The future of Fighting Games on XB1

It seems like every of couple of months a brand new fighter gets announced and it gets confirmed for the PS4, but not the XB1. Gamers get hyped, but some who don’t own multiple consoles get dissapointed that said game does’t come to prefered platform. This generation looks to be good for fighting game fans who own a PS4, but not for those who own an XB1. Are fighting games doomed to be mainly on PS4? Or do you think the XB1 might still get plenty of fighters?

It sure seems that way, but I hope it’s not doomed. I would love to play some more fighting games on my XB1.

I think itd be awesome if xbox got an exclusive marvel fighting game to go along with next summers x men film

I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that Capcom, a company that makes a lot of fighting games, has largely sided with Sony. This is why we lost both SF4 and SF5. Does this mean we’ll see fewer fighting games on Microsoft’s console? Surely. Does this mean that Sony’s console will be the premiere fighting game console? Maybe. Does this mean that FGs are doomed on MS’s console? No, it doesn’t.

I think if Microsoft wanted to,they can buy the Marvel rights and either pay Capcom to make MvC4 Xbox One exclusive or make their own Marvel fighting game. If they don’t,Capcom will have the money to buy the rights again(from the sales of SFV) and make it a PS4 exclusive.

Can you give a list of PS4 exclusive fighters? Besides SFV, we are talking about some pretty niche games. I remember everybody making a big deal out of GG Xrd, but that game is not breaking sales records by any stretch. I have a PS3 and I didn’t bother to get it…

Xbox One has, at the moment, three exclusive fighters, all of which are Killer Instinct - KI 2013, KI Arcade and KI2 (four if you count the KI Gold that is included in Rare Replay). It also has:
BlazBlue Continuum Extend (or whatever the moniker is)
Mortal Kombat X
Dead or Alive 5, (last round)

It will be getting Tekken 7.

So, really we are talking about SFV and probably some other anime fighters that I haven’t heard of. I wouldn’t get too crazy about this.

It’s easy to tell MS to go buy big fighting franchises and invest a ton of money. But these games don’t make a whole lot of money. So it’s hard to ask for too much. But, if I had my fantasy of controlling the world, here is what I would recommend to them:

  1. Get backward compatibility for the 360 games. Right now, the games I want to play are all the old downloaded fighters that live on my dusty 360 in the corner that I’m too lazy to hook up. Especially Capcom games. Including SF3, Marvel collection, Darkstalkers, VF5 etc. Get as many of those games as possible up and running on X1. The idea of carrying forward that big collection of fighters from the last gen would be a very big deal for increasing the FG presence on X1.

  2. Make sure Sony doesn’t get another “AAA” exclusive fighter. This means anything by Sega (VF) or Namco (Tekken/Soul Calibur). Maybe even get one of these as an Xbox exclusive. Virtua Fighter, as a series, looks to be pretty possible. Without support from an external party (much like SF V) I don’t think we will see a VF 6 any time soon.

  3. Pull something else out of the historical scrap pile and remake it. You can use a similar season model to KI.

I don’t think any of these are likely, although I do suspect they will work to keep Sega and Namco games present on the console.

a 3rd party developer allowing themselves to sell out console exclusivity has no right to claim they’re in it for the gamers.
And, any console game that’s for the PC should be played on the PC, not a console, if it’s about "best performance."
It’s politics to use the “best console” when a game is for PC. You’re using PC if your claim is to use the best to be the best.

So if Sony really wants to win the console war this gen, while abandoning its mobile gaming and ignoring their smart-device brands, let them. Suddenly a company that was once strong for being diverse is now strong for being singularly focused??? No, that’s “dying” as far as an industry is concerned.

KI is getting boosted with W8.x cross-play. AND it’s likely the W8.x of most FG’s can be played on the XB1 in the very near future (as that is a pillar of the OS).
… Let Sony convert their $ into W8.x sales. Next-gen sales of software are down overall with PC picking up.

If I need to get a game that’s on the PC or PS4 only, MS wins out again!

(Don’t get caught up in the console wars… There wouldn’t be a war if the current “champ” wasn’t walking around throwing punches. Acting all #2 from last gen and all :wink: )

Has that been confirmed? I know that it was announced for PS4 a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything about Tekken 7 on XB1 yet. If it has been confirmed, then that’s pretty awesome. I’ll definitely be picking that one up, as it’s been a while since I’ve played Tekken and I kinda miss it. :grin:

I know that I’m hyped about this, and if people are concerned about SF4 and Injustice getting ported over to PS4, then this should be a huge notch in the win column for MS by the same standards.

Obviously that’s easier said than done. It’s not like MS has any control over the deals that Sony makes with other publishers. But I completely agree with the “maybe even get one of these as an Xbox exclusive” part. I also agree with Virtua Fighter 6 being a great option.

