The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


Are you on now? im about to quit for the night…been playing some dude for 2 hours lol


Not yet, sorry, I’ll be playing KI in an hour. But only with friends (forums included of course) not in the mood to play ranked or random exhibition. I’ll stay in training mode.


GGS to @MaruMDQ! Thank you for play FT10 with me. It was very fun! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the matchup practice! :smiley:

Updated: GGs to @FallibleJoker14 too! :blush:


Ggs! Wish I can stay longer but you know…school :yum:


Then you should escape from your school and play KI with me!


@MaruMDQ No problems! We can play Arbiter/Sabrewulf MU again if you want. :slight_smile:


GGS to @FallofSeraphs76.


Yooo @SoSRaGnArOk I saw that match you had against @TheNinjaOstrich

Sick stuff to both you! It seems like you’ve improved a good amount Ragnork. :+1:


I about to play for a few minutes if any one wants to play


What was funny is I was having a convo with a friend as I was playing KI, and when I saw @TheNinjaOstrich gt pop up… and then saw him select Kim, I was like… “Imma bout to die.” :joy:


Good stream I got going over here…where yall at?

Lots of great sets have been happening! We have @iDoMusic4Media up next here in about 20 mins or so. RIght now Im taking a break but letting replays play for a min


What happen to you @FallibleJoker14?? THought we was gonna play?


Invite was sent fyi. Let me know when you’re ready.


Good Games Bro! That was some fun sheeet!!! THat Aganos is a tank! I think we learned a lot from each other and it can only get better each time! I cant wait to try out some of these new things we picked up from one another! BTW…dont let that Fall of Seraphs music scare you LOL…“Where Black Stars Rise” … is about the series on HBO call True Detective and the Yellow King Cult here in Louisiana. Its supposed to be super abrasive!

Thanks to the ohters that tuned in , played sets and followed my channel! Rizio, Lucas, PGmalone, and a few more! THansk! Cant wait to do it again!


Shot my bad man, right when I got in the stream I had a surprise visit at my house and I got occupied. My bad man I’ll be sure to play next time I see your stream.


All good bro you would have wrecked and embarrassed me anyways LOL


Lol, You beat me though, so that’s good! You’ve improved!

Never let your doubt hinder you in a match. EVERYONE is beatable. 100%.


Also, GGS to everyone I fought in my KI stream yesterday! Was very fun. :slight_smile:


It was a fun stream and even better when we had our long set. Not trying to gush here, but I’ve missed having sets with friends and just having a blast on KI.

Also loved that Kim tech and the infamous fullscreen WindKick that I’ve neglected.


I had a blast streaming with friends too…4 hour stream! THats a record for me!!!

Forum battles…??? lololol

Forum Friends…???


Hey guys, having a short Twitch stream if you wanna come and say hi