The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)



My family got $22 of free McDonald’s today…I don’t know why even. Cashier said it was a promo…not gonna complaining tho :yum:


I got a PC upgrade! (Well, I got my fella’s old parts after he got a PC upgrade) which means I can play stuff like Doom without it looking and running like a bag of poo! :smiley:


Eeew…McDonalds is bad for you. I wouldn’t eat that if it was free forever.


Once in a while is ok. I only got a coffee either way.


It’s way too cold! Makes me want to be in bed all day! Unproductive! No fun! There’s not even snow! Just ice! Gaaahh


Same here. I have an impromptu “snow” day as well. I couldn’t get to work today and my first class of the semester that’s tomorrow isn’t going to happen.


It’s the best day ever!! :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s all I’m gonna say about that :yum:

I was kinda in a slump lately both in KI and IRL but at least one of those things are fixed.

Regarding KI, I got a really bad loss in a set with a great player and it made me lose so much confidence that I decided to drop Eagle for a while and work on Arbiter to help my gameplay better. My defense is just horrible and there’s no way I can beat high players in my state. The spirits will one day come back to guide me. It’s gonna be intense lab time for me.

Also, a heads up I’ll be having a stream tommorow if anyone has some time to drop by. Probably will play KI and MvC3.

Hope everyone has a great day!


High blood pressure sux…

I now must learn to love flavorless mush.


I’m letting go of the drama between me and the banned forum members.

This year isn’t the year to extend on hopeless drama. So whatever they have to say about me, get it out of your system. I got new things to work on and I don’t have time for the boring back and forth crap.

If you’re reading this, you are forgiven.

However, if you proceed to take this as a fake truce, you’ll only have yourself to blame for embarrassing yourself.

Thank you.


Chris Christie is no longer a Gov.? That’s great news to me.


Hit a pretty solid milestone yesterday. I bought my first car.


Very nice! Iroc Z28?


2017 Chevy Camaro. :grin:


Well isnt that an Z28 still? I know its a Camaro lol

Its like Firebird or Trans am. Same thing but one has a V6 and one has V8


Oops my bad lmao :sweat_smile: I’m not much of a car person. This one just looked nice to me so I bought it.

After googling it I believe it is a Z22 because it has the Rally Sport package with it. Does that sound correct to you?

Edit: and it is a V6 btw


Yes so looks like Z22 is the V6 and Z28 is the V8. Either way its bad ■■■! I have a Pontiac Firebird V6 with ground effects making it look like the Trans Am. Wish I had the V8 trans Am though!
Nice job dude…congrats!


Thank you! I’m very happy with my purchase.

My sister had a Firebird a long time ago before she sold it. It’s a shame. She moved to Austin after she graduated high school and ended up just taking public transportation wherever she needed to go. So the car just sat there until she sold it. Rotted the tires out.


They stopped making Firebirds in 2002… so keeping that sucker would have been awesome. Owell


Yeah that’s true. It was a 98 Firebird. So it would have been cool to keep but the decision was hers and she didn’t care for it too much anyways.