The Bored at Work Thread!

It’s funny 'cause most of you have a totally different time zone than me.

I post a lot from my office, right now it’s 12.00 PM and most of you are sleeping while I start posting and get anxious because nobody replies XDD

I’m in the same time zone here @Dayv0 i think; working at the office at 1300 atm… time for some lunch and loads of coffee.

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My lunch time it’s at 14.00… I’m hungry :frowning:

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Enjoy your lunch. Me i’ve got to go back to work. that webshop isn’t going to build itself = ="

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good morning, another beautiful day in paradise is upon us lol. i went to bed 1.5hr earlier and its paying off already, no zombie mode. so, our agenda is gonna be pretty shithouse. we are moving out to that ratty old tech building to throw cat-5 for an intercom system. no mask, no goggles, loads of insulation, about 18 years of dust storms up in the ceiling, im ■■■■■■■ ready. lol. its gonna be a race against time before the dreaded sun starts beating on us


aww man…feel sorry for you…one thing i cant stand is DUST…OLD DUST at that! Makes my skin crawl and my nose just completely shut down. good luck lol

I noticed the older i get , the cleaner i want everything to be…weird

dont feel sorry yet, we got delayed with a multitude of tasks that needed doing. so…that job is now set up for tomorrow early morning. damn, i really wanted to be rid of it. gonna meet a lady friend as well, now i definitely gotta make sure to get all that fiberglass off, dont want her to suffer too lol

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morning minions, holy ■■■■ i woke up to a beautiful thunderstorm with lots of lightning outside. today will be perfect for us to go in and work that ratty ■■■ building. cool day outside, means it’ll be cool on the inside. awesome!


Cool! Its pretty cloudy here as well, supposed to rain all day but so far nothing. I had a ■■■■■■ night, sort of… supposed to be date night, kids gone for the night…get home and fiance’s vehicle has a semi flat… take it to get air…seems ok, get home eat check on it…its low again …so i had to change a tire in the mosquito infested night heat… that wasn’t easy…damn Tahoe

get the tire off… small nail in the inner edge…so got that done when really the whole time i should have been fixing the washing machine… the lid switch is bad so its full of water and wont go into drain/ spin cycle…ughhhh

got the parts but man its a chore to take that thing a part and get it on there. tried a current tester on the wires but i just don’t understand the tester and the setting. O’well…i guess I’m gonna put it on and hope it works

got to play KI2 for about 30 mins…boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

FOUND IT. Wassup guys. Glad you guys started this back up.

One good thing about working for Samsung is that I’m guaranteed at least one day a year that I’m not going to be bored. That day is Friday. Gotta deal with people trying to get the Note 5 and Edge+ tomorrow and, honestly, I’m not looking forward to it, lol

Man, first Mike Robles and now rukizzel? Seems like Killer Instinct certainly has no shortage on awesome community management :smiley:

Office Lesson of the Day:

An ounce of proactivity is worth more than one-hundred pounds of reaction.

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It’s very cloudy as well; I suspect it’ll be raining soon. However, it seems I have to help with inventory outside. :cry: No matter though cause tomorrow, I’m going on leave

Only 1 hour left, a really sunny day, and about 22 Cº

I really want to get out

this is me right now, and we’re not even done yet. been hacking up all kinds of crap and i feel like im covered in needles, lol. earning that paycheck! ■■■■

edit: seraphs, assuming your switch is 12v put the multimeter on 20 (assuming it has that, idk what it looks like. take a pic?) sucks your night got ruined! mine was too

Oh man! that sucks! i got some fiber glass on my finger last month and it litterlaly felt like shards of glass was in it! i couldn’t get it out…very painful!

its a cheap 9volt battery operated meter. I put on 20 OHMS and tested pulg/connection…the meter just stayed on the “1”… so i assume its the switch not working/ no connectivity.

But when just testing the mete itself…i dont know how to do that…and i touch the 2 pins together and it doesnt change anything… i seen a lady do that on youtube and the meter moved.

Im just gonna change it out and hope it works.

if i had a piece of copper wire…I could cut a small piece and create a bypass current…but its dangerous and im no electrician LOL!

thanks for the tip!

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What is this?! You know me from somewhere else?! Fun fact - I was working on this project long ago. Long, long ago when Vulcan was the big dog in charge. Remember question lady? Remember when Campbell was revealing things he shouldn’t have been? I was there in those days.

Actually, I was the guy who made that horrendous green hud for the XBLA Twitch streams. (I fixed it with the next version, though.)

Yea man, I remember you from those days lol you did streams for a good while too right? The days of Campbell leaks and question lady and stuff were fun times lol knew we were in good hands when I heard you were taking over :stuck_out_tongue: I actually thought you were working on this project this whole time, just in the background or something.

That was actually exactly what was going on last year up until November. I would help Mike out with stuff, but it was mostly behind the scenes (save for an interview with Adam and some PAX East capture). Good memory!

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“Bureaus cannot live without a host, being true parasitic organisms… …bureaucracy is wrong as a cancer, a turning away from the human evolutionary direction of infinite potentials and differentiation and independent spontaneous action to the complete parasitism of a virus… …Bureaus die when the structure of the state collapse. They are as helpless and unfit for independent existence as a displaced tapeworm, or a virus that has killed the host.” - William S. Burroughs

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