The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


@MandrillManiac I am ready.


Ggs to @SneerfulWater57 (Wafer) who I met in ranked. Idk what tf happened witht that lag in the end but sorry about that.

Also…if you don’t mind keep the character I used a secret will you :yum:


I know your secret. I will tell everyone about your secret!

@FallibleJoker14’s new main is… Joanna Dark!


Darnit Kev. It was supposed to be a surprise! :yum:


I thought it was Shadow Orchid.


Two people can keep a secret if one of them is dead.


Granted, I’m probably older than most forum players…but not THAT old. :blush:


I can’t die. I’m immortal!


Huh. Don’t put that one to the test friend :sweat_smile:


Can any of my fellow Omen friends do me a favor and beat this ■■■■ Sadira player RockaKhan for me PLEASE??!!! AND RECORD IT so I can study what to do right!
For the love of Gargos I can not beat this fool no matter how many rematches I attempt. He is so good at Sadira I have no answer for him. Ive never seen him choose any other character either so his is strictly Sadira tech and know his sheet. He rarely playes Ranked…only Exhibition.
I feel like Im ok agaisnt Sadira , but not this one. His has some really great tech, patience, and just luck of a ■■■■ 4 leaf clover if Ive ever seen it.
*** BTW Ive came really close many times, but he always pulls it out in the end which makes it even more frustrating!

@BHSamanoXSk8 @MnTLetalis @ItzTymeToDul


Do you have a recorded match to watch this Sadira? (I’m curious).


No… I have no desire to re watch those matches. I can make one next time I face him, which is everyday after work lol… he is there just waiting in Exhibition. Ive prob fought this dude 100x or more in the last year.


I would love to see those matches as well, as I have a decent Sadira. :slight_smile:


I know you do… Ive seen you comeback for years. But this dude is a ghost. N one knows who he is but me out of the people Ive asked on the forums and Ive never seen him on a stream or live event.
He is really good. and he doesn’t play ranked often enough because he got dropped from Killer to Gold this last go around with the server issues.

Man just search his GT I typed above and friend request and match request. Im sure he would take on anyone. He doesnt seem like a troll. No TBs or taunts. cancels ultras too.


Smurf maybe?


No he isnt a Smurf , he has been killer for a while but during this “cant connect server issues” period looks like he didnt play his 1 match per month in Ranked and got demoted.

Just saying in case someone think that becasue his Player card is gold, dont think he is a scrub, he is far from it.


I fought against him sometimes as I like to play exibthiion matches. If your Omen was bodied imagine mine lol he’s very good indeed. I would love to watch some Omen vs Sadiras matches to learn something as well.


Lol. Can we get a name for this guy? :joy:




-looking at my own Gold ranking- welp.

To be honest I haven’t played much lately, had a lot of real world stuff going on, and I’ve been distracted by other games.