The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


I’m gonna ask around and see if we can make this a thing again. Maybe…tweak it a bit so it can be flexible? Who knows!


I really would like to play you as well. My internet is kinda picky with KI right now. SFV limited search does pretty well same as other more or less “region locked” games. But I have no idea what’s happening right now. Can’t make the net better.And basing on the facts I’m not sure is that alone. Game has worked quite decent before in certain matches. Now I have more lag with my boyfriend playing from a closer distance that with players who might be in another country far away :persevere:
I’m screwed…


I didn’t even know you streamed. What’s your link?


I only stream rarely. Mostly because my wifi is inconsistent when it comes to recording. But i really like doing it.


I just fought a guy on Exhibition and over the mic he old me I “was about to get the worst beat down of my life” and “these beats were gonna hurt! He was gonna beetz meez with these beat downz!” LMAO!
Anyway… he wasnt that good at all. He was even playing the free rotating character “Maya”. THen once I wrecked him he said , " well I havent played in a while".

So I decided to teach him how to play the game, how to start a combo, auto double, ender, how to break, how to use combo assist, and how to do an ultra. He was having fun and I liked he was having fun. I wish I could have gvien him a code for the game becasue he was asking how much the game cost. I told him its usually on sale for 12-20$ but right now its $40. But at Game stop you can get it used for $20. He was even asking about Shadow Lords and all the new content since he had last played. I told him to spread the word that KI is the best game and to help get more people playing it!
I thought about gifting him the game if it was on sale but $40 is too much. Owell… lets hope he sticks with it and buys it himself. He has potential for sure.

@KRAKENJIMMY @BigBadAndy @TheNinjaOstrich @xSkeletalx @STORM179


That’s awesome man.

I’ve actually been playing a few matches here and there after a pretty long hiatus. Every time I touch this game I remember how amazing it is.

I had a match against a qualifier and went random. I got Mira who I never play and it was super fun. If only I didn’t have to work, lol.


I know right! Working is for the birds! lol …Like right now I finally got kids ro bed and ready to settle down quietly and plya Nioh or Tomb Raider and its 9:20. I really need to get to bed by 10:30 to be rested…1 hour on Nioh just isnt enoguh time to enjoy it. UGH…if I could just stay home a day and play for once that would be so much fun!


Ugh… work sucks, but then again I do like making money. :smiley:

It’s always my luck when I run into a low level player, they almost always turn out to be a smurf. :frowning:


Making money is indeed nice :ok_hand:t5:


When I was a student, although I worked hard I had plenty of free time but no money. Now I have plenty of money but no free time. Turns out life is an O. Henry story…

@FallofSeraphs76 I know exactly the feeling. I spend all day looking forward to getting home and enjoying one of any number of fun hobbies. By the time I get home, get through dinner, get the kids to bed it’s 9:00 and I get up at 5 am. So most nights I turn the Xbox on, stare at my list of games and then turn it off without playing anything and go to bed, lol.


Lmao! I feel you there bud! I do the same thing, but I will usually pick a game and give it a go for 30 mins or more. But I always play KI as soon as I get home while the kids are at Karate.
THats my only free time on KI during the week. The sense of dread when the door open and they come pouring in and across the TV path during my online match…ughhhh …LOL

Love the kids but they will wear you our and drive you crazy with no regards for your feelings or well being. Its innocence of course but it still sucks.


Pls, let my masters be a beautiful time, which will run slowly.


GGS to @BigBadAndy for our match in Ranked. I’ve been wanting to play his Glay for a while now, and he didn’t disappoint… However, I don’t think my shenanigans helped his dislike of Sadira. :stuck_out_tongue:


It was a great match. I completely appreciate what you are doing with Sadira. I just don’t have a good plan against her with Glacius. Hope you ■■■■■ up and I catch you on the ground with a big combo.

But the matches were fun, so I will take those any day.


I hate Sadira… The End.



Honestly the best way to deal with Sadira is to use hail and Glacius’ zoning tricks to pressure into a corner. Once there, always keep hail above your head as this will prevent her from jumping and continue to pressure her with normals and L. Shatter. Such as S. HP + L Shatter, into manual S. HP. Don’t forget to mix everything with Glay’s throw.

Sadira falls hard under pressure, especially when she doesn’t have instinct.


But if she has meter she can leg DP out of your pressure…right? Or Shadow spin right through your hail.



Recluse doesn’t have invincibility, even the Shadow Version and low attacks can stuff it.

Demon Blade is projectile invincible but can easily be thrown out of it or stuffed with medium normals.


You say that like its just so easy, come on man,Andy ain’t throwing you out of Shadow spin or poking you out of it on purpose. (No offense @BigBadAndy, I couldn’t do it either)
If you are under pressure and you shadow recluse and Andy is on top of you you are going to win that battle.
Every time Im over Sadiras head and I get shadow recluse I loose…so what Am I to do then?


If you are pressuring Sadira in a corner… why would you jump above her head?

If she has meter you want to bait her into trying to use either move, as both leaves her unsafe.