The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


They are making a select handful of 2018 Trans Ams this year so i heard. You can also get one built from a new Camaro body at Dude check it out…his website is sick!
I almost got one made for myself about 8 years ago. Only about 60 grand.


Work is crap, but now I understand the difference between justice and revenge.


Well I might have Bronchitis since I’ve been stuck at home coughing for like the last 3 weeks so I’m going to see a doctor tomorrow. Yayyyy


Man, that sucks. I hope you get better.


Thank you. Maybe the doc will get me something that’ll make it so I can walk up my driveway to get the snow off my windshield without feeling asthmatic by the time I get back in the house. :face_with_thermometer:
As someone who’s at least in shape enough to work landscaping for a living it’s been rather crippling feeling this useless. :weary:


Update: I totally did have bronchitis. Doc didn’t even have to do any fancy tests to figure it out either. He just stuck his stethoscope up to me and was like ":fearful:"
So now I’m going to be on some top of the line drugs for the next week or so. Even after my first serving I already feel worlds better.


It was to make up for the third eye their food’s radiation would create later on. :stuck_out_tongue:


…so I learned something interesting about my Nintendo Gamecube…apparently it is very temperature sensitive, and if you try to play it in a cold drafty house it will register a disk error, but as soon as it warms up it works just fine. Unfortunately it’s frikin cold so it won’t do crap right now. :rage:


Goodness Glacius!!!


Just been relaxing, as well as doing my taxes, as tax season has begun


Abundance of good news from me!

  1. I’m all over being sick! Got some antibiotics and a lung steroid and I kicked my bronchitis right out. Feels great to walk again without coughing up a lung.
  2. I was well enough that I spent the weekend out hiking and quail hunting with my uncle. Didnt find much sign of any life since the rains have been crap the last few years, but it was cool to hike around and live off of beer+fire roasted meat for a few days. Plus I found this javelina skull!

I named him Hubert Cumbertusk

3)The 27th was my birthday! Yay!

  1. I got a cubic buttload of new games! Monster Hunter was a gift to myself, plus the Fallout 4 Season Pass was half off so I snagged it, PLUS the Amnesia collection was free on Humble Bundle, AND my fiance got me a physical copy of Resident Evil 4 for the Xbone (I thought it was download only!).

So this weekend certainly made up for my no good awful very bad sick as Hell week.


I just got finished rewiring our home theater system. when we moved into this house I didn’t really do much with it to make it look good so we’ve had wires dangling for awhile and one of the surround speakers wasn’t working well, so this weekend my son and I put them all up better and I readjusted all the connections, and now it’s working as well as it ever has.

On a side note, I know I’m not that old yet (37), but dang if it doesn’t feel like climbing up on a step ladder isn’t a bit more difficult as is was even 10 years ago.




Looking forward to seeing the Eagles lose this year’s Super Bowl.


Well it’s official. If anyone else is going then I’ll see you at Combo Breaker.


I’m thinking about it…


You went to world cup. I recommend you do it.



Ugh…hate today. Hasn’t been the best of days for me. At least there’s some rain today. Love that…love the single life as well :yum: (I know I shouldn’t be to focused on that in my young age)

How’s y’all Valentine’s Day going? Hopefully very well so far.


Still waiting on Season 4. And the comic book series finale.