The Bored at Work Thread!


Another busy day by myself here at work. Man Id rather be at home playing the Witcher 3 right now with the porch door open enjoying the beautiful weather.

Good news is my fiancee just got a new job that pays way more and is a “remote” at home job. So we will save on gas money and wear and tear on the new car.

Man I wish I could work from home lol…Id never get anything done.


workin at home must be nice lol, i wouldnt get anything done either. id be playing games all day and sleeping. speakin of which, this weekend im forcing myself to rest, been working too hard. next weekend back to the car to prep for test drive

monday is looking to be a great day for me, i did a sidejob on a laptop and the owner will be payin a visit, she wants to play games together so gonna bust out the switch. shame kirby doesnt launch till friday lol


Yeah she doesnt play game or do much so all she can do is work at home. Plus the company is owned by her brother and sister in law… its a huge marketing firm that has clients round the world… so she is gonna have her hands full with that “coffee shop” work on my lap top and face time all day type work.
Lucky assss ■■■■, Im jealous!


Forums are quite today… we need something juicy to talk about!

There is a rumor that he Dev team that remade Shadow of the colossus is going to remake Demon Souls. They have confirmed they are remaking another PS exclusive that’s “bigger” than Shadows of Colossus. They have also filed a trademark thing for Demon Souls…hmmmmm. And Demon Souls servers just shut down in January for good. hmmmmm
That would be awesome!


Here’s one work-related question I got for you guys now: Any of you experiencing ANY labor shortage/shortage of labor where you work, at your workplace by any chance?


I got a job.

That is all.


Yes we are short handed right now, but not becasue we cant find anyone…because the owners are trying to be tight and push it as far as they can without hiring any help. Its so ■■■■ frustrating Im at my limit.


It’s the same issue at my job. We need more people in my work area because we are constantly having to work flights with fewer people than we are supposed to have (per our Union contract). And it sucks as well because we won’t hire anyone off of the street because anytime there are any full time vacancies people with more years than me transfer in and bump me.

When the summer kicks in and flight activity is much hire the company hires temporaries and once the summer ends they only offer part time shifts to a few of them. :pensive:


I just need some temp help until July… we normally have 3 ppl in march and 5-6 from april to july…right now its just me…managing and doing all the orders bymyslef… ■■■■ this.


Even though you happened to work at AND for (and at the same time mentioned sometime back) a MULTIMILLION dollar cookie factory and overall company? So what gives? :confused: :confounded:


Its seasonal… we have 4 slow months and 8 extremely busy months. During the slow months we run super lean. No hourly employees…only salary. We run the salary employees until they cant handle anymore, then bring in a bunch of temporary help for a few months and then lay them off. Its not a normal business when it comes to how things operate.
Jan- Feb is the spring slow months. July and Aug are the summer slow months. Usually I have help first of march, but this time we are pushing it a bit further and Im a bit frustrated…

Good news is I just got approval this morning to bring in help , so finally , almost back to normal till July.
And as far as multi million dollar companies go… just because a company has gross sales of multi millions…DOES NOT mean there are multi million dollars left over to just blow on workers that have nothing to do. Thats exactly how you are not a million dollar company by blowing money .


i experienced it with my old job i moved from almost 2 years ago. we had a TON of jobs lined up, in 1 day like 70+ orders came and more than half were big projects involving installs and cabling buildings.

that wasnt including overtime stuff, 3 to 4 15-16hr work days a week for close to 2 months. the pay was great! but i had no time for myself. i was so exhausted i didnt know if i was alive or dead lmao


I’m stuck at work today with a coworker that is grossly incompetent. He almost caused two separate accidents in like 2 minutes.


Do you guys have any safety challenges like “near Miss” rewards?
If you have a safety director, ask him about “near miss” rewards. If you see a near iss accident, like… a pallet in a rack about to fall, or some driving a fork lift without their seat belt or without being certified, maintenance working on machinery without lock out tag out, ect…

You report it to your supervisor and if its legit, you get a reward at the end of the quarter, The more you turn in, the better the reward.
I used to run this program when i was safety director. The employees were very competitive about it…so it def worked!


No I don’t believe we have anything like that. And my supervisor was right there when both incidents nearly happened. All she had to say was “Good looking out Matt. I was going to have to come have a word with you guys if something had happened.”.

So essentially it was just a pat on the back.


Yeah, well, if an accident does happen, their workmans comp insurance will go up and eventually it gets so high you have to have a safety program in place in order to get it down with the insurance co. The safety program really pays for it self.


back at work after a bit of time off. nothin too serious today, just a couple requests and 1 panic’d admin who didnt need to be scurred. i am so sleeeeeeepy


IM swamped at work…got 1 employee back and really need 2 more. Ugh…well atleast the one i have back is a great worker and super cool


got several orders this morning, most are looking to be bunk with no issues just user error. sometimes i wish ppl would just TRY to figure something out because its super trivial, sometimes i am more understanding.

still, despite that i maintain a professional demeanor and do the job even as i am cussing them out viciously on the inside lol.


LOL… you stupid ■■■■■■■■! lol
Im pretty busy too… I got in a huge argument with my friend from the office. Dude has no respect for others. he didnt want to make a BOL for some in bound freight so he figured he could pawn it off on me so he didnt have the responsibility if it went wrong. Iw as like F u dude Im busy. Maybe later but not happening right now.
I cant stand people that have no respect for others time.