The Everlasting Child

This week we’ve got Hisako’s tale ready to go, and you can give it a read below.

Check out the full story here:


Thanks a lot! A Japanese character’s backstory on the day I release a Japanese KI article, lol


This is definitely my favorite backstory so far


Awesome. Another excellent story! I liked that her interaction was both the cause of the spurned nobles attack as well as the way she became a legend. I enjoyed her dying act of poisoning the noble.

I’m much more curious now to see what role she’ll have in the invasion. Her father warns her of a great evil, yet she still seems like a bit of a good guy that’s also a wildcard. Kinda like Aganos.

Either way, great story. Nice little details here and there. Can’t wait to see what ARIA’s story will ring next week!

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I absolutely loved the descriptions of the cat’s claw, the torn Kimono, the beaded bracelet, her dirty feet, and the cloth from the man her father was supposed to protect - it all comes together to paint a complete picture.

I also liked where her story concept is going, in that she is becoming a gatekeeper between the 2 planes (astral and material alike) in order to protect them from the great evil that is coming that will affect both.


This hit right when I was in the perfect mood for this sort of story, watching anime and taking pictures of the moon for a project. Perfect timing~ Read it aloud and had fun doing so.
Chiharu the village girl turned into Hisako, Avenger of the Dead, Slayer of Demons, and -of course- Waifu from the After-Laifu.

This kind of story telling and character development make me really excited for Season 3, and that’s coming from someone who normally doesn’t care about story in their games. :grinning:


yes, I’m really digging these,like a lot.


This is a great backstory. Like many others I enjoy the explanation of the thought process behind various parts of her design (that in particular appeals to the artist in me, I love hearing about character design), and also enjoyed how she never gave into the nobleman that objectified her. I also like how it sets her up to be involved in the S3 story, because while she is already a very interesting character, she felt like she sort of existed outside the plot of S2, what with her simply waking up to reclaim her artifacts and then going back to rest. I’m very excited to see her become a more integral force in the canon! Good work all around!


That new lighting is awesome. I feel really bad for Chiharu. Those details work amazing with each other. Each weapon. Each detail. Each word contributed to her. Amazong work. This lighting can finally let me see what is really going on in the background.

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Great job, I think that’s my favorite, that gave me chills.

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How the Hell did I miss this?

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GOMEN NASAI, great job btw guys.

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Amazing story, all the little personal details. Definitely some feels there, with the description of the bodies. Takes my top spot for best backstory so far.

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Nice! Well done. Two more to go…

I love that for once the stories touch on some of the details that the characters wear. Maybe one day we will know what Sadira’s gold eyes and mask do.

Also, I got huge Avatar Wan vibes from Hisako’s story. Straight up avatar in this place. She even became the bridge between both worlds.

Only thing am a little confused on is that Hisako comes from the Astro Plane, isn’t that were Gargos and Eyedol are from. Wonder why that means the dead come from there as well.

Very good story. I agree it’s a candidate for top 3 best backstory of the game.

This part is great

The Ghost Wife’s puppet scared Chiharu with its pale skin and long wild black hair. For years afterward she had nightmares about it.

…so she became what she feared most. Nice.


So astral plane = place for the dead, and now it’s open…

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Me reading through Hisako’s backstory like

best one so far :smiley:


Good backstory. :slightly_smiling:

But the real question: can I get a poison effect off my jabs now? :open_mouth:


Best Season 2 character and history, so good!

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