The "GGs" Thread! (AKA The Enormous Matchmaking and Rational Beef Resolution Thread)

ggs good sir

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@STORM179 after 4.5 hours, they finally called me up and then rejected my application for lack of a letter that is not a listed requirement. I’ve never been so pissed in my life. Mother €%>|>|>|!


Oh crap dude…I can tell you seem aggravated the last 2 days so now Im sure you are just beyond pissed.

Crap man…that SUCKS >.<

I’ve never heard anything good about the visa application process from anyone ever, but still, that’s craziness o_O

Lol. I’m going to get a lifetime ban for derailing the thread - but I have a lot going on at work. And this trip is actually to support someone else’s meeting: “Andrew, can you please help us with this?” It’s going to be at best boring and more than likely really unpleasant. It backs up to another trip so I will be two weeks away from home, two weeks out of the office and as an added bonus I get to fly Unnamed Central Asian Airlines between Beijing and Paris. So yeah, I’m thrilled about it…


Don’t mean to be that guy…

There is a thread for this:

GGS to ITA MASTER41. He’s very tough… o_O

@FallofSeraphs76 are you on now?

Give me 15mins, just got in from getting hair cuts for me and the kids.

@SonicDolphin117 so I have two videos, but basically you’re right. If you are in the corner and you block wrecking ball Rash doesn’t cross up. But if the wrecking ball hits you, he does cross up - hence my confusion.

I will stick the videos in the video analysis thread, but just wanted to let folks on here know.

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Anyone got time for games? @TheNinjaOstrich @ItzTymeToDul @MaruMDQ @Dayv0 @LostYume @STORM179 @STLemonHunter @KevBones10?


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FT3? Kinda Sort but Ok👍Gimme five mins

Wait… I can’t play with you right now.

:frowning: Oh

ill play you.

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I would love to, but life insists to happen

Np it happens. @ItzTymeToDul teachers insist on giving me homework so gimme a min or two

but YOU asked ME, lmao

Don’t make me give you the secret tech👀