some of the ranges you can stand at to clip someone with it lie outside the range of a reversal, so the opponent isn’t likely to do anything other than block.


Yeah you guys are right…if I can put 15-30 mins a day into my drumming and see the results after 6 months, major results…15 mins in the lab should bring the same results.
THanks everyone…now to just understand how to set up these things in the lab lol


For the 40 thousandth time - this is why KI should have had an online practice mode. Sigh- it’s good to dream.

GGs to @Zcythe who joined me and my brother in a lobby for a while this morning.


Is there currently a fighting game with this kind of option available?


Yes but I can’t remember which ones off the top of my head. All they need to do is let you set up a lobby and toggle Infinite health and infinite time. Everything else is already there.


MvCI has one. I think SSF4: Arcade Edition had one too, if I’m not mistaken.


I just checked. MKX also has an online practice mode.


Anyone down to play some DBFZ or KI?


If I would have seen this in time I would have challenged you to KI…just got off after a 2 hour run. Maybe next time…just invite me if you see me on.


Hello! I can play KI with you before I go to sleep. :slight_smile:


Sorry, just got off. I’ll be sure to tag some people next time. :+1:


These Eagle achievements are being some of the most difficult for me since Kan Ra. I don’t know what to do with this character most of the time, when do you use the leap? When do you use the bird? What do you do on wakeup? Yeesh.


Anytime you want to get in/get away, anytime you want to continue pressure, and block, respectively. Can also use bird dive in the middle of opponent blockstrings to keep them from applying too much pressure.

Also: @FallibleJoker14


Alright, Eagle can do a whole lot at one time and it may seem like much but I’ll try to explain all his options as best as I can.

Be careful, it’s going be a long one, so put your reading glasses on.

I’ll start off with wingspan (the leap)

  • Great Movement Tool- The Heavy version wingspan moves a whole lot of distance. It is a great way to get out of the corner when covered by a screech or to get closer to an opponent. Double jump can also be used to further distance and change trajectory. The light Follow-up is the best for getting close to your opponent. It’s a good idea to just use the medium follow-up as a good check on your opponent as well. Double jump can be used after it for continued pressure.
  • Cross-ups- This is the most common use of H. Wingspan I see against other Eagles. The classic screech to flip to try and get a quick mixup. Don’t be too reliant on this setup (as I see a couple do), since it can become predictable and turn no longer effective. Another great form of crossups with wingspan is the use of double jump. A flip after a knockdown can be turned it a cross-up, double cross-up, fake cross-up, empty jump to low, empty jump to grab, delayed high, you name it, and it only get crazier when you add arrow main to the mix so I recommend using the double jump mixup after a hard knockdown or throw when accompined by M. Arrow Rain. Don’t forget that double jump can be directed to make you fall faster and can be used greatly in the corner for quick low-high mixups. Be careful when using however, unless if covered by arrows you have no safe way to confirm your attack to a combo due to cool down.

  • Juggling- After a throw, if you don’t want to go for a H.knockdown setup, juggles can be initiated other options. The sweep causes the opponent to fly upwards and gives you enough time to get in with dash and a H wingspan. There’s the simple L. Follow up for a flipout. Or you can use the M.followup just to mess with your opponent thinking that you will only use the L.followup. You can also perform a cash out. H. Wingspan to any normal (I like crouching medium) to shadow spread shot is a easy way to cash out potential health. There are also some damage conversion involving a mix of arrows but I don’t know or use them so you’ll have to creative with that. You can also use the screech in the corner after a throw to allow yourself to use a H. Followup and keep the juggles going. This is great combo breaker bait. Also, after a hard knockdown ender in the corner, you can follow-up with crouching M to bird sweep to start a juggle, mostly for flip outs. Be sure your KV meter isn’t to high for it, I believe it had to be at 60-70 unless it won’t work.

  • Last resort pressure- If you find yourself no bird and pressuring the opponent DO NOT RESORT TO SLIDE! That’s how you die. Use L.winspan with a medium follow-up to create space. This isn’t foolproof but is MUCH better than hoping you opponent doesn’t capitalize on your mistake.

Alright so, now on to the bird.

  • Zoning- Along with your arrows, be sure to incorporate the bird screech and sweep to cover any gaps that might be in your zoning. You’ll be able to see when to use it accordingly since different MUs may have you using the bird different (more screech, less sweep, vice versa). The sweep is a great tool for catching jumping opponents and can be followed up by a wingspan follow up. It’s best to use the light follow up for the flip out. Use screech if you feel your opponent may be getting to close and back off or get in close to start pressure.

  • Setups- You’ve probably have already seen this use. Use screech to immobilize the enemy, setup with rain, perform mixup. Nothing special about it, just don’t get predictable. It’s a great idea to use grabs in the gaps. Be careful of shadow projectile invc. moves. Be sure to use that time screech gives you wisely and don’t waste it by doing nothing,

  • Combo filler- Screech in a combo allows you to perform a taunt combo and is the best use of the bird. Use this to perform mind games. Absolute must and optimal as well. Use this to mentally win against your opponent :yum:

  • Poke conversions- Poke to screech is a GREAT way to get to combos. If they git hit, hey free combo. Not might be that damaging but it’ll lead into more damage. They block the poke, well you got free pressure. Win-win.

There also a bunch of other small things, but it’s best to learn by continued practice rather than my trying to explain them.

Next wakeup…which can be a nightmare.

  • Just block- No way to sugarcoat. Your just gonna have to withstand the storm.

  • Bird bomb- I…hate…this…option…but it’s an option you can use i guess…be careful since it can be canceled by a true meaty, but it honestly is a good get off me tool. Too strong if you ask me.

  • Backdash- Don’t underestimate this. I know it has some invincibility frames and has saved me a whole bunch. Don’t use this too much, since good opponents while see a pattern and adjust accordingly.

If you ever need any more help, don’t be afraid for sets or advice. I’ll gladly be able to give you pointers. It be a lot better if I saw how you play and give you personal tips on your play.

I hope this helps in some way. Good luck on your achievement hunting! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks for the tips both of you, much appreciated. Especially the in-depth options. I’m gonna practice some of these things against the AI to get my timing down, then perhaps Exhibition sets.

Absolutely, I’m just mashing stuff out right now and maybe relying too much on slide. It works against newer players but gets me destroyed against people that know how to punish.


Me rn in college unable to play the game online and running out of reasons to come to the forums


Lol. I just kinda check in a bit now. Only thread I’m actively participating in the Soul Calibur 6 one.

Hope your semester is going well so far :+1:t5:


This is something I’m not looking forward to next year when I start college. I assume it’s gonna be hard to incorporate enough free time for myself.

But there is an E-games team at the college I’m looking at sooooo maybe I can introduce KI? Maybe I don’t the specifics of the club but I’m looking forward to it.

Hope everything is going well in your studies!


Depends on the college probably, but locally to me, most colleges e-sports clubs and teams focus on RTS games like Starcraft, League of Legends or team action games like Overwatch, DOTA, Fortnite, etc. Fighting games are a niche, though for some odd reason, Smash is popular among fighting game titles. Go figure.