The Bored at Work Thread!


in events she attended, like awards shows she would show up in dresses far more revealing than her costume lol. idk man, hollywood ppl just need to stop tryin to be morally superior its pretty hilarious


oh yeah, im also disappointed as ■■■■ with ghost’s new direction with their singers character. he went from an evil stalking lich pope to a twirling ballerina dude with hair slicked back and a stupid mustache. WTF.


Were RaTS!!! lol

yeah I seen the video… I nly enjoyed the first album and some of the 2nd. I play drums to the first album all the time.


yeah 1st 2 albums were good, so was the 3rd in some ways. but ■■■■, they went from creepy and diabolical to some ■■■■■■ ■■■■■■■■ real quick :confused: lol


Becasue the entire band quit on his ■■■ for not paying them! Took his ■■■ to court!


Becasue the entire band quit on his assss for not paying them! Took his assss to court!


ill bet a few of those guys had him under control from going too lame with the act! i didnt think papa 3 was anywhere as cool compared to papa 2 lol


No he started the band and ■■■■■■ them out of theeir money after they agreed to split the money equaly 5 ways. THen he went back on his word since he controlled the finaces and kept saying they didnt make any money. He was lying about the money made in total and only giving them barley enought olive on. they wiseed up and demanded financial statement and then he fired them or some ■■■■.
The dude is an ■■■■■■■…becasue he ied about the money after they wrote those awesome songs and worked their asses off. He got greedy when Ghost blew up and tried to lie about thier roles int eh band and the contracts. They sued his asss good!


yeah i know about all that, what i mean is they prolly kept him in check. like burton used to do for that ■■■■■■ lars ulrich. he dies, band goes to ■■■■ lol


Oh yeah… I got ya. yeah they wrote the music and then once they were gone the singer started writing the music along with outside writers.


ugh, i used to like them. not so much anymore lol


Love the first album…I can play the entire album on drums from start to finish. Not that its a hard thing to play, but its fun. They have a very 70s Sabbath drum style…single bass.


yeah that was a good album. i enjoy it, and pretty awesome you can play it!

man, right now im kickin it in the shade. car’s done, and for the first time in a couple years i feel like i can rest my mind and body. i have yet to realize im done, hasnt sunk in yet. im still in that mindset i got alot to do saturday


Yeah man, what a great accomplishment! I remember when I finished the Fall of Seraphs album after 3 years of working on it on and off. I felt empty… like I didnt know what to do. That was when I turned to KI and full on gaming afterwards.


yeah i know how that feels, youre so used to being on that grind getting ■■■■ done then suddenly it is finished lol. whats next? nothing hahaha


My newest project i need to get off my asss and do is a garage sale. We have soooo much kids toys and clothes that they never used from the past 3 Christmas that its becoming borderline hording!
I just need to get it started and pile that ■■■■■ up on the back porch.


i think im gonna dump money into my house and fix up some things. or maybe i need to take a vacation from killing myself every week. idk! at a crossroads lol


vacation for sure! Just a mini one that isnt too expensive.


maybe i should do that, go somewhere cool, wine women and song lol


Car breaks down on the way…fuuuukkkkkk! lolol