The New GG's Thread! (B/c we're so awesome that the last one had too many replies and auto-locked)


@ZTRAINOVER9000 Just saw your set vs ThrashHeavy.

You rock.


@ZTRAINOVER9000 YAY! amazing match!! I’m totally cheering for you!


@ZTRAINOVER9000 You got further in CEO than I did in CB. How dare you!

Haha good stuff man, MVP of the tournament


@ZTRAINOVER9000 well done! :smiley: I’m very happy you made it to top 8! Congratulations!


Thank You @MaruMDQ @SonicDolphin117
The stage and the arena was amazing, the most fun I’ve had at a major by far. :slight_smile:

GGs to @STORM179 and @ItzTymeToDul for the offline games


No problem man. You had a fantastic run - really enjoyed watching you tear up Top 8!


Thanks bro. I was proud of you. You did your thing. I always knew there was talent.


Do anybody wanna play KI or DBFZ with me?


I’m down for some DBFZ if you’re still on. In like 30 mins I’ll be on


GGS to @FallibleJoker14!


Ggs man! Its been awhile since I’ve laughed that hard playing a FG. Reminds me how much fun casual KI can be. :yum::+1:


So uh…

Aganos is really fun.


So is Sadira.



Nope, Wulf is the most fun. Sadly I have to hold the pressure every time I break and deal with ppl just staying on the other side of the screen almost every time :frowning: (Shagos,Glacius,Omens,etc… even Orchids!) :laughing:


Did someone say fun?
I like to have fun.
Show me where the fun is.


Gears Ultimate cutscenes are AMAZING


You guys arguing about who is fun and Kan Ra isn’t even MENTIONED!!!


You know…a little bird told me eagle is pretty fun…

But Raam is a good pick to ig :yum:


GG’s to everyone In pharrohyami’s PCK tournament.

I drowned like the rock man I am.