The Bored at Work Thread!


im taking my daily driver lmao, the other is just a flat out cop magnet!


Good call!

Dude…my NEW Dimmu Borgir CD and Shirt comes in today or tomorrow! Right on time for release day!!! Oh man been waiting on this album for 7 years!


dude, ■■■■■■ awesome! i hope you enjoy the new album man, 7 years is a long time. im waiting for new tool album atm lol.

yeah ■■■■■■■ tool, i dont have much else to look forward to atm, but i been looking for more thrash metal to jam.

i ordered a couple bottles of sakura cherry blossom air freshener for my cars. i need to get that hot oil smell out of the fast one and the other, uhhh…MEDICINAL uh scent. cough


@R1stormrider Dude, Henry cavil got cast for the Witcher Netflix series. I couldnt find were we last talked about it so… anyway, yeah…thats cool I guess.


i hope he gives geralt due justice in the tv series, should be interesting to watch.

so i finally began collecting exhaust parts for the beast. after its installation i can start driving it around without fear of being pulled over. well kinda lmao, its gonna be a loud car


@R1stormrider @FallofSeraphs76
Despite wanting to play everything Witcher related, I had largely ignored news about this adaptation of the Witcher as I did not trust Netflix for a certain reason. Recent news about their casting requirements for Ciri reminded me of this (and why I cancelled Netflix last year).


So we know Superman is cast for Geralt… but whats teh deal with Ciri? Its not going to be a white, ashen haired actress? Are they saying they are going to change it to make it more diverse culturally? I prefer it stays the way its supposed to be. NO offense to anyone, it just needs to be the way it was written and intended IMO


Looks like that’s what they’re going for, yes. Agendas over creativity. Sadly.


Where is this info? Id like to read up on it.


i know about this travesty. agenda driven BS doesnt fly with me. they dont see that us core witcher fans want to see her character honored, as we know and love from the game/books. now if the cards fell that an actress not fitting her description is chosen, out of talent/merit, like she IS ciri that is different. unfortunately that aint the case


It’s Friday, and I’m off work early due to teaching a class.


So are you a tutor or mentor too?


As a sergeant, it’s important to teach soldiers, even through battle drills


finally had some down time to post on this thing. everybody doin good?


Doing good here…but no down time unfortunately. We are slammed until Dec 15th.
You getting Red Dead Redemption 2? Im not for a while… I want to finish ■■■ creed Odyssey 1st


I just got a rage quit and message from ThanosRed…it says “Pinche tan put-o”…LMAO…Im pretty sure that means Fn A-hole! Oh man online play just gets better everyday.


yup thats exactly what he called you. LOL.


I dont know why he was so mad…he beat me the 1st match, then I won the 2nd, and the 3rd was close but I was about to seal the deal and he RQ and messaged me. I was Kilgore so not sure what his deal was…I guess because his typical scrub tactics were not working on me after repeating them over and over. LMAO…owell… I never get tired of KI but I do get tired of my online opponents.


i havent played in a year maybe bit less. i got caught up in the project car and finally its back on the road! dude its ■■■■■■■ stupid, i turned it into a zero ■■■■■ given suicide machine, im overjoyed haha. thats what happens when you shove a v8 into a go-kart


thats awesome man… put some pics up when you can.