The Bored at Work Thread!

i live…again…

id like to thank seraphs for restarting this thread in my place, he has beaten me to it! i had been checking to see when the forums have been back and yesterday i barely found out they were up again. my reasons for being M.I.A will be left to you all’s imagination as it is not entirely appropriate to describe the…activities ive been partaking in.

also since we got ourselves the community manager posting here, id also like to thank him and the rest of the staff involved in bringing back our forums online! let me tell you, i am really digging the new look and feel. gotta get used to it, but hey im happy with the work. again, thank you for doing what you do and give my regards to the rest of the ppl involved!

a quick note to our latest minions who have joined us: do not talk about politics or religion on this thread, there are other avenues for discourse of that nature! just not here. that said, i bid you all welcome!

i think ive rambled on enough, but my plans for the weekend thus far have been fun. did oil change on the race car, ran it for a good hour and a half and enjoyed a tranquil sundown drive around 730 earlier. enjoyed the wind and metal coming out of the radio (well what i could hear anyway, the car is quite loud). tonight, ill probably hit up alien isolation and scare myself to death, im such a masochist. see you all monday bright and early!


well its monday, time to start another week. not sure whats up on the agenda for us today, but i gotta get some personal business settled today since i didnt do it friday while i was off. looks like 2nd half of the day im takin off lol. procrastination, dont you love it? i do. sonofabitch, gonna be stuck in a lobby waiting in line at the community college but at least there’s AC

Yep …monday… boooooo! My washing machine went out last night, wont go into drain and spin cycle. so i believe its the lid switch… basically it thinks the lid is open so it wont go into spin.
so my cloths hanging out to dry… Girlfriend went to laundry mat… so i gotta go get the part and hope i can get it on and then pray it will work.

adult stuff sucks

Blegh that does suck, I also just found out we gonna revisit a building we wired up last summer. Dude it was horrible, gotta bust out masks, long sleeves and gloves again lol.

Oh btw, I sent you replies on xbox live through my smart phone! Let me know if it worked bro when you get on there again

You install electronics and equipment right? Man you gotta get intot he attic and stuff? Electrician work?
I couldnt fit, Im too tall LOL

I tell ya what though, im about sick of my job, Im good at what i do but they aint paying me enough compared to what i do.
I got an offer to go back to my old job, (which is the same as what im doing now but on a 22 million a year size facility) … I gotta do it and make more money man. this broke life aint cutting it for me…its depressing.
The hard part is making the change, trusting them, and then breaking the news to my current job. Which is a customer and old sales division of the other place. so its all connected in a weird way. ughh

On a positive note with Killer Instinct…I got 4 KI shirts in last week!!! Fn bad ask!!! Love em! Played KI all weekend…IM pretty good with ole Omen now… Ive learned a few Manual BnB combos that ive got down 2nd nature now…so thats good. But whats weird is i find guess breakers break the manuals easy, because they are mashing break immediately…so i dont know whats better sometimes…so i try to keep it mixed up.

Yeah not really an electrician, I just toss the cables to connect to say an intercom for example. We open up the ceiling tile, get an extending pole with the cable we running taped to it and start extending it across the ceiling. After it’s fully opened up, we just start dragging it across until done. Supervisor comes in, does the wiring, harasses us, makes dirty jokes, rinse repeat.

If there’s insulation, ■■■■. Painful shower incoming if I don’t get a chance to blow it off with our shop compressor lol. I’ve had to crawl into attics, one wrong step = me falling to my death or serious injury. I’m short, light weight, and I’ve got decent strength. So, who goes in? Me. Fml plus I’m the youngest

Offices are like Petri-Dishes full of weirdness.

There’s a lot of truth to that. I’ve had daddy long leg spiders crawling all over me and ■■■■. I’ll find a random soda can up there, and other detritus lol. Even found a kiddy pool up there once. I was like “…I’m just gonna-yeah. Moving on…”

It was another slow day for me at work, but a good trip to the dentist made the time go by. Now, just got a headache thinking about work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Man, good to see the old threads making a comeback :slight_smile:
Work’s been pretty alright, here. Going out to the local clubhouse to do basic housekeeping/janitorial stuff, watching dogs and doing yard work for spare change. Long as I have music or someone to talk to I’m usually fine. Otherwise I can feel my brain turning to sludge and slipping out of my ears from the sheer immense level of boredom.

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Yay another slow day… at least there is a 90’s top 510 on the radio… ah the memories! music blasting and head bobbing! :headphones:

morning everybody, looks like another day another dollar! we got us 3 work days until the weekend, hope you guys are starting to get yourselves hydrated if you all decide to hit the bar lol.

i got a trip to the dentist in my near future as well, im not looking forward to it. i hate having some random person poking around in my mouth with sharp objects. im not scared of much, but needles? ■■■■ needles!

fwufi! good to see you again, i hope your job at the clubhouse went down well. also lulu, what 90s songs they got going? any alice in chains?

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Same here, another day in a cool office and into the hot warehouse. Washing machine is fucked, wont drain due to lid switch…gotta go get it today $55!! hope it works when i put it on tonight.

Been listening to KI soundtracks non stop, playing KI 1,2 &3. A lil Mk in between to get my daily faction challenges done.

I actually like my dentist…well the assistant anyway…she does all the work…hot too…and super sweet. I never see the main guy except for like 2 mins and then he is gone. must be nice to make all that money and not do much with hot chic around you all day. That’s how it is here in Louisiana :smile:

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Among others :slight_smile: it’s really awesome so far and still a little over 290 tracks to go XD

And i can’t really hate my dentist because its my father XD (lucky me no bill at the end XD)

Man, hot assistant is always winning lol. Lucky ■■■■■■■! Lulu also getting away with murder lol

■■■■, we running a ceremony atm. I’m in the back doing jack ■■■■■■ ■■■■. Least I’m getting paid, but this motivational speech is…making…me…fade…zzzzzzzzxxxc GJ ijuv

Ha, I wish! Weekends when you work in community are totally different. You still have your time to chill, but you’re always poking your head back in to see what’s going on.

My job is like that… crews running on the weekends, day and night…emails never stop. Sometimes I have to hide my phone or shut it off completely because i cant not check it. But that’s with Cookie dough…I cant even Imagine begin able to work on Killer Instinct…OMG what a dream come true… it would like not even be a job… so jealous

It is a crazy, fun time. Never would I have imagined it either. Working on any game, for that matter.

damn, i am done for the day. so back at the office basking in the joyous wonder that is A/C. its pretty hot outside again as usual. yesterday though, that sunset was absolutely gorgeous. the sky was a bright orange but yet it was darkened at the same time by storm clouds off in the distance with lightning. hoping for more of that today

rukizzel, i cant imagine having your job either working on a game like KI. for me, its been one of my top 5 favorites ever since i was a little kid. i think id have to slap myself to be sure im not dreaming if i was involved in this project. ive had an instance like that already with the car, im down for that experience again lol

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4:05am says hi. He’s still as ugly as ever.

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