The KI Life Thread (what's going on in your daily lives)


I’m christmas shopping and watching Batman: Arkham Knight on YouTube.

Mark Hamil would be the perfect voice actor for Spinal, should the right moves be made.


I’m just trying to watch some anime on Xbox and the Edge browser sucks. Seriously.


Congrats to @Fwufikins


In case you guys haven’t seen on my Twitter…
I’m getting married

I proposed and she said yes. I’m currently working on calling up all of my family members and letting them know.




Well, my situation has been pretty lousy as of late, but it looks like I’m going to be getting out of the new career. The stress got to me in a bad way. The meds I was on didn’t seem to be working as well as I hoped they would, and this past week I had a day where I was having to fight myself pretty hard to not drive into oncoming traffic. That put the family on high alert and now I’m going to be getting counseling, as well as my wife doesn’t want me driving anywhere without supervision for awhile. Needless to say it’s been a rough week to say the least. Christmas was pretty mediocre too. My wife was planning on getting Trypticon for myself to add to my Transformers collection, but ended up having to replace a car battery instead. So instead I got a big-■■■ coffee cup and some PJs.

…And in case you don’t know what Trypticon is:


my shirts… the Cow & Gimp coming soon…


@Fwufikins Congrats

Spending time with the family on my vacation and finished my latest chapter of my fanfic


Anyone remember when Girls Gone Wild was popular?



I remember the girls looking underage :underage::eyes:


IIRC, that’s exactly why they don’t make those anymore…well, that and we gained the ability to download and stream video from the internet…


Starting to read books, articles and magazines the same way “you” would read Character Dossiers in Shadow Lords mode (background music included because I love music).


Who’s idea was it to have an origin for Spinal where his name was Jolly John?

Seriously? :joy:

Additional note: And now I get why they did that! :joy: :skull:


I had my first real stream today and it was great! Went pretty smoothly and we got some good conversations going. Awesome experience!

Honestly i expected it to go horribly but I’m glad it didn’t :slight_smile:


It’s a new year, and I’m still alright. I gotta thank those who wanted to destroy me last year for giving me energy. Bless you.

I know exactly what to do with said energy.


Today, I am sick. Which means no work.
On the bright side, I like being able to stay home
On the other I’m sick and making no money


I would have to return to Seattle due to promotion, but my leave won’t end until Friday, so I’ll still be relaxing.


I finally got around to playing Soul Calibur 5. Not much of an excuse given the game is like $4 on the 360 right now. I remember now why I never got in deapth into 3d fighters. It’s kinda discouraging when you put forth effort into figuring out how to do specific moves and someone that has no skill whatsoever can just stay 3 in away from you and hit the same quick jab over and over until you’re dead.
I still miss Link though.


I’m working on my own Visual Novel game now… very fun stuff.

Although I have a lot of doubts about some stuff… I think i has a chance to make it.

Also anyone here play fire emblem? Does the game have full voice acting now or just random voice clips with texts…

The reason I’m asking has to do with my VN as well… Because it’s apparently structured like FE cutscenes.

And thus, I might have to hire some VAs…


I’ve never played a Fire Emblem game. From an outsiders perspective it appears to have a pretty convoluted library… I don’t even know how far back the games go or how connected they are to each other story-wise. I mean all I knew of them was Roy and Marth from Smash Bros. Melee, and then later they got replaced with others that look like Marth but they’re decendants I believe?? Most importantly I don’t know where to start if I ever picked one up.