Though honestly, I’d take it one step further if possible. I’d love to see MS sign an agreement with Sega to bring back several games from their catalog. Sega helped MS launch the original Xbox with several exclusive Sega titles. It’d be great to see these two companies rekindle that relationship.

But to stick specifically with fighting games and avoiding that whole tangent, it’d be awesome if they could bring back Virtua Fighter, Fighting Vipers, Eternal Champions and (depending on whether you view this as a “fighting game series”) Virtual On.

I’d love to see Mace: The Dark Age get another chance. But barring that near impossibility, I know that lots of people want to see a new Bloody Roar. So yeah, another old fighter brought back to life on MS’ console would be a great idea as far as I’m concerned.

I certainly hope so, though I tend to wonder how many fighting games we’ll see from either of these companies in the future. Soul Calibur seems to be all but dead and Sega… Who knows what we’ll even see from them in the future. They have a metric ton of franchises and about 95% of them are dormant now.

[quote=“Iago407, post:8, topic:2399”]
Has that been confirmed? I know that it was announced for PS4 a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything about Tekken 7 on XB1 yet. If it has been confirmed, then that’s pretty awesome. I’ll definitely be picking that one up, as it’s been a while since I’ve played Tekken and I kinda miss it.
[/quote] I’ve seen it said that Harada has confirmed it will be coming for PS4 and X1, and “maybe” PC. This has been true for a while. Sony sponsored the trailer at the Paris game show, which is why it doesn’t mention Xbox.

I will see if I can dig up a better confirmation, but it is listed everywhere as coming for X1.

Oh good. I hadn’t seen any listings (somehow), so I wasn’t sure. That’s good to know though.

Thanks a lot man!

It’s a shame that XB1 owners are stuck with having that Kinect based failure Fighter Within. As far as what fighting games we should have for the system, they could bring back many N64 failures but their priority right now are FPS Shooters and first party exclusives. I would rather see MS reboot Fighter’s Destiny as an unintentional parody of Street Fighter V!

I wonder why Ono ignore Xbox fans? I mean why Street Fighter 5 on only PS4 but Xbox one don’t. Do Ono really hate Xbox or what?

Sony has given Capcom money up front to finance the development of SF V. It’s a business deal.

Oh… That’s very stupid.

Not a huge fan of anime type fighters, but would be nice to have a persona, dengeki bunko, GG to at least choose from. Even the not so great looking newly announced KoF for Ps4.

It’s sad to say, but Xbox has handily lost the war for most fighting game players. Part of it was the announcement of SFV on PS4 (and the eventual $500k+ prize pool for Capcom Cup next year, sponsored by Sony), but a lot of it was MS’s own fault.

There was a 18-month window where they had one of the only new fighting games in town and a whole generation of FGC players who grew up playing FGs exclusive on Xbox 360s, all of them wondering “which next gen console should I buy for fighting games?”, and they squandered all of it.

Rewind to 2013, and imagine MS inviting FG players to their console by showing legacy stick support and getting the definitive version of USF4 and GG Xrd on XB1. With all your current equipment working, there would be no reason not to jump on the XB1… maybe you’d also try KI while you’re at it, since it was free to play. Then, moving forward, stuff like MKX (a multi-platform game) would just be played on XB1 in tournaments, because why wouldn’t it be? Even if Sony still did the SFV deal, there would be a much bigger chance that XB1 would remain the go-to for every non-SFV game, since it would be in the house of most FGC players already, and most players wouldn’t want to buy a new stick just for SFV (they’d just play on PC instead).

But the reality is, MS didn’t want any of that market, and Sony did. Even with all the numerous fails of Sony’s hardware (controller sync issues, no built-in legacy stick support), the raw dislike for the MS brand turned away most FGC players. And now, when SFV gets featured on Kotaku because Capcom announces next year’s Pro Tour with another $500k or more prize money, anybody interested in FGs will just automatically buy a PS4. Japanese developers will see this and, coupled with the Xbox’s poor showing in Japan, will continue to release PS4-exclusive fighting games in the future. Why bother supporting an Xbox version? The market won’t be there.

The only reason you would buy an Xbox One as a fighting game fan is if you specifically wanted to play Killer Instinct. That was enough for some people (myself included), but it proved to not be enough for the vast majority of the FGC. Now with KI moving to PC with numerous benefits (including legacy stick support), there’s even less reason to buy an XB1 if fighting games are your main jam.


My silent wish is that backward compatibility brings us KoF13, SfxT, Vf5 and other previous gen “classics” on xb1. At least some SNK, Sega games are represented in the initial batch, so I have hope.

If Microsoft announced either a Marvel Fighting game or MvC4 as an XB1 exclusive,then maybe they will stand a chance in the FGC.


But Disney… Disney don’t want new marvel games like fighting. They want stupid game for kid.

Ah yes. The “fighting game” they made. Wait they did? I don’t remember any fighting games. Oh that one on mobile.