The Bored at Work Thread!


ill throw them up on my facebook and IG. you can add me on there too, i post more car stuff to my IG than the other. FB i just use to politically troll idiots and thats about it lol. also for FB messenger to talk with my crew.

been having a blast on soul calibur 6, its so much fun!


No instagram for me bendecko! lol


lmao too bad so sad then, i can send it to you on FB messenger. ill do that right now


how about that castlevania season 2? ■■■■ it was pretty good. then it was total hype overload on episode 7 holy ■■■■■■■■■


Man I never finished the 1st episode of S1, hard for me to get into animation these days. ive been watching viking again lately… oh man… poor Ragnar!


yeah i remember that part. pretty sad but expected since they are following history more or less with that show. i am currently awaiting the next part of the season which i believe starts to air this month!


I just watched the part where Ragnar died…and now I need to get caught up into the rest of that season and then next one.


just cuz hes gone doesnt mean the show declines either im happy to say, it moves forward and it still gets very interesting. the aftermath youre gonna see gets pretty crazy and alot of things change


i want Lagetha to live, she is so hot, lol but the see-er said hse would die by a son of ragnar…oh sit!!!


lagetha is one of my favorites, she leads from the front and kills ■■■■■■■ left and right lol. i think the actress (katheryn winnick) would be the perfect samus aran if they were to ever do a metroid movie that is live action or even voice over if they were to go animated


oh wow great idea! That would be a killer movie if done right! DUde…RDR2…man I cant get enough! I finally got back to beyond where I had lost my save data… finally! Now time to move forward… love it!!!


i havent played in about 4 days, but yes this game is alot of fun. right now, my current goal is to find me a driscoll gang member, hog tie him, and throw that ■■■■■■ onto the rail road tracks. thats gonna be fun lol, right now im dividing my time between RDR 2 and SC6. tomorrow back on soul calibur, i dont play that game as much as i wish yet but i see that ramping up as i continue to break my old skill ceilings.

also did you see that whole fiasco at blizzcon with diablo going mobile? holy ■■■■ LOL


so i finish my car and now i find myself feeling useless. i put so much ■■■■ work into it these past few years that i find myself sitting idle. and so i have a new project coming. i am going to build myself a race drone using 1st person view camera that i will need goggles for. yeah, i have never built one nor do i know wtf i am doing. but thats ok! lol i got the chassis already picked out and its made of carbon fiber. fancyyy


Thats cool man! Come work on my car now! lol


lol hell yeah, flying it is gonna be alot of fun. im gonna start getting things piece meal starting with the frame first.

your car is still ■■■■■■■ whats goin on there. right now we got 3 more cars to do, but we got their engines installed already thankfully. mine is gonna go into body shop next to get the clear coat fixed it got burned away by the sun


My car runs fine…just has a bunch of QOL issues. Hatch needs new hydrailics arms, Cadalidic conv has a piece rattling in there, window motors are broken, …thats about it really


muffler shop can fix your catalytic converter thing real fast. when i took my beast to the shop a guy brought his vehicle in for the same reason and he was only there 2hrs at the most. you should get it done man, and the windows are completely DIY at home just pick a time where you have a couple days to finish it up cuz goin to work with your windows still ■■■■■■ isnt fun lol


Yeah I had a CC done when I first got the car…it didnt take the guy 30 mins to cut it off and weld a new one on! One of the quickest repairs I ever had!

THe windows though…thats a different story…its a long, meticulous job and taken the door panels off isn’t fun. You really need a friend to help hold that heavy ■■■ window up too. I just dont want to have to fool with it and on the other hand I dont want to pay 200$ either. SUcks either way it goes.


yeah, but just call a homie over give him some beer and a bit of food to help ya out. youtube im sure has videos up as well and it’ll show you stuff what you have to do. this weekend we are going to continue on 2 cars it looks like. no rest for the wicked, done with 1 car on to the next our build cycle continues. i think im gonna go haul some ■■■ in mine afterward, i feel like punching it again and it feels so good knowing i dont have to worry about anything at all. my new platform is a work horse, and it can take endless beatings until death. no nagging thought in the back of my mind if i will be left stranded


Man i just dont have time till January. THis is our busiest time of the year at work. I have 2 hours when I get home to relax. COme Dec 20th… vacation till the 3rd and I have free time till March…thats when Ill get my car done.
My mechanic friend got mad last year because everyone wanted his help…fug em.