The Bored at Work Thread!

What’s up my friends??? I haven’t seen our buddy Sevenfld/Stormrider1 back on here yet…so I thought since this was our favorite thread besides the “Whats music are you listening to”… I figured I would go ahead and get it started!

Welcome back everyone!

What do you think of the new forum?

Got plans for the weekend?

Anyway, hope the day goes fast… cant wait to get back to Ranked and Shadows tonight! Hope to see you guys out there!

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I don’t know if I should be posting in the bored at work thread buuuuuuut here goes nothing…

I really like the new forum software, and how you all do too. Just remember it is in its infancy, and we will be looking to evolve the forums, and the website, over time.

Plans for the weekend? Make sure the forums don’t break and hopefully sneak in some time to play some basketball. Oh and there’s a Seahawks’ game to watch tonight!


Heck yeah! Loving the new forum and really liking how you are very active on here… that’s super cool!
The bored at work thread was like the most popular thread for me and a bunch of the guys on here. Like our morning internet break room discussion before the day starts… hopefully they will all return soon. I think everyone is still getting back in and working there way around.

My plans… wearing my 3 new KI shirts all weekend… playing KI all weekend… taking the family out somewhere fun… too hot for basket ball here in Louisiana…100+ degrees!

Hope the website doesn’t break!!!

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Bored at work. check! Working at the office today and it is a VERY slow day… everyone is on holiday except for me I still got one week to go before i get some time off… oh well browsing through the new forum checking everything is a great way to pass some time :slight_smile:

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Welcome! Come here anytime to pass the time. We talk about anything and everything here…every day we aren’t busy at work.

Glad you started this up, man! Was thinking about doing the same. Also bored at work. Man… How are there seriously 2 1/2 hours left in the day? Guh…

Actually have some friends coming in from out of town this weekend. Taking in a minor league baseball game and probably eating a lot of fattening Chicago food. I’ve had worse weekends. :grin:

Awesome man! Thanks for the welcome! the old forum topic was always fun to read! Hopefully I have some time to play Killer Instinct this weekend. Finally decided to get an arcade stick (TE2) but haven’t had a chance to try it yet. :smile:

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Hell yeah man! Get some work in on that TE2!!! If you need cool art templates check out Krizm Kazm on youtube…he has links for free printouts…i printed out about 12 myself!

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The main question though is…Where the heck is my boy Sevenfld??? (Stormrider1)

Fun fact. I made my first couple posts in the old forums pretty easily, and someone mentioned that my second post was for July 4th double XP weekend. They questioned whether or not my 3rd post would confirm a season 3.

I had this ALL LINED UP FOR A MONTH before things went awry. It was going to be the longest troll I had ever pulled off, but alas, it did not work. Now I consider these new forums my home. My home in the sense that I have all the buttons to push so I need to make sure I take super careful care of everything, especially while they’re so new and quirky.

Good luck man! Everything seems to be working well so far. I’m sure there will be kinks to work out here and there, but we all appreciate it man, even if we don’t say it. Personally, I’m loving the new forums so far.

With community managers like @rukizzel, I’m happier than ever to be dedicated to KI.

Closing the building here @ 6:30p (est); after the week we’ve had at the office (one of the employees I managed in my department died yesterday morning in a head-on collision), this is going to be the longest 27 minutes EVAR.

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Considering I work with small children (<5 years of age), work is NEVER boring for me. However, since I’m a substitute teacher, I’m often bored at home, so… I guess that kind of counts, right?

Works for anyone that bored and wants to talk about anything and everything! Welcome friend!
I’m not always bored at work…but the cookie dough fundraising business is seasonal so when kids are out of school we are slow… but we are about to ramp up and I wont be on here as much during the day. :frowning:

Well thank you much!

I used to do that, except I never did anything below Kindergarten. Spent a lot of time working in childcare and it was an absolute blast. I was definitely that counselor that was always with the kids in the gym or outside, too. Had to stay active.

BRB, flagging post, telling your boss…


Checking in on 3rd shift. I hate being the only one here, but it’s better to work in 85°F than 115°F. AC also broke at 2pm and was 91°F when I got in at 10pm.

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No work for me in the weekends, but planning to go on leave to see my family in the ATL :grin:

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Yeah the Bored at Work thread!! My home while I’m at work lol!


Welcome back!!! Just worried why Sevenfld hasn’t returned yet?? :frowning: