The Bored at Work Thread!


i got an order so trivial, so easy, a lab guy couldnt just do it himself. it literally took me 3 seconds. i called him out on it, he told me it was my job. i told him its his lab hes in charge of and its his job to do things around it and keep it going if its not a serious issue. theres 1 other guy in there to assist, but both are on youtube all ■■■■■■■■ day. so he called down the admins trying to get me written up. i suffered zero consequences lol. poor guy, doesnt realize i already secured my reputation immediately upon being assigned here and he has no fangs to do anything


Did you rat him out fro youtube? I would have after that dicck move


i told them (literally) that he doesnt do jack ■■■■■■■■ ■■■■ all day. i also warned them about the state test sessions coming. when there are minor issues, and im not there…what will he do? wait 24hrs for me?


I bet he is one of those guys that thinks he works super hard all day and probably says he has way more to do than you? lol… I have one of those here at my work too… a salesman… a phone salesman…uh huh, sure


hes one of those “its not in job description therefore i wont do it” types. so if theres a scrambled keyboard with buttons mixed up, a power cord disconnected, or an internet cable unplugged he wont do a ■■■■■■■ thing. im not asking him to reformat machines, just simple stupid things. his proctor? headphones on playing solitaire.


So you are basically IT for the place you work at? Its the school board or what exactly?


im I.T. at 2 locations, dont want to be specific in a public thread. PM i can say where, i dont even mention where im at on my social media lol. but ill gladly speak of my day to day activities regardless here. speakin of which, i completed all projects by 9am


Im going camping all weekend at Lake Claiborne…so no KI this weekend :frowning:
But I am bring the Switch and Vita to play late at night. I just bought Castle of Heart for the Switch, and I have Mario Odessey, Zelda BOTW, MK deluxe and Street fighter final challengers.
On vita I have Assasins Creed liberation, UNcharted, MK 9, and Dragon Crown…pluus a few digial games…Skull girls, ect…

Anyway got a huge tent a few years ago for our last camping trip, fishing poles, frisbee for frisbee golf on the hiking trails, and kick ■■■ machette and all the neccessities for an awesome camping trip.

I acciently booked my campsite at a similar named state park in Indiana…luckily I caught a week after and rebooked the correct location here in LA but it cost me 22$ cancellation fee! lol…oh man that would have sucked if I didnt catch it and shown up with no reservation!

Speaking of work…the emplyee that I finally ws able to bring back did great fro 2 weeeks then quit suddenly at break time after I told her how much we had to do this week and that I have antoher helper starting the next day. SHe never came back from lunch…then I called the other emplyee and asked if she could start that day and she said yes…but had a bad wreck leaving her road. Brakes went completly out and she went straight into a bunch of trees at 40 mph! Totaled her Mustang, sent her to the ER… yeah it was a tough week at work. But she survived and luckily I got 2 other workers in the enxt day so all is good…for now. lol

Anyway…everyone have a great Easter weekend! Play KI and FIght On!!


here in my office, bored, sleepy, and nothing to do. im also going insane, for reasons i wont say but its been a couple days and this weekend i am booked to take care of it. id go sooner, but work prevents me due to the importance of this week. i prepared for the events taking place way in advance and so its paying off as i sit here posting up, rather than dealing with drama


Im pretty bored too… finally got 3 workers in last week. We are all caught up for now so its slow.


im just here man, listening to 80s dark synth lol. maybe i should sneak out and bring my switch


I pre-ordered Dark souls fro the switch. Looking forward to trying to find time to justify playing Dark souls on the go LOL
I bought that Castle of Hearts 2 weeks ago… its pretty cool fo a platformer


i am waiting for word on the new metroid for switch. i also been on a brawler kick, we got sengoku 3, which animates really well at the level of an SNK fighting game, and gekido which is pretty ■■■■ hard lol


MAD MAX…that is all


i have it on ps4, great game but 2nd zone drops in the FPS rates so hard :confused:


I just want to say real quick Fuukk a Gargos!
that is all


i been tryin to stay off the web for infiniti war spoilers. havent had a chance to go see it, been too busy! good reason though, my cars back on the road and already claimed 1 victim lol


Yeah man dont get spoiled! Its way to good of a movie unspoiled!


all i seen is that scarlet witch actress complaining her costume shows too much. wtf ever ■■■■■, seen pics of her at events showing way more LOL


Sorry caps on and I dont want to retype lol