The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)



What do you think of Gargos’s new design?




Wait… You didn’t read KI comic?.. :frowning:


Trust me, I did. That’s just my reaction to the last page of Issue #5.


If it were to happen, who do you think would develop it?


Either IG or some other dev that cares about quality.


Do the gods usually test people by having their water bottle smell like skunk spray, having old people file complaints because you looked down at your phone, and making you use all your strength to try and stop a runaway work truck when the e-break stops working?
All during over time?
Because it’s been one of those days


Hello everyone what’s up? sorry I haven’t been on much in a long time, lot of things happend. Helped my parents move, learned my dad has cancer (but we’re hopeful he can beat it) Played alot of MH and DBFZ on PS4, Working on animations getting close to graduating this year in college (but fuck the days are long as hell)

Lot of big things happenend. So yeah. I’m currently just bumming around on practice mode of KI boy did I miss playing this game.

Hope everyone is doing alright. Good luck


Update: Probably not gonna go to combo breaker…

I’m leaving the FGC (or High level FGC) as a whole for awhile due to life things, work, budgeting and finding ■■■■ to keep me from being depressed.

I’ll be here still. Just not playing any games in competition.

Untill soul calibur 6 or Ki season 4/ Ki 4 comes out… I won’t play competitively.


Uh oh… I am sorry about your dad. I hope he beat it. : (


My custom 1/100 MG RGM-79SP GM Sniper II! I just added some weathering and damage battle on my custom gunpla.

My mother take a picture of this. She really like this one. lol

I hope you like my custom gundam gunpla. :slightly_smiling_face:

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That’s pretty cool.


Really Nice job Kev! :+1:




That looks great man. Is that Gundam based off the one from the original Mobile Suit Gundam? It looks pretty similar.


Awesome Kev!


Great job, Kev. Cool and awesome Gundam model figure too :grin: :+1:




Kev that is so cool!