The bonus character of season 3

If season 3 had a bonus character, who would you want it to be?

I think the most logical choice would be rushdown glacius because, like omen, he would have “recycled animations” and his story could be a simple one, that he was imprisoned by ultratech, is either a relative or comrade of glacius and needs to break out of UT’s prison, which then prompts the mega corporation to send Cinder after him, thus reviving that Glacius VS Cinder rivalry/plot.

As much as I would love to see human sabrewulf, it wouldn’t make sense. Would he be just a human mad scientist that uses tools and devices? If so, that would be too much for a “bonus character”. Unless they made him like wolverine and had sabrewulf’s move-set, only difference then is that he’s a man with cyber claws. Basically human sabre would be the same character but with an alternate skin so not really a bonus character. Same with human spinal.

Now pre-transformation Cinder is another good one. He could be like The Fury mixed with human Sektor from MK9, fights like Jago but has guns, an ACTUAL laser sword, explosives like Doctrine Dark and of course, flame throwers! Then again, this is probably to much detail that it would make him an actual character and not really a bonus, although I’m not sure what defines a bonus character from a full character.

Shadow orchid?.. Eh, I don’t know.

Anyway, what do you guys think? And should a possible season 4 have 2 bonus characters to make up for S3’s lack of bonus character?


I’d rather have a new character than a “bonus” character. I don’t want reskins (Shago) or reused animations (Omen).

I’ll gladly wait for an update like a new Season or a dlc pack with new characters.


I know and same here too. I guess it just feels like tradition now to have bonus characters.

26 characters, a new Single Player mode and a new Multiplayer mode is enough to tide me over until there’s new content.

I’m super satisfied with what Season 3 provided us.


What about the lack of stages?

Meh. We got 4 stages. Yes Mira, Raam, Rash and Eyedol didn’t get stages, but I can wait. I’m really happy with the $40 I spent on the Ultra Edition.


Prototype fulgore, tweak the model and give him robo-ky’s meter mechanics. Zoner/rushdown hybrid, spends meter to zone and vents heat for pressure moves.


Gotcha and I completely relate. Also, don you think rushdown glacius and human cinder are good ideas or should new characters take those archetypes/concepts?

Sadly I doubt we’ll get one this season, so much for the 9 character per season consistency. If we got one I thought someone like Eagle would have been a perfect candidate, taking some things from Fulgore and making a new character.


Shago was a reskin and Omen has reused animations. If S3 had a BC, what would be their thing? Or perhaps a combination of both? I see RD Glacius as having that potential, a Glacius re-skin with recycled moves.

Honestly, eagle could have been a cross between fulgore and thunder in terms of moves. His appearance could have been a re-skin of either TJ or Tusk. Then again, I think Eagle might be better off being a full character rather than a bonus.

And devastation beam would be unblockable but it also causes damage to proto fulgore himself. Damn, so many good ideas.

New characters. Personally, I’m still campaigning for the Gorgon idea @xSkeletalx had a thread on.


i would rather sharkman TJ. If they’re going to include a special guest like J. Dark Im totally in.


This is my season 4 character wish list, some of them at least:

Rushdown Glacius (Hydro, Kelvin, Tundra, Polaris) - Bonus 1
Ben Harris aka Pre-Trans Cinder
Prototype Fulgore (Proto-Fulgore) - Bonus 2
Eagle, he could be the archer character
The Sea Creature from that fake leak
Joanna Dark (possible gunslinger character)
An air based character that generates clouds as platforms
Babylonian King
Tsar from Mira’s story
General from Kan-Ra’s story
Someone with telekinesis


I think it would be really cool to have the Rushdown Glacius character (Kelvin) be a whole new character from Glacius’ race. A female to be exact, as we don’t know what they really look like, and it could provide interesting character dynamics between Glacius, Kelvin, and Cinder.

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I was thinking about that too. It would also be very reminiscent of subzero and frost kind of.

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Also I have a theory about eagle and fulgore’s identity. Fulgore isn’t Eagle but he has his fighting spirit in his system, what could that mean? Fulgore fights like Eagle according to Thunder’s extended story, if this is true, how can Eagle STILL be the archer character? Where, when and how did Eagle learn how to do a tiger’s fury like Jago (Fulgore’s dp)?

My point is that if Eagle is the magic archer from the survey, wouldn’t that kind of contradict his fighting style from before his disappearance?

Couldn’t Eagle also be rushdown glacious? Didn’t glacious take eagles brain or whatever from ultra tech?

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Glacius took Eagle himself.