The Bored at Work Thread!


lol, if the building blows up then yeah…he sucks haha


That’s what we’re hoping, no doubt. We’ve looked at some flooring and food one that we really like, but now we just have to wait and see what the insurance company has to pay out to the mitigation company. It’s also kinda funny because we have to get the check from the insurance, send it to our mortgage company, will have to endorse it and send it back to us before we can co-endorse it and cash it. There’s just so much red tape and bullshit to deal with, it’s unreal lol.

Yeah, I resisted for a long time because I’ve played Dark Souls before and I was TERRIBLE at it. I don’t think I really knew what kind of game it was going in… I think I was like “oh cool, it’s a darker take on Devil May Cry” so yeah, I was just a bit off haha!

But that experience put me off of Dark Souls / Demon Souls, so when I saw that Bloodborne was also a From Software game, I thought “eh, it’ll be too hard, even though it does look reeeeally cool.” I saw it on sale after Christmas for like $20 and basically thought, sure okay, if I suck at it and I hate it, I’m out $20, no big deal.

It was a little weird at first. Running up to the first enemy in the game, a werewolf, with no weapon and getting my ■■■ handed to me wasn’t the best way to open things up. It also took me a little while to figure a few things out, like how visceral attacking, riposting, etc. Once I was able to figure out so much of the variety in the combat, the game has become an absolute blast!

I love the weapon variety, building my character up, the awesome atmosphere, trying to determine how much further I want to go before cashing in and spending what I’ve earned, etc. I don’t think I’m very far. I think I’ve only beaten three or four bosses (depending on whether we’re including that jerk on the tower in Old Yarnham with the gatling gun).

I do have one question though… Does the story really start getting going at some point? There seems to be a lot of lore; info on the weapons, the items, and some explanations here and there, but there doesn’t seem to be a ton in terms of an actual, forward moving plot yet beyond “you’re a hunter and you have to hunt stuff.”

Just curious. Besides that though, I’m loving everything else!


Yes the story gets going but its very subtle in explanation… pay close attention to everything. if you need any help just ask me. Im the resident BB guru. lol


Thanks a lot man! Will do.


Pipes are cut off and capped off. All is running now! Had some trouble with welding the caps on due to the water in the pipe creating steam, the steam created pressure and that would blow the cap back off. SO we used an air compressor line to blow the remaining water out the line… tried again and it worked.
I respect plumbers after this! lol


Just wanted to mention this thread is the 3rd most replied thread in the history of the Forums. Also 8th in most views. Cool


on another forum, i created a B@W thread and it was the biggest thread on there. even a game dev showed up freakin out, we had it to make it twice over!


This one has done well considering we had a 3 month shut down and the time it took to carry over from the old forum. Lets keep it going!


Feb 23rd the new Dimmu Borgir single will be released! And then May 20th I believe is the album release…cant wait! “EONIAN!”


i heard alice in chains are gonna make a new album soon, i hope its good! sucks layne staley is dead tho :frowning:


Never got into there newstuff. Or there old stuff too much. Im hyped for the new DImmu Borgir!


@R1stormrider whats up? Man I been sick since last Thursday. The cough and sore throat …and working by myself so super swamped.
This sucks! lol


busy as fuckk here at work. then last week i was down for 4 days with food poisoning hardcore from sea food. i was gonna give up and go to E.R. but i kept chuggin water even if i puked it the fuckk up. i was over it by friday morning


Oh man that sucks! Yeah Ive cut out all caffeine and sweets. I drink only water with lemon in it now and I dont eat any type of sweets. No sugar. been eating salads and baked chicken and fresh vegetables.
But to top it all off when I left for lunch couple hours ago my battery was low and it wouldn’t crank! Luckily i have a small plugg in charger so I neutraled up tot he door and plugged her in! booyah!
My luck sucks this month so far


hell yeah it sucked, i had to show up to work when it was its worst to attend a mandatory meeting! omg i mustve had to focus on not puking 5 fuckking times in there. id feel heat wash over my face when i felt it comin. left 1hr later, and upstaged the exorcist movie in projectile hurlage lmaooooo. 10/10 perfect form

tomorrow is valentines day. my expense for this year is looking to be extremely cheap. ill take it


LMAO! Dude i havent thrown up thank god, but Ive hocked up some gnarly phlem!
yeah no extra cash for Vday this year due to the Dr visit. Owell… she will have to get over it.

Ill give her a KI valentines card…speaking of I was gonna share those on here today and I forgot! Let me see if I can find them real quick!


showed this to a cute coworker. she lol’d then asked me what im doin tomorrow night. guess it got a bit pricier for me now lol. benefits of a sense of humor i suppose, but i wish it wouldnt cost me atm haha


Definitely not bored at work the last 2 months. Working by myself and working my assss off.
I cant wait to get some employees up in here.
When we are busy I cant wait fro them to be gone and when they are not here I cant wait fro them to come back lol
At least the day goes by fast… almost time to head home and hit the KI for a bit and then end the night with Witcher 3…yeah!


had a huge fiasco over here, i got front row seats to it also and a higher up gunning for me until my boss told him to put the brakes that the issue lay elsewhere. i was prepared 2 - 3 weeks in advance, so workin hard paid off and i got to sleep that night. cant say the same for the guy who messed up though lol.

moral of the story folks: when you have a deadline to meet, meet it a week in advance at the latest. not the last day of the last hour of the last minute. youll be sorry


And always have documentation available. I save every piece of paperwork, invoice, sign and date everything… never ever throw stuff away until its 2 years old.