The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


The original game came out in the late 1980s. The only games in the franchise that are connected are:

Shadow Dragon, Mystery of the Emblem (Jpn only), New Mystery of the Emblem (Jpn only), Awakening (Marth’s decendants)

Blazing Sword, Binding Blade (Roy)

Thracia 776, Geneology of the Holy War (both jpn only)

I recommend Awakening, Blazing Sword (also just called “Fire Emblem” in the US), or Echoes if you’re starting out. It’s one of my favorite franchises.

The most recent release, Fire Emblem: Echoes, was the first entry to have full voice acting.


Well… if it’s the most recent release… then I probably can go either way.

Good to know. Thanks man.


Hire me!



For realz though: I’m very early in development. Tbh I shouldn’t be talking about this lol


Has anyone checked out the “Toys That Made Us” series on Netflix? It’s really good. I’m looking forward to when they get around to doing an episode on Transformers.


Can anyone explain why these former “Viners” turned YouTubers are doing the dumbest things for views?


Idk if it had anything to do with Vine, but I saw a video compilation of a women smashing her face into various kinds of bread yesterday and apparently it’s pretty popular on Instagram.

I don’t have an Instagram either but just kind of sit back and see stuff about people painting their tongues with glitter and smashing their face into bread and feel immense relief about the fact that I’m not easily led into fads.


Good news and bad news

Bad news is I’m sick as a dog. I came down with something Saturday night that’s completely destroyed me. Which sucks because my little sister has concert tickets for tomorrow.

On the bright side though boss at the landscaping company said that work is canceled anyway due to the threat of rain so I’m not letting anyone down.

Hopefully I’ll be in working condition in time for my little sister at least


I signed up for my first offline tournament in KI.

So that’s a thing.


Idk if you’re talking about this Logan Paul scandal or not since it seems to be the hottest thing regarding YouTube I can think off.

I won’t vent off my disgust here in some crazed rant, but I feel bad for his audience. Many being small children, they look up to this man as an idol and worship him as a god. There are some who would forgive him for such a disrespectful act. He is not someone kids should look up to. Just sad


It’s that time of year again everyone and their mother seems to be getting sick. I send my condolences and hope you’ll be able to see that concert. Not something anyone would want to miss.

That’s awesome! I need to look into it to see if there are any in AZ. It would be fun. The biggest problem would be my parents…hmmm. Maybe.

Either way I wish you the best of luck and hope you have a great time!

And for me…nothing…as usual. My friends admitted they went places without me throughout break. Sucks for them, me and my brother had fun by ourselves lol. I’ve been feeling great lately. Idk what it is but I feel amazing. Haven’t felt like this in a long time.

My birthday is coming up in 10 days, so that’s a thing. Idk what’s in store for me but I bet it will be fun. The cool thing is that my dog was born on the same day and he’s turning 1 this year.

This little bundle of joy is named Frost (Frostbite is his full name) We called him that since the first thing he did when we brought him home was nibble our toes and we noticed that he has a white beard, soooo we called him Frostbite. Best friend in the whole wide world :slightly_smiling_face:


I was and that’s one of them. I heard Lele Pons did some dumb stuff too.


Hey guys, I’m in FGC Highlights’s new video. :smiley:


One day I will get into a Kim Wu one, mark my words!


Also, My classes were canceled today because of a blizzard. So I’m pretty much home all day.


Please for the love of Shadow Lord just make the day go faster…i want to play


I found this interesting documentary on Digital Foundry’s Youtube channel talking about Rare and their Silicon Graphics work on Donkey Country and Killer Instinct…it’s really a neat look back at how they made the pre-rendered graphics for the SNES-era games.

…If you want to skip straight to KI, which I wouldn’t recommend, it starts at 38:18.


Why do they keep saying that KI on the NES and Game boy ran at 60fps? They ran at 30. If the orginal KI was 60fps, I wouldn’t have thought the X1 KI was on crack. The first time I playes the X1 KI, I was shocked on how much faster it was over the orginal.

I only reason I am sure that it ran at 30fps, is because SF2 turbo ran at 60 and I had a hard time playing it at the time, also it became a big deal when game devs started making 60fps games.


Not sure if this belongs here, and this is probably not the best post I will make but…

Here is some of my art from 2014:

This is from yesterday.

No matter what you do…

Never EVER quit on what you love doing.


Honestly anything you feel like posting belongs here, so long as it’s not against forum guidelines. :sunglasses:



Was just trying to be motivational.